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  1. Missing verse in One in a Million?

    That’s actually a good shout - never thought about the link before!
  2. Cheers - a humorous read but wow! Axl wrote Estranged - end of argument right there regarding of how many other songs he has written. Didnt he later say that he sided with Axl and could understand what had happened once VR fell apart?
  3. The Spaghetti Incident by Izzy Stradlin

    I thought that there were some tracks on the final album which had Izzy on them - literally 50% - with the tracks in question being the ones recorded during the UYI recording sessions? Gilby added to those tracks but didn’t re-record and was fully on the tracks recorded whilst on tour. Or have I got that wrong??
  4. Ha ha - I was just being lazy and haven’t yet opened the box! Yup - looks like I will need to burn em! 👍
  5. Does the SDE have a download card?
  6. I know - it’s left to hardcore fans to create edits etc to tide us over. Surely the masters must still be at MTV somewhere - or better still, the actual recordings by Westwood used for the radio broadcast. Totally agree there is so little official live material of this time. 99% of bands churn out stuff most folk could do without but GNR seem to hold back where there is a genuine ‘appetite.....’ for it. Literally - people willingly to part with cash to get stuff and yet nothing!!!!
  7. Does anyone have the Ritz 88 gig on vinyl or know which version out there is the best? There seems to be a few however most have an incomplete track list. The New York New York vinyl has good sound I gather. Why on earth this hasn’t been released officially is utterly bizarre.
  8. Fair enough. Let’s hope for the best and see what happens. 👍
  9. You are in the know more than most Downzy - any confidence that something will be announced?
  10. I actually haven’t got round to listening to mine since I got it - last year! I think the tell-tale sign is on the back. If it has the FBI Piracy logo on it I’m sure that alone means it’s American. I did look at DISCOGS but that didn’t appear to be right.
  11. To be fair - I had to double check mine as thought it was a European one!!! Nope - it was USA!
  12. Daft question - is the vinyl you have definitely a non-US one? I’m in the U.K. and got the vinyl brand new however it appears to be a US print (I did get it from EBay).
  13. Lots of old Recordings

    Cheers for posting this - now I know where the confirmation of the 10 songs came from!