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  1. Agree. Although I'm in the minority by preferring the album to any demos so far, I can see how this era album would have been better received with its more stripped back style. For me, there's still something missing in these demos...really wish we knew the precise reasons why the label thought these songs weren't good enough. Need a podcast with someone...lol
  2. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I'm interested in hearing this since I don't like the album version...maybe this will be the first demo I'll actually like?
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yay! @janrichmond is a mod! Congrats! You'll keep us all in shape.
  4. Haha! I couldn't disagree more. I love the layers and the bleeps. Well, hey, I'm someone who loves Riad and the Bedouins - my brain is wired differently. If what you say is true, that these leaks represent what Axl considered the finished version, then I guess I fall on the side of the label, which is shocking to me, since another thing I like to shout about is that a lot of the blame for the album delay should lie with the label. So...ack. Awkward position. lol The only song that I feel is genuinely overproduced is TIL. That should have been sparse and the CD version of Patience (I also don't like the way Axl sings it, but that's besides the point). And I know you'd never insult the album, we both love it. I'm just crazy enough to love it warts and all.
  5. @RussTCB you're gonna shout SOD's message till you die; (which I agree with!) I'm gonna shout this till I die too: there are no CD demos in existence that are better than the studio version. There. Well, to my ears anyway. All the demos sound like shit because they are demos. I will never understand what people are hearing when they praise them. It's like preferring the 1st draft of Harry Potter over the final book. How can you enjoy the tinny sound for a start, and the far away vocals in TWAT, the weird space between instruments (I can't express what I mean...I need @soon help!). And what on earth is that terrible whining electric noise at the beginning of SOD? Thank goodness it got buried in the mix! LOL Haven't listened to the others. I don't think I can bear it.
  6. I will concede that RQ goes on for too long for an arena or festival style gig, but Slash's thing is not what I'd call flab. I'm gonna Come on! back at ya. This is Slash! Anything Slash related is the last thing I'd be dropping to address middle-section-sag issues. I'd drop TIL for a start. I'd drop all CD songs. I'd drop ALL the covers except for Slither, and ok, he can have the KOHD, or there'd probably be a riot. I'd drop YCBM and alternate Coma every other gig. This would make a huge difference. With the setlist shortened, and the gig tightened up, Slash's soloing thing wouldn't feel like filler, it would be a welcome change of pace. No way in the world would I ever stop Slash from doing his thing before first addressing several other issues in the setlist that I'd label as flab.
  7. Thank you. Just leaving this here for those who were suggesting that Slash should stop doing extended solos/Godfather theme etc... because they're boring.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Somehow missed this! Thanks for that...Dizzy fucking Reed. Bloody hell...
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Totally agree. Not believing anything. lol Looking forward to your concert report! I was watching from a combination of FB stream and Meegan's and GNR's. The FB stream guy was an absolutely champion. He filmed the ENTIRE concert from start to finish uninterrupted (except for connection issues now and then, which he wouldn't have been aware of). I have to wonder at his phone battery - must be super charged. Anyway, we were with you in spirit!
  10. Just wondering, would that crowd be the biggest that Slash and Duff have played Slither to? I didn't follow VR so don't know what size crowds they were playing to back in the day.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Re-watching GNR's IG stream for SCOM and Axl briefly puts his hand on Slash's back, co-inciding with the part where he sings...'takes me away to that special place'. Heh...Just saying'...
  12. Outta likes but agree with your assessment of it. Must say it was absolutely thrilling to hear the whole crowd singing and jumping around to Jungle, Slither and SCOM, also NV got a huge response of course. Huge thanks to Spike and his super battery powered phone! lol His arms must be numb by now.
  13. Yes, it's Patience now. The crowd is somehow managing to survive the long ass set.
  14. omg Spike just said 'I'm gonna have to stop, my bloody arms are killing me!' lol I feel for him!
  15. I know, right? He has quite literally filmed the entire show so far. What a champion! I've been watching a combination of his, and Meegan's and GNR's IG streams.