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  1. Their social media team fucks up quite regularly.. Couple of days ago they posted a picture of 4tus with one of his Scala guitars and tagged Gibson on it I'm sure that 90% of the forum members could do a better job
  2. 1. New Album/tour promoting it 2. New Management 3. New Management 4. New Management ...
  3. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    It was actually better than I expected. At least in the first 5-6 rows the atmosphere was good, people were jumping around, singing along and having fun Imo German crowds are rather weak in general, but this one was above the average
  4. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    The show was amazing! This band is really great live, the rhythm section is so tight, Brents groove is awesome. Myles seemed to struggle a bit with some of the higher parts like the chorus in Starlight, but I prefer his deeper voice anyway. Slash was awesome as always. The venue was sold out with about 4000 people in the audience, which I like way more than those big stadium shows with GNR. You're not 10 Meters away from Slash and the others, but 2. They debuted Sugar Cane, my least favorite track off the new album but nevertheless a nice surprise. And what I really love about this band is that you feel cared about as a fan, not only as you were there to pay their next bill. The interaction with the audience (especially Todd and Myles) is waaaaaay above GNR level, and so is the fun that these guys seem to have on stage. The only negative aspect was that outside the venue it was like 3 degrees so many of the audience were wearing long shirts or pullovers. Inside the venue it was like 40 degrees, there was seemingly no air conditioning and the security had no water for the crowd, so I saw at least two people collapse around me, I think that could've been handled better But overall an amazing show, enjoyed it more than the NITL shows and I'm just about to buy tickets for Luxemburg
  5. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    On my way to Offenbach now! First time SMKC for me and I'm excited as fuck!
  6. Guns N Roses inspired cheese headed to stores

    First eggs, then cheese what's next in this forum?
  7. The truth, and the end.

    Good choice!
  8. The truth, and the end.

    I'm out of reeggtions but this one killed me
  9. The truth, and the end.

    never ever seen a thread derail like this...
  10. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    I'm also excited as fuck! their last grammy performance was so damn powerful and a surprise performance would be even more exciting
  11. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    this aired during the super bowl, it includes a short snippet from ACDCs 2015 Grammy performance. The other artists in the video are already confirmed performing there, this could hint at a surprise performance from ACDC Somebody over at the ACDC forum also said that some of the band members are in LA at the moment
  12. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    thats exactly my point. I loved Axl/DC, the shows were way more energetic than those with Brian in 2015, but it didnt feel like ACDC to me. 5-10 shows with Brian would be great as an end
  13. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    Thats not nonsense, thats my opinion. They finish with what is the closest lineup to the Back in Black lineup. And of course I dont know what Malcolm wouldve wanted, I just imagine he didnt want ACDC to finish with only Angus, Stevie and 3 guest musicians. They finish as ACDC and not as Angus and friends
  14. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    they did the right thing imo, no matter how the album will sound... this will surely be the last thing we get from ACDC so they did something the fans wanted and Malcolm wouldve wanted
  15. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    i hope brian is able to tour as well, even for just 5-10 shows... Axl should save the voice he has left for GNR, and a tour with Brian would be the proper way to end ACDC