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  1. Axl, you sexy beast.

    @MillionsOfSpiders Oooh..I love your no.1. I'm not a fan of his beard era, but that one I do like. Nice simple shot too. No.4 is awesome. No. 5 is my preferred from your list. What a great photo that is, bad hat, bad teeth and all.
  2. Leslie West Interviews Slash

    Yep. And if you read this together with the Metallica article you provided a link to earlier and how they conduct themselves, it puts a few things into perspective. For me anyway. I'm still pissed off about the shameless flogging of their shitty merch, but I am far more optimistic about new music than I was a week ago.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I would if I had a job to do for them, like photographing them, or writing up reviews or columns/blogs, or being the social media/press person or something. I couldn't just...attend concert after concert. I'd seriously get bored, but that' just me. I do think it'd be fun to do something with them that makes them more accessible to the fans...I guess Meegan is sort of filling that role unofficially.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Wow. I never knew about these super fans before I joined here. These fans like Tako who follow the band around the world. I mean, good for them if they have the means to do it, but it's borderline crazy you know? Before finding out about the likes of Tako, the worst I'd known fans to get was musical theatre fans camping outside of a theatre for 3 days just so they could get front row tickets to see the final performance of their favourite singer. Rather than second row. Or third. Has to be front. Edit: musical theatre fans ARE extremely weird. Especially Wicked fans.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Who is Margott? I've been having fun reading up on the old Slaxl convos in this thread. I sure missed out!
  6. I wasn't comparing their styles etc...I meant in terms of how well he's doing for his age. To my ears Billy sounds just as bad as Axl. I gave Axl bonus points for his rasp. But you know, I literally haven't heard BI for like, 20 odd years, and to hear him live like that for the first time...bit of a shock. Makes me wonder what people who haven't heard Axl in 20 years must think (outside of a show). Steven Tyler still sounds incredible. Maybe genetics plays a part too.
  7. Shit, you're right. His torso is so firm, no loose skin...of course the give-away is the neck area. Axl has the same problem. Now I used to love me a bit of Billy Idol back in the day and watching that, I must say, Billy's doing no better than Axl in the vocal department. In fact, Axl is way better when he gets his rasp on. lol at Miley the great pretender.
  8. Wow. I did not know about this. They take some sort of hormone then? I was watching a recent vid of Steven Tyler the other day and thinking, how on earth does he look and sound the way he does at his age? Plastic surgery...yes...but by his age, usually surgery starts to look much more obvious, and let's face it, he hasn't exactly led a lifestyle all that different from Axl. I was wondering if it was something else, sounds like it might be.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Wonderful present it is too. Thank you! Yeah, I've consulted the index and there are some great photos, sadly, many of them (and gifs) have expired. I can imagine there ain't a lot left you ladies haven't seen. But it must never get old looking at any of them. lol I particularly love the smoking one because it's not, you know, madness of the moment stage shenanigans, but a natural and easy connection they seem to have. Lovely.
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    @Georgina Arriaga Awesome. It's his mojo. ^^ Want to see more of this Axl. More please. @Asia YES! I've got 3 images of that. For some reason, someone saw fit to clean up the first two and not the last. Gorgeous. Love a bit of Sluff.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yeah, I believe it. I mean, I don't think they had a full-on relationship or that they're soulmates or whatever, but honestly, I'd be more shocked if they DIDN'T. With all the strippers and the groupies, and the sheer volume of drugs and drink they were doing, plus living on top one another, there would have been experimentation, even if they hardly remembered any of it the next day. Wasn't it Slash's book where he says they were sleeping so close, Izzy came on his leg one time when he was having sex with someone, and that was when he said 'we've got to get a bigger a place.' Hilarious. Also weird mental image.
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Maybe he's getting some sexy time. He definitely seems to be getting his mojo back, which is good to see. I have heard Duff (or was it Richard?) speak of the 'jokes when they're supposed to be playing' scenario before. I can't remember where I heard that though, an interview somewhere.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    1:57 - 2:17 HOLY SHIT that's some fine Slaxl right there. I wish I was a gif maker!
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Thought I'd share - some excellent Axl hair moments!
  15. Axl, you sexy beast.

    It's not my actual top 5 because I can't post those photos, so this is the best of the photos I can post. ^^ 5. The word iconic is bandied about so much it's become pretty meaningless. But this is an iconic Axl Rose photo. I hadn't been following the band for umpteen number of years and this was the first photo I saw after getting back into them this year (after seeing them in June). I was at work when I saw it and every single person there knew exactly who this was. What makes it iconic? The police cap, the aviator sunglasses, the cowboy boots, the jewellery and last but not least, the hair. That's vintage Axl Rose. 4. Ugh. Hate the purple hue in this version, but it was the only one I could post. The 'other' iconic Axl image. Glasses, bandana and...cheekbones. 3. Cheating slightly. Put these two together to show what a changling he is and why the camera loves him. On the left he's mischievous. On the right he's vulnerable. Bit to do with angle and perspective, LOT to do with Axl's incredible face and eyes. 2. Because Axl wouldn't be Axl if he didn't look like he was in excruciating pain doing what he does best. These images really capture his rockstar essence: shirtless, long haired, mouth open, eyes squeezed shut, teeth bared. We know he's giving it his all. That's why we love him and why he's one of the best frontmen there ever was. 1. This is a crappy version, someone has cropped it too close, but it's the only one I could post. The wide angle original is best. Robert John's legendary photo. Even if you didn't know the subject, it's a very powerful image, very disturbing. It doesn't feel right to even look at it. It challenges our instinct for the pretty and the tasteful, by presenting us with something that looks violent and really quite frightening. When you run the wide angle past Pinterest's 'similar results' button, you get a lot of wonderful classical paintings. I can't think of a single other image that more accurately, or more symbolically, encapsulates the suffocating, panic-inducing chaos that must have once been Axl's life.