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  1. usually I buy one tour shirt per tour but for GNR i bought the 2017 europe shirt and the 2018 one aswell
  2. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    agree with every song except dont damn me, how the hell is he supposed to handle that song these days they never played it because its nearly impossible, you simply don't have time to breathe and these days he struggles with his breathing on nearly every song
  3. Favorite Slash albums

    really interesting, how different the opinions on Contraband are for me its: 1. Contraband 2. Slash 3. Libertad 4. WOF 5. LTD 6. AL Never really listened to Snakepit tbh even though I like Beggars and Neither Can I
  4. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I'd love to hear some illusion deep cuts, coma was great at the beginning of NITL but now it's of course no surprise anymore I think stuff like Pretty Tied Up or You Ain't The First would suit his voice these days... Duff could sing So Fine instead of Attitude or New Rose But of course that won't happen
  5. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Well, usually he shows up before the first show, at least he did that in Berlin and the result was the worst show of the tour but that was of course due to lack of preparation
  6. And the costs for flights, hotel, concert etc
  7. Still some space for shows between Johannesburg and Hawaii
  8. Just announced, now I'm glad I didn't buy tickets for the last show so far in Johannesburg
  9. From my experience, our crowds in Germany are rather weak, I saw them in Hannover and Gelsenkirchen, Hannover was okay, the show was stopped after CD for 1,5 hours due to a thunderstorm, but the crowd remained patient and made some good noise for Angus who came onstage there, Gelsenkirchen this year was just weak imo I saw them at both shows in Nijmegen, and the Dutch crowd is really good, they know for sure how to have a good time, crowd was really energetic and the band was on fire as well And I've been to Barcelona, where I wasn't standing in the field, but in row Z, still the atmosphere was great, I think the Spanish crowd was the best I saw on this tour If GNR did another tour I really consider buying tickets for a SA show, the fans over there are just crazy!
  10. after 6-7 spins i have to say i'm surprised, it's a really solid albums with only very few fillers, not a single track that i consider skipping so far, some great solo work from slash (no noodling), myles often in his lower register which really comforts my ears and some really great and very different songs, not the usual SMKC stuff (at least not every song) my favourites so far: The Call of The Wild: Nice opener, even though strange beginning, i really like the riff, myles sounds good overall, the chorus is very catchy, i cant get it out of my head for the last couple of days, the solo is ok, couldve been better but still a good opening 8/10 Lost Inside The Girl: The first highlight for me, very atmospheric, myles at his best, exactly one of those songs i didnt expect but i'm suprised in a positive way.. great guitar work, great solo, well structured and overthought 9/10 Slow Grind: nice groovy song, myles in his lower register again, chorus is a bit boring, but the rest of the song makes up for it.. solo is great once again, especially the last part before they go in the bridge, which is awesome as well, makes you groove really hard, one of my favourite moments on the album 8.5/10 The One You Loved Is Gone: i know I know, it's a poppy ballad, but we don't get these kind of songs from SMKC very often.. makes me very emotional, myles sings with feeling, really enjoy it. the harmonies from the 2nd verse on are just great! chorus is in the style of the rest of the song, emotional.. The "now i know, now i know..." part somehow reminds me a bit of Loving The Alien, dont know why.. beautiful solo by slash, very much honest feeling put into.. the last chorus is great as well, slash throws some aweseome fills in ( listen to 3:40 or 3:52).. the lalala part in the end is very much Battleground, probably the only thing i don't like about this song..still one of my favourites on the album i guess 9.5/10 Driving Rain: Yes i admit it, i like this song, liked it from the day it came out.. sure it is an easy listening radio-pop-rock kinda track, but dont we need those tracks as well? just feel-good guitar music.. riff kicks ass, catchy chorus, easy to listen to.. probably the most SMKC typical song on this album, myles harmonizes with todd just as we all expected it and i freaking love the standing in the sun reference, not lazy at all, just a nice kind of throwback.. will definetly be a part of the set for the whole tour 8/10 The Great Pretender: Parisienne Walkwa...what? the main riff definetely sounds a lot like the Gary Moore classic, verse doesn't catch me that much, but the chorus is awesome, and very atmospheric towards the end (won't you take your final bow..), deep lyrics as well, i'm not a native speaker so i usually don't care that much for the lyrics, but on this one, they are really good.. bridge is really emotional as well as the solo.. epic tune overall 9.5/10 Boulevard Of Broken Hearts: great final song, riff is like a mix between eye of the tiger and number of the beast, not a bad thing, sounds really good,.. really like myles voice during the verse.. chorus is very catchy again, would love to hear this one live.. bridge ("believe in what you see...") sounds a bit uninspired, solo is great once again, really straight forward.. the last chorus is a bit long imo, and what really annoys me is that myles ends it on a high note (for all the music theory geeks, not on the root note but on the 5th) which sounds a bit unfinished for me, especially as this is the last song of the record, but apart from this a really good finish 9/10 the album is only out for 3 days, but so far this might be my favourite SMKC record, all tracks are solid, there is not a track that i consider skipping (even though sugar cane might get there in some time)... i agree there is no standout track like Anastasia, but probably just because like nearly all of the songs stand out, theyre all good, some better, some not that good, but all solid, and very different from each other Album overall probably 8.5/10
  11. Pats / Lions

    Out of all the good CD songs they really picked scraped??
  12. Pats / Lions

    Yeah the games often start in the middle of the night so I usually fall asleep at some point, but from what I saw, the pats sucked anyway so I don't think I missed much
  13. Pats / Lions

    Heard it as well, Mind your Manners! EDIT: At least that was played on DAZN in Germany, don't now if it was the same in the US but probably yes