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  1. Illusion I vs Illusion II

    “When i’d look right up at night, and all i’d see was darkness, now i see the stars alright, I wanna reach right up n grab one for youuu” Most see this as filler but i actually really fuckin dig this tune, its nothing special compared to rest of Illusions but its got a cool simple vibe and goes hard 🤟🏽
  2. A bunch of projects aye 😏😏😏😏
  3. Theres a certain groove, simple but satisfying
  4. yeah well i wasnt seeing shit when it came up that he updated it so cant be fake
  5. On the day of the last show of the Not in this lifetime tour Slash updates his facebook website to the guns website and even has guns on his cover photo and shit Since slash (and duff) came back its never been made out to be a reunion tour but more like a rejoining Seems to me like hes here to stay, thoughts?
  6. Slash playing Coma

    That would be great, makes sense too because slash plays all the other guns songs already and if conspirators played most of the same ones it would be boring
  7. Re-evaluating Libertad

    Surely keep get out the door sick album just could of done with a better production, a third album would of turned out well i reckon
  8. A softy will choose anything they can to sook about, theres like 2 lines who the fuck cares its a wicked tune get over yourself 😂
  9. Slash looks like he has an absolute blast playing coma live, good shit
  10. Slash's best solos?

    Estranged, his best guitar work period
  11. Gotta one way ticket on your last chance ride Gotta one way ticket to your, suicideeee
  12. Guns Albums 1995 - 2014

    Why does every topic turn into an argument off topic? Fucking whingers
  13. Guns Albums 1995 - 2014

    No way Axls music is great, slashs music is great, together they make some of the best music out there