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  1. Agreed. Added to that, Sean gave us that little bit more insight into Axl's general personality, which is so often contradictory. You could tell from the way Sean spoke, and the stories he told and how he smiled and laughed throughout, that he is fond of Axl. But in the end, Sean had to get out or he'd stagnate and his career would nosedive...like Axl's. I got the distinct impression from Sean's recount, that Axl is the type who you can't help but be drawn to, and you sorta fall for him and you form a bond, and then you can't say no to the guy. And then all Axl is interested in doing is keeping hold of those close to him - holding on to those bonds. If you can get away and still remain in his good books (which I think Sean did) then great. But it's more likely Axl would cut you off once you've made the decision to leave his circle. If this is how he is with producers, it's no wonder he felt so intensely betrayed when Slash left. It makes his reconciliation with Slash all the more miraculous (although I suppose a growing need for a boost in income helped heal the wounds!). After listening to Sean, I've re-evaluated a couple of opinions I've always held and I'm now convinced that Axl had no intention of releasing CD until he had no choice, hence the long wait. I think he liked the idea of setting up shop (the CD shop) and having his devoted employees (I don't think Axl would have thought of them as employees but family) and have them all working together towards a common goal i.e. helping Axl achieve his vision, which he was never going to achieve, not in a timely fashion anyway. It's the process he was invested in, not the end game. I realise @RONIN that you have said this all along and I always disagreed with you. Well, now I gotta eat my words. I mean, I do still think there were other forces at play that made a difficult situation even more difficult. But Axl is who he is. It was interesting how Sean said Axl tried to reverse his body clock, tried to work during sensible daylight hours, but he just couldn't. He's a different creative type. It's in his nature to create and tinker and explore but not necessarily to do anything with it unless forced. In the past, Slash and Duff and Izzy must have been the ones who'd cracked the whip to get anything out. The lesson seems to be, if you leave Axl to his own devices you will get nothing released. You'll get a whole lotta exciting material, but nothing will see the light of day. If, however, you manage him in the right way and set very clear boundaries and don't back down (as Angus has) he is capable of towing the line as he has shown on the NITL tour. I remember a quote from Niven, I think, who said that Axl had never 'grown out of' his habits and ways, because he'd never been taught to. He was always indulged (his own bandmates indulged him endlessly until they regretted it). That said, it can't be easy trying to manage someone like Axl with his numerous, very real issues. Especially when band members had their own issues. Oh, and about the album being ready to roll in 2000? Yeah...nope. I don't think so anymore. I used to. I mean, Sean's memory might not be 100% reliable, but if CD had been actually read to master at that time, I'd think he'd remember that. He didn't give the impression that CD was ready to go did he? The one thing that makes me still hopeful for new music is that Axl needs the income to maintain his lifestyle and that of others in his circle whom he looks after. And he can't continue to do that on the old songs, not for much longer. So with Slash and Duff back in the fold to crack the whip, we may yet see new GNR music. And yes, would love a follow up with Youth.
  2. Wow, this thread. My first post for a little while, so first of all, thank you SO much Sid for brining this podcast to us. As a CD enthusiast, I can't tell you how grateful I am. I was hanging off Sean's every word. He seems like a great guy and I can see how he and Axl would have been a good creative match. Can’t believe people have spent most of this thread debating the fairly mundane topic of whether or not CD sounds anything like NIN when you could be discussing all the fascinating points Sean Beavan talked about regarding the making of CD: - Axl’s general personality. Sean’s dad saying Axl is a ’solid guy’ - wow! Sean looking back on the working experience with Axl fondly...I'm sure there were times when he was frustrated by him too, but it seems on the whole, the experience was a good one but for the fact the album wasn't being released and, like any normal person, Sean just wanted to create and release a project. - Axl's desire to create a family atmosphere. Did this hinder Axl’s ability to treat the album like a job and get on with it? Was he too close to everyone to be efficient? This is a worthy discussion point. Sean himself seemed to hint that the label eventually felt he and Axl were no longer really colleagues, but friends, and this wasn't conducive to getting the job done. - Sean's common interests with Axl not to mention their shared method for chopping up songs and piecing them together in a different way - The fact they blazed through 35 songs in about a month - Axl saying yes to Oh My God without doubt or indecision - what happened to that attitude Axl? - the vocals on the final product being the 99 vocals and Sean going on to say that when the album got ‘bogged down’ during his time it was over vocals - what can we read into that? I wonder if one of the main reasons why CD was so incredibly delayed was due to Axl's insecurity over his vocals? - Axl playing quite a lot of guitar and that he’d sometimes come out with some pretty good ideas! - The label being fairly ‘hands off’ in the beginning - this is something we’ve all wondered about… - Sean having to eventually mediate between label and Axl and how awkward this must have been given that Sean felt loyal to the artist - this is also something we’ve wondered about… There's so much more. Such an interesting and informative interview. This thread should be 10 pages long talking about all the things we learned/had confirmed/questions that still remain, etc. Anyway, thanks again Sid. Great questions asked, too!
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    He could equally be referring to Axl as the one who never learns in that Axl should have known better than to 'put up with Richard' for the past 17 years. Either way, it's meant to be a good natured/sarcastic insult used when both people know full well that in actual fact they value each other. @Andy14 Amazing!!! I've said it before, I'll say it again (and keep on saying it!) you are a genius. Genius I tell you. And the future looks good, eh? Hmm....I'll just add that to my 'meaningful clues' box.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Re: Some people never learn. Richard Is referring to himself. It’s a joke. He’s making a joke that he should know better than to have spent the last 17 years with his ‘partner in crime’. Should have walked years ago. It’s just banter. 😄
  5. Happy Bday Duff!

    Happy birthday Duff! Long may you continue rockin' that bass for Guns N' Roses (and I don't mind if you want to continue rockin' it for Walking Papers on the side either).
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Doubt Susan would have all that much to say about Axl would she? She wouldn't have had much to do with him until NITL, aside from those occasions when Duff guested for NuGuns and the brief tour? He'd be more worried if Meegan wrote an autobiography. I bet she's seen some things... Anyone take a guess as to why Slash wasn't at the wedding? Edit: I forgot Duff was still with Guns when he met Susan, but still...would she have seen much of Axl? Duff was flat out seeing much of Axl in those days!
  7. Nice work @RONIN as always (outta likes). There should be a sub-section in the forum for lengthier opinion pieces or feature articles if you will, that members post from time to time. I really enjoy reading them. Also, a reference section for all the interviews/articles that have been collected but get buried in the threads. It'd be nice to have them to hand when everyone is engaged in some heated debate. ^^ Anyway, you know how much I love that album, but I agree the name was tarnished, there's no escaping the fact. Even among casual fans who don't know about all the GNR baggage, it's all a bit, huh? Chinese What? He did what? When? Oh. Never heard of it. Chinese Democracy, I am sorry to say, did not set the world alight. I hate that it didn't, but it didn't. Your question hinges on the notion that it's a bad thing to have your name tarnished. Only if it stays tarnished. I would argue what's happening now - redeeming the name - is much more enticing, interesting and as @Stress Fracture mentions, marketable, than had he simply vanished for a large chunk of his life, name in tact, and remerged newly reunited with Slash and Duff. Now what you have is the rise and fall and rise of Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses. Who doesn't love a comeback story, right? Someone here already mentioned Axl having to hit rock bottom before he could start the climb back up (I think the same goes for Slash and Duff in a way...both seem very much at home in the current stadium environment as opposed to pokey venues. Money is alluring, but so too, is being adored by millions). So no, it wouldn’t necessarily have been better had he disappeared and not put a foot wrong. He's made mistakes, big ones, but I think that's all behind him now. I have a hunch this comeback is just the beginning. For whatever reason, fronting AC/DC seems to have been the making of Axl Rose, and hopefully, whatever he does in the future with the GNR name will finally win him recognition.
  8. Yep, that's it @Blackstar. Thank you! Where would we be without your encyclopaedic knowledge of all things GNR? lol I remembered this quote because of all the articles and interviews I've read of Axl, this one to me, seemed to best sum up his complex psychology, as well as reveal that he is indeed self-aware (contrary to what some believe). He knows his shortcomings; he just doesn't know what to do about them. Yes, he should have done this and he should have done that, but knowing and doing are two different things. This is something most ordinary folk have to grapple with from time to time, but for Axl, with his background and mentality, and sudden rise to permanent fame, it must have made life even more difficult. It doesn't excuse some his behaviours and decisions over the years, but it goes some way in helping us understand him better.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Maybe all the guests have been given contracts instructed asked politely to refrain from photographing any GNR members and posting to social media?
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I'm really curious as to why Slash might not be there? I mean, maybe he is and we just haven't seen them...kinda of unusual though, or is it just me?
  11. I cannot for the life of me remember where I read it, but there is most definitely an interview where Axl pretty much admits/alludes to this. I recall him even mentioning the word chaos. He was referring to it in a negative sense (re: his mental health), in that it's a vicious cycle he would get himself into whereby chaos or negativity? or maybe the word was 'drama' was his comfort zone - he didn't feel good about it - but he'd been conditioned to feel like that atmosphere was the only one he could survive in: he knew it, understood it. And if it (chaos/negativity) wasn't there, he'd go about looking for it, even if subconsciously. In the interview, this was something he said he was trying to overcome. Maybe @Blackstar knows about this?
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Ya know...that idea isn't all that far fetched...could be...could be... Exactly. Why is Meegan so quiet all of a sudden...hmmm...?
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    This is what I am thinking...
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Just catching up on the wedding saga. So are we to presume that Slash and Meegan aren't there? Meegan's IG has gone pretty quiet hasn't it? Would Duff be there?
  15. Whats next for ac/dc?

    I'll admit I was excited to see Axl fronting AC/DC for the same reasons as you, and you are right that it gave him kudos in the industry and seemingly a new lease on life. I would say the exact same thing applies about him reuniting with Slash and Duff and pulling off that equally successful Guns tour. It's not a case of one or the other, in fact I would say it's most definitely a case of Axl managing to pull off both that has elevated his status. That's what had people mentioning Axl Rose and work ethic in the same sentence. LOL No wonder Axl had a big grin on his face most of the tour - two very improbable things happened in his life in a short space of time and he handled both brilliantly.