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  1. Oh yes. Listening to albums in 5.1 puts a completely different spin on it. Depending on your set-up it really can make it sound like you are in the middle of the room - example being drums/vocals central, bass/rhythm to right, lead on left with ‘effects’ moving around all speakers. If done properly (AFD has by all accounts) it can be amazing - you will also hear stuff such as layered affects you won’t have picked up on through the normal mix. Metallica released a video compilation DVD about 10 years ago mixed in 5.1 but it only started from AJFA onwards due to One being the first video. The Black Album was released in 5.1 however which again was a great experience.
  2. I have the first 3 boxes - all tremendous. Regarding Napster - it was a clusterfuck of a situation that spiralled out of control. Thing is - it was so new that there was NO precedent to follow. I truly believe it was about the right of choice as opposed to the money - but the way it went on was a mess for sure. They did sue their own record company for the masters! Time has shown him to be right in many regards as it has killed the industry.
  3. 😂 £666 pounds that equates to! 🤟
  4. A bit harsh to say a box of nothing. The 5.1 is a massive win. Unfortunately the demos etc would have been a big deal had they not been available online for years (although these are much better quality). Overpriced BIGTIME I agree though!
  5. As someone who has all the Metallica Deluxe boxsets to date and will get AJFA, it’s a valid point to say that as a comparison the Metallica ones really are far superior. They truly document that album and the time in such a way that it proves they are on the fans wavelength. Expensive yes but value for money IMO. I’d argue that if you took away the fancy cabinet, the contents of L&L would be the same as the Master if Puppets Deluxe which was about £170 pounds!! I hope they get the inevitable Illusions ones better. The one thing the AFD reissue got right over Metallica is the blu-ray 5.1 - why Metallica didn’t do that is baffling. And some may say that disc alone is worth paying decent money as it has been done so well.
  6. Well, if Tom Zutaut is to be believed Slash has applied guitar work to Atlas Shrugged. I know what is being said in public but there had been rumblings of work being undertaken (maybe working through the existing material as opposed to creating ‘new’ stuff)?
  7. What I mean is that in the context of UYI vs OMG/Silkworms (the supposed direction he wanted to go with) CD was much closer to UYI.
  8. Yup - definitely had its origins in the UYI era.
  9. I totally get there was more at play than musical differences but it was a key point in that it was clear that Axl wanted to go in a more industrial direction. He then released OMG which backs that but then anything leaked after suggested that the industrial direction was not taken in the end. Which means if they could have worked the other issues out then the musical direction may not have been a big hurdle in the end. I don’t doubt that Slash must have thought at times - “oh, I could have worked with that song etc quite easily and it’s not as industrial as expected”. But yes, the other issues were - eh - issues as well!
  10. True - but with Keith Richard’s comments to him about sticking it out, if he had he has commented that OMG at the time reaffirmed his belief that it was the right move as they were on different plains at that time.
  11. Bearing in mind that CD isn’t THAT far removed from the UYI albums stylistically - certainly compared to what had been suggested with OMG and SW - if Slash could have seen what would eventually be, would he have hung in there and not left?
  12. This is the thing - maybe Slash and Duff being back is what actually makes it happen. If the ‘chemistry’ is there as it was before then I am convinced we will get new music.
  13. What Snakepit songs did Axl like?

    It’s such a good song. Interesting that it was played/rehearsed in 93.