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  1. Curfew in 10 minutes. Probably seeker and paradise city and it’s all over.
  2. Lazy really, they need to drop covers like Wichita lineman and black hole sun and shorten the solos and change up the set list. I’m glad I didn’t get a ticket and I’m only 30 minutes away from Nijmegen. Too much of the same.
  3. 2017-06-24 Werchter, Belgium FLAC/AUD

    No problem guys! Enjoy!
  4. Would love to have this if possible
  5. Just posted my audio recording of yesterday on Dimeadozen.org. Check these videos first so you know how it sounds: Shadow Of Your Love: https://youtu.be/GP_EVFNkszM
  6. Just got home from the show. I enjoyed it, unfortunate the set list is too similar to last year. Those covers need to go. I was really annoyed by Frank though. He butchered Mr Brownstone with at least 2 mistakes. Axl sounded acceptable, although sometimes off key and out of breath. Enjoyed SOYL and especially Slither. I’m happy that I’ve went, but if they stick to the same set list I’m going to pass for a while. Saw almost the same show as last year when I went to 3 of them.
  7. Totally agree Hannover was rough. But the show was all worth it!
  8. That’s a great time. I guess the curfew is at 23:00? Looking forward to this and Pearl Jam on Friday.