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  1. Why is everybody mocking Myles' voice, the guy has an incredible voice
  2. Last year at goffertpark they soundchecked hell aint a bad place to be but they didnt play it at the show itself. Hoping for the best tho
  3. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Amazing vocals from 0:00 - 5:22
  4. Sounds like you know a lot more than we do
  5. Spikey said something like it'll be posted on his site!
  6. Yes he did... The guy is crazy... Suppose he is one of us?
  7. We should start an gofund me for Spikey Spike, cuz his data usage is huge
  8. This has been posted like a million times, so please don't ask for it anymore (everybody)
  9. I think it's a beautiful song, but it is kinda sad how hard axl's trying/struggling
  10. I bet Spikey Spike's arm is going to hurt after holding it up in the air for so long
  11. He was talking 'bout love. He said something during the drum-intro. Did anyone understand what he was saying?
  12. The studio version of RQ is long enough. The song doesn't need an extended intro or a 4-minute-long solo...