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  1. He's sounded good this arena tour, much better than the rest of this year
  2. If the World sounded cool, Sorry not so much
  3. Paradise City sounds incredible!
  4. It's on this Periscope video somewhere: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vOGwNQRDBvKB
  5. I actually think she's a handy addition to the band. Her backing vocals are great, especially on the songs Axl struggles on himself, and many of the Chinese Democracy songs do require a second keyboard player as well as Dizzy on keys. She's a lot better than Chris Pitman that's for sure
  6. Nah there have been a couple that were better in this leg, that PC was good though
  7. What about this WTTJ ! Sorry if it's already been posted, I haven't been through the whole thread, but Axl's finally nailed the first line for the first time in ages:
  8. You can tell Axl's been sounding really good lately by the fact that there's been virtually no activity in this thread since the start of this NA leg . The latest Toronto gig sounded better then most of the videos I saw from 2016
  9. Same as every show- Easy, Brownstone, CD, Jungle, DTJ, Better, Estranged
  10. Sounds good to me, lots of rasp on TIL and some on Civil War, but it can be hard to tell on the crappy streams
  11. I seem to be in the minority, but I reckon high notes aside he sounded good, lots of rasp and wasn't out of breath and all over the place in the verses like he sometimes is.
  12. Maybe a guest appearance tomorrow? Hope so
  13. Best My Michelle I've heard from this year as well