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  1. Yeah - totally agreed. I think it would have been even better 10 years ago like you say but it is what it is. I think moving forward the set list will need to cater for lower register songs along with any newly recorded stuff (which will happen IMO) which will clearly be sung in a more comfortable register.
  2. A random thought - does the fact that there are players on CD who weren’t originally in the group but are still there now mean that album has more ‘validity’? IMO - it was and still is very much a GNR album so I am fine with it but wonder if anyone who could not get on the boat with CD think anything better of it now/is more accepting?
  3. Any ideas if that is still available anywhere?
  4. Updated a few pages back. Channel didn’t answer but someone linked footage to Coachella and that seemed the closest to what I heard. Also - someone else noted that live tracks have been played elsewhere from that gig so it seems most likely.
  5. Bootleg artwork

    Superb - thanks!
  6. Bootleg artwork

    Magic - thanks. 👍
  7. I got the 3D edition. I always go right to Rocket Queen on any live recording to judge performance and must admit my heart sank when I listened to the AFDemocracy version - sounds like it was a bad choice to record them at that time as vocally it’s choppy.
  8. If the right gig was chosen for recording then it would be fine (as Coachella seemed ok) - there were occasions where he was great - but the more the tour went on the more the problems arose.
  9. Bootleg artwork

    Anyone know of any good websites where good GNR artwork is available? Ideally looking for Saskatoon and Ritz 88?
  10. As noted above - it seems like it was from Coachella. The footage online makes it sound like what I heard AND apparently other songs from that gig have been played on the radio. Got nothing back from the radio station but fairly confident it was that gig. 👍
  11. Thats a whole other conversation! Far too many covers in place of rarities. Better song choices could be made too - have they played Dead Horse on this tour for example? I would be happy for a couple of covers (not including Live & Knocking in that as they are as good as GNR songs anyway). But song choices have to be smarter going forward to avoid embarrassing performances.
  12. I could be talking total rubbish but I wonder if any future touring may benefit from being shorter overall with more space in between gigs? With more time to recover we may get better vocal performances - lets be honest - it cannot be easy singing like that at the best of times never mind every couple of nights for three years barring the odd break? Its not like they HAVE to tour as relentlessly now that the NITL tour is winding down - they have played pretty much everywhere!
  13. Best Bootlegs?

    Cheers. 👍
  14. Myles Kennedy vs. Axl Rose - "Highway To Hell"

    I just can’t listen to Rocket Queen with Myles singing it! I accept that Axl can be hit and miss recently but when he hits it’s just better. Myles is a great singer for sure however I really struggle with him singing the GNR stuff.
  15. Only right to give you props on this too as you did shout out early doors this could be an option - I must have overlooked your original post. A very good shout and well done!! 👍