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  1. Last full album you listened to?

    Just finished listening to Tyler, The Creator’s new album IGOR again. That thing is solid.
  2. Fixed that for you...
  3. Yep, McCartney had to bring his usual 2:45 set down to 2:15, it was still magical though. Considering the shows at the beginning of NITL were around 2:15-2:30, I think they could trim the set with no problem.
  4. Concerts in 2019

    Was planning on going to ACL whether GNR was there or not, but still gonna be a fun weekend. Gambino, Tame, Billie, The Racs, Gary, and Thom Yorke are big highlights. Also can’t wait to see 21 Savage and Denzel Curry
  5. If Uncle Axl allows it, we’ll get their W1 set live-streamed since the fest doesn’t stream Weekend 2.
  6. Additionally, for the past 4 years, the top billed headliner has played on Friday. For example: Foo Fighters in 2015 Radiohead in 2016 Jay Z in 2017 Paul McCartney in 2018 It only makes sense that they’ll play on Friday
  7. Yep that’s wrong, the only Wkd 1 exclusive headliner is Cardi B 😬😬
  8. Any ticket will be worth it. It’s $260 for the weekend which means (roughly) $86 a day.
  9. My opinion on the lineup is as follows: Hyped we got Gambino back, these may be his last two shows so I'm glad I get to be a part of his experience. Mumford is kind of a let down since they headlined in 2016 Billie and Tame are very exciting gets Thom Yorke came out of nowhere The rap on this lineup is insane: Lil Uzi, 21 Savage, Denzel MF Curry Only letdown is no Anderson. Paak, everything was in place for him to come and he didn't show up. Sorry @Gordon Comstock
  10. Considering ACL isn't necesarilly a rock festival, I feel like they would have a tough time selling tickets to the Austin hippies and sorority girls who attend the fest.
  11. Technically, it'll be 4 shows, since ACL is two weekends
  12. None of them confirm Guns, we only got 1 headliner out of the clues. Here are all the solved clues: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9t0x946ucr5ccg3/AABSRTZm4zlQadzt9k54-SNia?dl=0&utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app
  13. https://www.pollstar.com/Artist/guns-n-roses-32570?tab=upcomingDates&page=0 Pollstar leaked that GNR is playing at ACL, official lineup drop is at 10 AM Central.
  14. Just saw Sid’s video. If he comes back, first, thanks for getting this topic some exposure. Second, there is a slight mistake in your video. Having Exit 111 and ACL overlap doesn’t make GNR a Weekend 1 exclusive. It just means Guns will headline the Friday night on Weekend 2, have Saturday off for travel, then play Exit 111 on Sunday.
  15. As much as I love these guys, I honestly only think we may only see 1 or 2 more shows either after Louder than Life or after Exit 111