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  1. That's just bullshit, because the content of the L&L has also been available online for years. The Weird Al box set is far superior to the L&L set. It contains all his albums on cd or vinyl and one disc full of rarities. Can't say that about the gnr one. Btw he's not making fun of other songs, he just makes fucking parodies...
  2. Would be great but it will look like some kind of travelling circus
  3. Dutch label Music On Vinyl reissues a lot of out of print releases and albums that haven't been pressed on vinyl yet. The quality is amazing and they even take requests. https://www.musiconvinyl.com/request-release#.XE7A1Ri0udN
  4. Ritz 88 - Best Vinyl?

    I don't think there's a version on which the speech before out ta get me isn't censored? All versions have the word "shit" edited in. And "fuck off" in it's so easy is also removed in every release? You damn Americans censor every bad word
  5. No but the 2LP has one (for all 4cd's in the sde) But you can rip the cd's
  6. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Name a more iconic duo, i'll wait
  7. Concerts in 2019

    February 24: SMKC June 12: Whitesnake July 3: Bon Jovi & Def Leppard October 2: Alice Cooper Hope i can add some to this list
  8. - The book+cds+bluray in the L&L set are the 100% the same as the super deluxe edition. Can confirm cause i have both (yeah stupid me bought the sde when it was released) - The usb has audio for everything 3 times (the album, b-sides & EPs, sound city sessions, sound city sessions n' more) 1) 44.1kHz - 16 bit 2) 96kHz - 24 bit 3) 192kHz - 24 bit (16 bit?)
  9. It's impossible to see no difference at all. Blu-rays are far superior to DVDs, like @-W.A.R-said. The quality of the video is 1080p instead of 480. The only reasons i can think of why you don't see any difference are: a) you're using RCA- or SCART-cables instead of a hdmi one, b) the settings of your gear or c) you need glasses Btw i'd love to get a live album of the tour, but it has to be released on video too 'cause the tour was about seeing Axl, Slash and Duff on one stage again.
  10. Mitch just commented on his previous tweet about the children of the revolution cover
  11. Last full album you listened to?

    Skid Row by Skid Row
  12. It's 549 euro on amazon.de for those who are interested.