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  1. What is his ‘word’ like? Is he generally good for making statements which are legit or is he just commenting on what we are saying online?
  2. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    IMO this isn’t the band but their legal representation. MetallicA have been known to overrule their legal team if they think they are being too hardline.
  3. It’s been pretty much confirmed by those whose who we know to trust. 👍
  4. Did the full TIL remix leak??? I thought it was only the snippet?!
  5. A bit odd to say “I wouldn’t say we’ve really sat down and had those sessions yet.” - hardly a definitive ‘we have literally done nothing’. And anyway, with the CD-era tunes in play, it’s not like they are starting from scratch either.
  6. Stylistically it will have stuff similar to CD by the virtue of there almost certainly being CD-era songs on it.
  7. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Yeah! It was a totally different take on it and actually based in the future which had been shown in glimpses.
  8. Terminator - Dark Fate

    😂 I actually liked Salvation and feel it’s better than people give it credit for.....although acknowledge I’m in the minority! I think 3 may be my least favourite and even that isn’t that bad.
  9. Ha ha - I’ll admit, I am desperate to find positives in any interviews! 😂
  10. Is it just me or is the wording ‘odd’ when he talks about the GNR album which ‘they haven’t done anything with’? It almost reads that there is one in the can which needs to be dealt with? Which could be true bearing in mind how much material was ready to go before the reunion PLUS there has been ample time over the last 4 years for overdubs/rework to have happened.
  11. Yeah - I’m sure they were in the same club and were cordial/had a drink but that’s very different to touring/recording. I could be totally wrong however I was sure it was still the case they weren’t exactly pals!
  12. I really think getting Matt back is a dicey move as there is obviously issues with Axl which could prove volatile. Why do people assume that Slash wants him in the band?Plus I’m sure he’s in a new band anyway.
  13. And that’s another thing - he doesn’t even need to do that with all the material for CD2 etc waiting to be utilised. After all, most of the vocals on CD were about 8 years old I’m sure!
  14. Fair doos. I just wish they would play it again. 👍 I guess Garden if Eden is similar in regards to the effects however we get an idea of what it sounds like of the rehearsal version that was doing the rounds from before UYI was out. Axl might struggle right enough!
  15. Why’d you think it didn’t turn out the way it should have? Was there comments from them about regretting something about the song?
  16. I think it’s clear there is definitely something happening - with Duff even self referencing with what he said previously. Yes, the whole ‘mystique’ thing may be annoying for some however while it leads to everything being positive then I am ok with it.
  17. SMASH had a few great tunes. But when they started churning out utter crap at the turn of the millennium like Pretty Fly, original prankster....game over.
  18. Cheers. Definitely not worth a thousand (what is) and £400 is still a bit steep as for example, I got the first three MetallicA Deluxe sets for about £400. But - there are only a few albums I would do this for and it was a MASSIVE part of my youth so why not? Just need to find somewhere to put it now! Should be here in a few weeks. 👍
  19. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Noticed it dropped to $499 again - $75 worth of vouchers and only $10 postage and I’m looking at £400 all in. Purchased!!!! Thought I would have to wait a bit longer TBH - I wonder if the form they sent after my chat to them about the price on the GNR site has forced it back down again? No matter - finally got it done!
  20. We HAVE to get Orion now - they were not playing it back in ‘99 but they are now. Ctulu from that gig is one of my favourite MetallicA performances ever. And give us Unforgiven as well!!!!
  21. AAARGH - looks like the video has been removed! Anyone know where else I might be able to hear it?
  22. Badly. Passers by would have moaned that his voice was bad and that they were furious that they had paid nothing but were still entitled to a top performance. And furious that Slash was nowhere to be found. Or something. 😂
  23. Yeah - I know there are some ‘technical whizzes’ around who can create their own stuff/audio from videos like youtube etc. Just wondered if it had been done! 👍
  24. Bumping this thread on the off-chance anyone knows if the snippets of the songs are available anywhere (i.e. the songs isolated away from the interview)?