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  1. And then they put the YT video of November Rain from Appetite for Democracy in the article ffs. . Not exactly the best kind of promo for Anderson
  2. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    I deleted my first post cause I didn't get that "all dutchs are assholes" was meant as a joke But still I agree with LOVENESSNL, while the rest of Bob Jovi (even without Richie) sounds very tight, it is an embarrassment what JBJ delivers every night.. And even more so, when you consider that the ticket prices are around 100+€. If I paid my hard earned money to see a good rock show and then I get something like the 2019 Bin Jovi shows, I would be pissed as fuck as well (and yes I still spend hundreds of Euros on GNR concerts but even Axl sounds good these days compared to JBJ) And while there are some Bon Jovi songs that are hard to sing (and some of them are the big hits), John struggles on every song in their set, no matter if high range or mid range or whatever, he is constantly a couple of notes flat. And if he doesn't want to ruin the bands legacy he should definitely do some work before the next tour (even though I start thinking, that this won't change anything and nothing can bring his voice back) Didn't get that at first, sorry
  3. If Slash, Duff, Matt and Dave ever want a VR reunion (very doubtful), Jeff is the man to call
  4. He moves much less than in 2018 but I still think that playing wise he hasn't been that good since they came back in 2012 The whole band sounds amazing.. The songs are also a bit faster than in 2017/18, they sound fresher and not tired Maybe Keith is starting to feel his age but he seems very focused and plays well
  5. When they play RIR 2017 Axl came in late on DTJ and Slash just kept on playing, he played the chorus even though Axl didn't even start the verse yet, that's where I began to wonder whether Slash just turns Axls vocals off on his bad nights
  6. Even though I was late to the party (I'll never be able to sleep in peace again) I was able to listen to the clips Atlas - even though it's already 1.16 minutes long, it's not enough for me to say whether I like it or not.. But given the hype there was (and still is) around this song, I'm a bit underwhelmed Hardschool - very close to the classic GNR sound although it has so NuMetal feel to it.. Would be great to hear it with Slash and Duff SCOM 2017 - sounds shit as expected
  7. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 26 - 1969
  8. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 23 - 1992
  9. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 22 - 1978 Unfortunately the studio version is not on YouTube, neither are other songs from Powerage, but the album is my all time favorite AC/DC record
  10. I wonder what the tour (if it happens, I'm trying to be not too psyched) will look like.. I can't imagine Brian doing a full world tour, they might do it like the Stones, 15 shows on one continent with enough breaks inbetween but the demand will be way to high for such a small scale thing and the ticket prices would most likely be insane. Maybe they'll do like 10 shows in NA, 4 months rest, 10 shows in Europe, 4 months rest, and then 5 in SA and 5 in Australia/NZ?
  11. During NITL as well.. Was quite obvious, Mickey Mouse for the first line, then the prerecorded echo with rasp
  12. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 21 - 2002
  13. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 20 - 1968
  14. Yes, that's why I only listen to classical music when I'm at home and not in the car or on the train Listen to Mahlers 1st symphony, the 3rd movement is so quiet, especially the end , you really have to turn up the volume and then the 4th movement starts with a hit on the crash cymbal and your hearing is gone immediately
  15. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 19 - 2012