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  1. Pretty much agree with most of that list. Hair of the Dog was my favourite off Spaghetti though
  2. *fan made* The General?

    I sure hope the real thing is a whole lot better than that...
  3. Imagine if they played this for a piss take at a show haha
  4. From what I could bear to listen to that was pretty putrid
  5. I fail to see the point of a live album unless it's done as a DVD. We've already got Live Era, and this would just be like that but with worse vocals. I'd still prefer it to nothing of course, though
  6. If the three of them recorded a song together they wouldn't be putting it on a solo record that won't receive a lot of press in mainstream circles
  7. As much as I'd like to read into what Axl said it just sounds like the same old "we'll see what happens" thing. I hope I'm wrong though
  8. Well hopefully they start the encore with OMG then...
  9. They did a 4 hour show in the last show last year?
  10. I reckon a lot of the lyrics could be recycled CD era stuff with Slash and Duff redoing their parts
  11. I really can't see them doing a covers album. There would be an extraordinary amount of hype around Axl/Slash/Duff releasing an album together for the first time in 25 years, they would really be wasting all that hype if they just released half a dozen covers
  12. Gets much better after the first verse
  13. Sounds like a solid WTTJ from what you can hear above the crowd