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  1. 14 Years alternate lyrics

    I love the outro in this version
  2. Obviously still clean but Axl sounds stronger than usual on SCOM
  3. Damn I missed Shadow... Did Axl get the tempo right tonight?
  4. I'm kind of thinking the same. Nightrain was very strong, and he didn't have the same issues with voice cracks etc as the other shows this tour. but generally it's not that much better
  5. I think Welcome to the Jungle is the best opener, but what I would like to see them do is open with Nightrain and have Jungle as the last song before the encore.
  6. They slowed Slither down a lot for some reason.
  7. Pretty bad sound quality but the band sounds great from what I could make out.
  8. Not saying it's great but it's an improvement on the first few shows on this leg which were rubbish
  9. First verse is bad but it's much better after that, easily the strongest WTTJ this leg of the tour I reckon
  10. He sounded pretty good on Yesterdays in the North America run late last year, often a bit better than this actually
  11. Fly GNAIR

    Those sunnies look almost identical to the ones the petrol station near me sells for 5 bucks