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  1. Hey, are there any Germans going to the show in South Africa? I'm desperately trying to get some tickets, but the only page to get some is computicket, where I have to register. They should send me a confirmation SMS but I don't get any. Can anyone help?
  2. Just arrived home Kickass show, better than the other two I attended this year (Gelsenkirchen and Barcelona) probably better than Nijmegen last year No major fuck ups, axl was awesome, the rest as well, as usual Shadow was right on spot, absolutely no timing issues probably the best version they did so far They seemed to be in a better mood than in Barcelona overall, especially axl and duff The encore was very rushed in Barcelona, like they wanted to get to the hotel fast, but not today, patience was not too fast and he finally sang "patience" and not "patiaaaaance" with this horrible nasal voice Maddy was probably the song I enjoyed the most, it was the first time I saw it live and it was well received Maybe the last time I saw GNR but who knows.. But it would definitely be a great finish
  3. Even worse than pink slips imo
  4. Nope sorry, I was there and it was really bad, first he was way too fast and after that he slowed down and became too slow
  5. Video doesn't work on my mobile, what happened?
  6. Just came home from the show First show I attended this year, and from the youtubes I saw from the previous ones this one might be the best so far First 3 songs awesome as always, jungle was very mickey but the whole was singing along so who cares YCBM was okay, he let the crowd sing parts of the last chorus which was awesome and probably helped him New rose was played TIL was finally really good, I really hoped the cut this one out, but axl was on great form I kinda like Wichita as a song but it really kills the mood, as nobody knows it and it's such a slow song... Still I love Richards solo on it, very much feeling, exactly what I miss from slashs solos at the moment Coma was good, but I'd prefer if they played two songs (OTGM+Michelle?) instead Nightrain was fucking fire Encore was fine as well, nice to hear yesterdays, still a good tune even though it's 101% mickey Sika and paradise city were strong Crowd wasn't the wildest apart from a big moshpit during PC, they only sang on the crowd pleasers Still great show, looking forward to Barcelona and Nijmegen
  7. Are we going to see Angus young today what do you guys think?
  8. 4tus just posted a pic on Instagram, seems like they are staying in Düsseldorf, any further information?
  9. Yeah but its Sympathy FOR the devl -> SFTD
  10. what is awkward is that the berlin show and now jungle from odense is the first time he struggles with high notes... even though he couldnt get that much rasp his high notes were like always on spot in 2016/17 (exept the hellish screaming part in Better) and now suudenly hes not hitting them anymore.. bad sign?
  12. they don't have a curfew probably, the shows Ive been at last year (Hannover/Nijmegen) started at 9pm and went three hours each, and Hannover even had 1,5 hour break due to heavy thunderstorm
  13. "You know where you are? You're in the middle of the motherf***ing jungle baby! Wake up! Time to DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"