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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Interesting topic of discussion, ladies. When I look at the backgrounds those guys came from, the various parental shortcomings (even Slash's parents, cool and chill as they were, did him a great disservice in his formative years by failing to uphold their promise to him about his living arrangements, which sent him off the rails) and the toxic social scene they went into, the subsequent destructive lifestyles they led combined with corrupting influence of fast fame and money - it's not all that surprising they have less than ideal personal histories. They were never particularly 'nice' guys with strong moral principles in the first place. They weren't even particularly nice to each other a lot of the time, let alone anyone else they came into contact with, male or female. I'm not making excuses for them (heroin dealing and domestic violence is unforgivable) only making the point it's easy (for me) to see why they became the people they became, and did the things they did. Their songs reflect they kind of people they were: not very nice. So on that note, I don't really judge the lyrics all that much. I accept the songs for what they are. If I didn't, I couldn't be a fan of GNR. I'm the same with my reading material. I think Orson Scott Card is a total wanker for his homophobic and far right views but it doesn't stop me from thinking Ender's Game is an awesome novel and I have to begrudgingly give the man artistic credit where it's due. So I give GNR artistic credit, even if I don't agree with a lot of the things they've said or done in the past, or the present for that matter - I refuse to follow Slash's IG account because I cannot stand the depraved shit he posts there. Sorry @janrichmond !
  2. Are you a nostalgic person?

    That's known as Commuter Belt territory and they are all miserable. Not so much posh, as middle class striving to be upper middle (or just striving to pay the huge mortgage). They work long hours, commuting an hour or more into London, for which they pay about 10k a year to use a train system that shuttles them back and forth, often like cattle as the trains are frequently overcrowded. Said trains often don't arrive or depart on time, or at all. That's actually not an exaggeration, sadly. Anyway, it's because the jobs are in London but the quasi-affordable housing and independent schools are outside of London. I wouldn't live out there. It's ghastly. Soulless. But if you want the house and the right schools....that's what you have to do.
  3. Are you a nostalgic person?

    Well, excepting those who are still learning basic English, of course. But beginners aside, what precisely is the difficulty with his use of English? Just genuinely want to know, as sadly, I don't speak another language so can't see it from an EAL perspective. Is it his vocabulary?
  4. Are you a nostalgic person?

    Just read this thread with great interest. It's a surprise to me that anyone thinks Diesel Daisy's English is difficult to understand. He is nearly always grammatically correct and whilst his vocabulary is extensive, it's not obscure, except for the odd word here and there, maybe. But that's just my point of view. Maybe it's more a cadence issue? And Len's English is pure gold. I love it. Don't change, Len. The whole British pride thing is also news to me. I never picked up on it, but maybe because I've been 'living among them' for so long I don't notice anymore. Anyway, interesting thread. I love any discussion about words or language. Edit: should have added nostalgia...forgot what the thread was originally about. LOL Obviously, I am ridiculously nostalgic hence being on GNR forum.
  5. [SPOILER ALERT] Setlist Discussion Thread

    Ah crap, I was hoping he'd retire it after Slash finally nailed the solos in the last show. It's my favourite CD song and Axl CANNOT sing it. I cringe every time. And Slash struggles with it.
  6. [SPOILER ALERT] Setlist Discussion Thread

    I can't read the thing properly. Can someone tell me if TWAT is on there? I hope not...
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    @Andy14 You HAVE to caption this video. I mean, LOOK at Duff's face while Axl is yapping on to him...priceless. He's like, I've been hearing this shit my whole life... Edit: come to think of it, the rest of them look like that whenever Axl is talking to them!
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I agree, the focus is totally on Axl and Duff barely gets a look in. Even Izzy got 5 seconds more camera time than Duff! I was wondering that! Broccoli, perhaps? Pity there's no table in the limo so I can examine the contents. I like their tables.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Clearly, you are not yet old enough to look back at the 80s through rose tinted glasses. I've repressed forgotten all the bad parts and now fondly remember all the good parts. Except padded shoulders, apricot and lace. Must admit, I haven't really analysed the video...I just like the energy and the general impression of sleaze and excess and dangerous rock and roll. Picture is good quality. Love Izzy smirking into the camera. Every time Slash appears. Axl is hot. Love how he's playing bass while Duff is on drums at one point. Love his kilt and his hair. I haven't scrutinised it, but I thought the kissing was sexy. To be fair to Axl, we'd all look pretty ridiculous if someone took a screenshot of us kissing! lol Kissing is definitely an act that's not meant to be screenshot. So I just really liked the whole video as a fast moving snapshot of that time in their lives. Have any of them promoted this vid on their social media yet? Doesn't look like they have... I wonder if they're trying to put some distance between themselves and the video...??
  10. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    Nope, not this. The new version has Axl saying in the intro how they made this for themselves, how they could have made a 'nice video for MTV and sell more records and shit but instead we're gonna spend 150k on making something we wanna see'. Mission accomplished.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Just checked out the video. Holy crap, it's awesome! It's REALLY politically incorrect and makes no apologies for shoving that in your face - sorry/not sorry for still liking it. It's just that it really does capture the essence of what GNR were all about in those days, debauchery and danger in spades. It reminds me of why I was so fascinated by them as a teenager. I do think it's amusing that the women are more covered up than the Kardashians though.
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Not trying to be funny here, but is English not Fernando's first language? His posts are difficult to understand at times. I'm confused though, because I thought he grew up in America, or have I got that wrong? Also, can I ask why some of you refer to Duff as Ned? Where's Ned come from?
  13. The Royal Wedding

    I'm an atheist but I'd happily go to that church for the music and dancing. Too cool. On the subject of press reaction, yes, you are right, THAT is what they thought they were seeing. LOL Well, here's your comparison:
  14. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Welcome back again Fernando. As the manager, what's your role in the tour itself - do you oversee anything production wise? Or is it up to the band how the tour is presented, e.g the stage, graphics, effects etc...
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Out of likes but thanks for @killuridols and @Blackstar for the info.