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  1. Oh yeah i forgot that pic...
  2. Which ponchos?? Whats happening here??
  3. Ι dont know how reliable is this guy...i just post here. Personally i believe that izzy is not intersting in any kind of biography books except (maybe) marcs canter book
  4. Ι cant wait till christmas...
  5. Guys...where is our dj???
  6. SEPTEMBER.... Key Club, Los Angeles, CA September 21st, 2003).
  7. Axl, you sexy beast.

    yeah!probably is stuart!i was hinking the same thing
  8. Axl, you sexy beast.

  9. No, we thank you!you have devoted a lot of time for this petition!
  10. Yeah.. i hope that he didnt read the conversation about sandals...otherwise i would be in black list... Im curious about petition...what does he think about this effort?? Carlene has done so many things about this... She is great.
  11. Ι think that is a juat bad picture...besides everyone has bad pictures... Back to 2016 when he shared the videos on youtube he looked great.
  12. Its a great feeling when i find smth new... But we need new photos from 2018
  13. Νο main reason....just iz!