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  1. someone said it was a quote from hannibal lecter this whole disc kicks some serious ass
  2. Rough mixes J587 201 leaked?? When? Must've missed that one
  3. Made some artwork for my playlist. Thought I'd just share it with y'all Let me know if you think I can improve something!
  4. Love the song but I think the mix is terrible, here's to hoping another version leaks!
  5. It's 2.30 am over here and I really wanna sleep but I'm afraid I will miss something lol
  6. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    He is well aware of the fact that his voice isn't what it used to be. Lyrics from God Bless This Mess from This House Is Not For Sale: "My voice is shot I'm going grey, these muscles all ache"
  7. That would be rad. One disc full of unreleased / re-recorded stuff from the 90s. Second disc full of chinese leftovers and a third disc of all-new material.
  8. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    The roof and spire collapsed but the 2 iconic towers and the walls are still standing. Most, if not all, relics, art and paintings were saved. The firemen also contained the fire Some French billionaires donated 300 million euros to help rebuild the Cathedral.
  9. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    Someone in the comments asked when and Mitch replied with "Saturday" Just leaving this here...
  10. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    From the GNR newsletter: "BATTER UP! GUNS N’ ROSES REVEAL LOUDER THAN LIFE AS FIRST PERFORMANCE IN 2019" So that means there's more to come
  11. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Photo taken by me at the show in Amsterdam, Feb 24th
  12. Motley Crue's Sixx/Lee and Bob Rock in the studio

    Wtf was that?! I think my ears are bleeding
  13. The Shittest Songs Ever

    Let me add everything by the beatles. Fuck what do i hate that band