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  1. SMASH had a few great tunes. But when they started churning out utter crap at the turn of the millennium like Pretty Fly, original prankster....game over.
  2. Cheers. Definitely not worth a thousand (what is) and £400 is still a bit steep as for example, I got the first three MetallicA Deluxe sets for about £400. But - there are only a few albums I would do this for and it was a MASSIVE part of my youth so why not? Just need to find somewhere to put it now! Should be here in a few weeks. 👍
  3. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Noticed it dropped to $499 again - $75 worth of vouchers and only $10 postage and I’m looking at £400 all in. Purchased!!!! Thought I would have to wait a bit longer TBH - I wonder if the form they sent after my chat to them about the price on the GNR site has forced it back down again? No matter - finally got it done!
  4. We HAVE to get Orion now - they were not playing it back in ‘99 but they are now. Ctulu from that gig is one of my favourite MetallicA performances ever. And give us Unforgiven as well!!!!
  5. AAARGH - looks like the video has been removed! Anyone know where else I might be able to hear it?
  6. Badly. Passers by would have moaned that his voice was bad and that they were furious that they had paid nothing but were still entitled to a top performance. And furious that Slash was nowhere to be found. Or something. 😂
  7. Yeah - I know there are some ‘technical whizzes’ around who can create their own stuff/audio from videos like youtube etc. Just wondered if it had been done! 👍
  8. Bumping this thread on the off-chance anyone knows if the snippets of the songs are available anywhere (i.e. the songs isolated away from the interview)?
  9. Thanks mate - unfortunately the second person who helped was able to confirm it HAD dropped but when he passed me to the pricing department they basically said ‘the price is $899’ and would not offer an explanation as to why it had jumped so much a particularly versus the official website. Just got some rubbish about cleaning old stock for new - if I was buying carrots then fair enough but what’s that got to do with a boxset!!! Will need to bide my time - ur graph shows it was low for a while and it’s a pity I’m only now able to afford it. But if it’s dropped before it may again - and will look into that keepa thing as it looks handy. 👍
  10. So got into a chat with Amazon. First they denied any knowledge of a price change. Was asked if I could prove it and they would refund the difference - I couldn’t prove it but was then passed to someone who confirmed it was $499 on Sunday - I was then told I wouldnt get the difference and should not have been offered it (I never asked - they offered it to me)! I asked if there was an explanation as to why it had jumped $400 and was given some flannel about stock rotation - getting rid of old for new - which is clearly not relevant in this case. Irritated - particularly as there was no reason for the hike. I was asked for proof of the cheaper price elsewhere so sent them a link to GNR site and they will lodge a report regarding pricing. So - apparently if the page on Amazon has a link saying ‘cheaper elsewhere’ we should select it and maybe it will get the price down!
  11. Cheers - will see what I can do. Will fire away a few messages and see what happens - if you don’t ask you don’t get!
  12. That’s really helpful. And what I feared! I see Amazon have dropped it by about $12 so maybe if I wait until 2020 it will be cheaper if they reduce it every couple of days! 😂 Being serious, I have wait this long so what’s an extra bit of waiting? Although I see they have Amazon Warehouse sales for $399 - but the information is sparse as to what packaging is not original...will maybe chuck them a message and see what I can find out! 👍
  13. Did anyone in the U.K. buy from Music Vault in Canada? I see them mentioned in the thread and they are doing the turntable deal at about £470. Just wondered how much it cost to ship to U.K. as I would need to register an account to find out?
  14. I don’t know if I can wait that long......plus I need to get saving for the inevitable Illusions set!