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  1. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    Move to the city 88 acoustic version should have been on Lies
  2. Anyone know what the go was with the thread yesterday about fernando and new music?
  3. Illusion I vs Illusion II

    “When i’d look right up at night, and all i’d see was darkness, now i see the stars alright, I wanna reach right up n grab one for youuu” Most see this as filler but i actually really fuckin dig this tune, its nothing special compared to rest of Illusions but its got a cool simple vibe and goes hard 🤟🏽
  4. A bunch of projects aye 😏😏😏😏
  5. Imagine if axl wasnt so obsessed with his industrial album shit and just laid back a bit and slash's albums turned out to be GNR albums? 5 oclock - simple rock/ "southern rock" and acoustics Aint life grand - hard rock with heavy guitars and bits and pieces of piano and experimental Contraband - Heavy with drop D guitars almost metal like sound Libertad - Classic rock Slash - Classic rock/Ballads Apocalyptic love - Classic rock/Ballads World on fire - Hard rock I reckon all these albums could of been wicked Guns albums with Axl ballads thrown in
  6. Illusion I vs Illusion II

    Which is the better album between illusion I and illusion II? And why?