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  1. Getting settled into my new place and finally got around to hanging my lithos. I have a mini Ulrich Planer wall. I love both Winnipeg and Tallinn and the similarities of the two, and put his kick ass Ottawa Mishibizhiw between the two. I also have his Odense still cannot figure out how how to post pics on forum Hopefully this link works https://imgur.com/gallery/fOnJUwK
  2. Thanks AmaninJapan and Liqddynamite! Very helpful. I will now have a plan. And thank you to those that PM'd me. This place is really full of awesome people who are are always willing to help and share! Matt
  3. I have a question for those in NA with Euro Lithos. How have you framed these? They are slightly smaller than the NA 18x24". All of my NA lithos are framed in standard 18x24 frames from Michaels and looks great. I really dont want to custom frame the Euro lithos. Has anyone experimented with matting or background behind the lithos? Any suggestions or pictures of what others have done would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Matt
  4. I like the Tallinn one. Just hope to get story behind it. If it's Latvian lore, then it's a real disappointment
  5. Where did you see it was Estonian. My quick internet queries is coming up Latvian (Riga). Agreed. Enjoy the show everyone!
  6. Rank The Songs on LIES

    Patience used to love her youre crazy nice boys one in a million Reckless mama kin move to the city.
  7. I love 2017 Munich and Hannover. I don't think there is quite as much love for those as there should be. In the grand scheme of things the summer NA 2017 leg had a lot of litho criticism at the time. I think so many of them are awesome and only seemed like a let down after that Europe leg. Minnesota is super sweet when comparing to the apple on a spoon. Reflection of the pistol is so awesome. It's mentioned above, but Denver is simple and a perfect concert poster. Winston Salem, know nothing about the area but litho design seems to fit right in and Incorporate a weird landmark Both Canadian cities that buhler gave us and the Winnipeg are amongst my favourites. Johnny Crap is crap, but I have all Canadian leg lithos and they actually get a lot of cool responses from friends and family when visiting (I think we just got a little spoiled with some masterpieces out there). And then there is the El Paso and San Antonio. Those have commanded high prices on eBay and think there is a lot of demand for those. The only one I truly don't like is Miami, but I was never into the television show, and that litho is loved by so many Anyways, in a lot of ways almost every litho is great. There are only a few duds that I just can't wrap my head around (Paris 2018, Cleveland) But entire summer 2017 NA leg is my answer
  8. Half a Million views daily. That number seems insane to sustain for such a long time. That is true greatness
  9. If anyone going to this show is picking up a litho for themselves and willing to pick one up for me, it would be extremely appreciated. Tallinn was my wife's and my favourite city when we were fortunate enough to take a cruise for our honeymoon, and would love one a GNR litho for Tallinn. Please PM me, and we can sort out a fair price for your awesomeness helping a guy out! Thanks, Matt
  10. That one is really nice. Top 2 or 3 this leg for sure. Perhaps the front runner now
  11. Absolutely glorious. That is quite the collection, and I assume a lot of hard work to obtain. I understand the love affair so many have for Cincinnati and Kobe, but they are further down my list of favourites when comparing London 1 Madrid 2017 (Madrid 2018 has a chance to elevate the more I see it) Paris, Munich and Hannover. But that's art. Each has there own opinion. I hope you sit down with your favourite drink in hand and admire that wall once a day!!!!
  12. Or laugh your ass off with a buddy while the rest of the audience mildly laughs. Most of us on this board will love the fucking shit out of anything they release of new material. I will fall in that camp, just as I loved dumb and dumber 2 in theatres (I have not watched since and probably won’t). But any new album will be completely worn out just like every other album this band has ever given us.
  13. How much thought went into the order of the track listing. The General has WTTJ type potential to kickoff the album. Damn. Now I want this pipe dream to come true. I would buy no less an 5 copies. (5 was my purchase of CD, 1 vinyl and 1 cd still in original wrapping.