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  1. They should do Pretty Tied Up instead of Coma every 2nd night, I love Coma but Axl really struggles and Pretty Tied Up is almost equally awesome and far less challenging for him
  2. He wouldn't make to the 2nd verse of Perfect Crime Izzys voice back in the 80s and 90s was great and also on his later solo stuff, but if you listen to his 2012 (which was also already 7 years ago) appearances with GNR his voice is far away from what it was back then Agree about Gilby though, I never enjoyed his playing that much but his backing vocals were spot on
  3. Are there any vocalists or vocal teachers (or anybody else) on this forum who can explain, why Axl sometimes uses falsetto and sometimes chest voice for the same notes? Example 1 ist WTTJ, the "you got a hunger for what you see" part is full on chest voice, while the same part in the first verse ("we are the people that can find..") and in the second verse ("you're a very sexy girl..") are in falsetto, despite being the exact same notes and melody Example 2 is patience, I haven't heard any recordings from this leg, but on the other legs, he started the outro ("I been walking the streets tonight..") with chest voice and finished it ("yeah yeah I need you") with falsetto, but again these are the same notes, the same pitch and the absolut same vocal melody Hope someone can explain why he does that, because it doesn't make any sense to me
  4. For fucks sake what is this? I think I never saw this thankfully, until now.. Their lithos are hit or miss
  5. This piece of utter garbage was the official litho??? They really want money for this?
  6. There's loads of tweets saying all kinds of bullshit regarding AC/DC at the moment However they are not getting any younger, the longer they wait with any kind of announcement, the more likely a breakup will be
  7. Axl would have to retire after the first half of the first show with this set
  8. Apparently the Oz/NZ/Asia shows are becoming less likely and it seems like there might be another NA leg in 2020, at least that's what an insider on the IORR forum hinted at
  9. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    I can't understand how anyone can think that Axl and Myles together on one stage wouldn't be cool, no matter how it would sound
  10. are there any other videos apart from the two locomotive videos so far?
  11. Seems that the verses are on the very edge of Axl's chest/head voice, so he switches around quite often.. I hope he finds a comfortable way of singing it, because it still sounded amazing yesterday, especially for being played for the first time since 1992
  12. I saw them 5 times during 2017-18 and while I enjoyed every second of it, it annoys me, that Axl always seems to give a little more in the US.. if I had to rank all the legs it would probably be NA 2016 NA 2017 (some shows were better than others, but the 4 hour shows were amazing) NA 2019 (so far, very close to NA 2017) SA 2016 ASIA/OCEANIA 2017 SA 2017 EU 2017 EU 2018 ASIA/AFRICA/HAWAII 2018