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  1. yeah good ,old drunk days...but where the hell is this cutie guy anyway??
  2. great video!!and thank you very much!!!the guys next to him wearing his clothes back to 80s??
  3. tori...this guy..is wearing your coat!
  4. yeah!absolutely!but how shows from 88 to list??philadelphia and tokyo are really great!
  5. i forgot to put a jujuhound show in my list!
  6. ritz 1988 indiana 91 rock in rio 1991 toledo 88 whisky 88 iam trying to find in a good quality the live in coliseum 89...
  7. so... which is your fav live shows with iz?
  8. Tons of GN'R pictures!

  9. ι did it twice with adlers appetite...but no dilemma for me!i you are so lucky!!!
  10. @janrichmond you see them young and beautiful...to the old wembley...most of the original members....what am i doing in this forum??
  11. his last show with GNR..
  12. thanks to isabel stradlin.!she always has intersting material.
  13. i see new pics...everywhere...