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  1. Old School Tix

    I really envy you.. My dad and my uncle always tell me how they got to see Queen, Zeppelin, Floyd or the Stones in the 70s for like 15-20€. They would ask their friends who didn't even listen to those bands but they would still come and join them.. If I asked my friends if they want to see GNR for +150€, they'd call me mad
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    But probably the most likely scenario as well.. I hope Axl changes the vocals though and adapts it to his current voice so he can perform it live without having a stroke
  3. This! The voice cracks in his high range started appearing during the 2nd ACDC leg and from then on it went downhill
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    For a band like GNR it is normal to release nothing at all and tour the same setlist nonstop
  5. David Lee Roth - Las Vegas Residency 2020

    He is entertaining yes, I'd love to see a tour where he just talks about stuff and does some crowd interaction etc But he should retire from singing, he can't hit any notes, his timing is all over the place and he forgets lyrics/doesn't sing them due to his poor timing
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    That's bullshit.. The screams differ in length and intensity every night.. They sounded natural and easy in 2016 and sounded more forced (and shorter) since 2017/18 Axl deserves to get shit for many things, but lip-syncing ain't one of them
  7. They should broadcast the first 5 songs (given that they're the same as they were during NITL) Easy, Brownstone, Chinese, Jungle and DTJ that would be awesome
  8. I hope none of you spent money on this...
  9. Definitely Vince, voice-wise and appearance-wise I think apart from the few pounds too much, Axl doesn't look bad at all
  10. Gibson Slash Collection Announced at NAMM

    Will there be a model for people who don't want to sell a kidney?
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    It always amazes me how positive they all sounded in public, considering the band was about to implode
  12. NFL thread

    The Titans are unbelievable, barely made the playoffs and now beaten the Patriots and the Ravens