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  1. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 15
  2. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 13
  3. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 13 One of the best Slash solo songs imo
  4. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 7
  5. I've never been to one as well, I really regret not seeing their Joshua tree tour 2017, I feel like in this tour the music was the main aspect, while the i+e and e+i tour were more about the video screens and the political speeches Their Apollo show in 2018(?) was good as well, stripped down, no big screens, just music And when I'm at a show, imo the main focus should always be on the music and in the case of U2, it's easier and cheaper to watch their earlier shows on YouTube This is my last U2 related post in this thread, sorry
  6. A friend of mine is a big U2 fan, saw them on every tour since Achtung Baby and after the concert in cologne in 2017 he said it was his last one because it felt like 'a lesson in politics' I like U2's music but Bono made me sell the tickets I had for their last tour (best choice I ever made)
  7. This has to be my favorite quote of the whole thread
  8. ffs not the mid register pls... axls mid range = mickey mouse all the songs that sound shit these days like YCBM, RQ, NR etc are in this register. He sounds great on the last part of ISE, sounds great on SOYL, or on the ACDC songs because the screaming suits his voice these days, as does his low register on ISE, Brownstone, CD etc I'm sure that his mid range is fine in the studio (rock the rock proves that) but live the songs would be full on mickey, no doubt They should go with his lower range and sometimes with his higher range, but pls not the mid range
  9. I don't know why, but I love Duffs backing vocals but I can't stand it when he does lead vocals
  10. MGM Grand 727 from UYI Tour - Today!

    I wonder if they are gonna take down a video of a GNR aircraft as well...
  11. Honestly the best thing you can do at this point of time is not wasting time and energy on doing GNR videos... If it's only a video recorded with your smartphone and you can post it on YouTube in like 3 minutes, okay, not too much of a problem if it's been taken down, but just don't put time and energy into making pro shot vids or clips with remastered audio Do that with the stones or Aerosmith or ACDC, but in the case of GNR this is just wasted effort
  12. Yea I was excited for Berlin as well....