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  1. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Is it a rumour or is it a fact that it's AC/DC with Axl? I'm already hyped
  2. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Nahh don't think so. Their music definitely ain't noise pollution. I just can't stand the way you're reacting on this thread.
  3. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Just shut up if you don't have anything to add to this thread. You're just talkin' trash
  4. Is it a possibility to make @Fernando aware of this by sending him a PM on his Instagram. He's more active on that than on Twitter.
  5. Well said Russ. You hit the nail on the head
  6. Setlist.fm lists move to the city as song #7. Can anyone confirm this?
  7. The future for Guns?

    Are you stoned?
  8. Take a look at the Instagram story. Looks like there are also (remastered?) cassettes Edit: It's also on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/gunsnroses/photos/a.10152512548418069.1073741830.10901008068/10156583249888069/?type=3&notif_id=1531057711849192&notif_t=notify_me_page&ref=notif
  9. Yeah there is an audio recording, but it misses the first 4 songs
  10. On my way back home. The band and especially Axl were on fire! Jungle was amazing like you guys said before and he nailed This I Love!! Perhaps a better performance than last year in Nijmegen. Though we didn't get Angus this year
  11. Gojira is on. It's agonizing Edit: Sounds like they're playing the same song over and over again lol
  12. Gojira sucks imo, but Volbeat is one of the better openers this leg. As far as an Angus appearance. We'll find out when they soundcheck
  13. Tomorrow is my graduation but I'm going to the show instead