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  1. I remember reading in Duff's autobiography that Matt once tried to challenge Axl when he didn't show up on time but got turned away by his security
  2. I think there are only two real options for them without going back to playing theaters 1. AFD5 but even that would be mainly interesting for hardcore fans as the casual fan doesn't care for anyone but Slash and axl 2. A new album and a tour to promote it with either the current lineup or probably AFD5 which would obviously be our all favorite option but very unlikely to happen They can't just keep on touring without changing anything, they already went from stadiums to arenas in the US and played to half-empty venues in Europe, they need something to build up the excitement again
  3. he clearly uses what usually is his mickey voice nad not his chest voice, but somehow he manages to get some rasp on top of it
  4. Well that's it now folks, what a ride that was! I'm incredibly thankful that my all time favorite band came back together and conquered the world for a second time and Axl regained some good reputation for fronting not only one but TWO of the best bands of all time! I'm happy that I've seen GNR 5 times over the last 1 1/2 years and they've blown me away each and every time. Whatever comes next for this band, thank you GNR for making the last 2 1/2 years absolutely fucking awesome! And thank you guys on the forum for being as nerdy about GNR as I am. I only discovered this forum during the Europe 2017 tour, but I am grateful that I could go through the second half of the tour with you guys. We've had one great outstanding leg, and some good/average legs with shows like Rio, Berlin or Monterrey being the low points of the tour, but we still watched every single show together on periscope or tried to get some Facebook live streams. I am very happy that all of this happened and I really hope that 2019 will be an exciting year as a GNR fan! Until then Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone!
  5. Wasn't expecting anything from Rio in this thread tbh
  6. with special track This I Love from Monterrey
  7. i'm out of reactions but I definetely agree! I would love to see what Slash, Duff and Fortus can come up with together
  8. holy shit those really were the times.. when I was still excited to wake up to a NA show which just has finished and I couldn't wait to see any videos of it. Axl was on fire on that leg! I really hope he takes a good long enough break, maybe apart from some studio visits and then after a year or two he comes back with a voice like 2016 and a new album + new tour... a man can dream
  9. Hannover was great, before this tour axl surely would've cancelled it, but they patiently waited until the storm stopped, didnt cut the set and played until 1 am
  10. They did it in Osaka 2017, from the 3:50 mark on
  11. ok i agree of course Fernando is not Axls nurse, I got carried away a bit there But I still think the whole issue could've been communicated a bit better
  12. that's probably true, but when you feel this sick, you can't plan a show, you can't expect to play the show like every other, especially when your usual shows are 3+ hours.. they could've changed the setlist and if axl felt better during the show they still could've played the songs they originally cut