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  1. This was probably shot for a TV report or something like that.. I think news outlets usually have permission to film the first one or two songs of a show and they film it only with 3 or 4 different camera angles and just take the sound from the soundboard, so it's better than an audience recording but far worse than a concert film by a professional filming company So yes these are pro-shots but nothing that can be released on DVD etc.
  2. Don't know if this has been said already in another thread but Fernando answered Reddit questions again and this is a quote from him: "3. We don’t have any plans on doing a documentary or movie. We have shot a few shows professionally with one being released this year." This year?? Should be announced within the next two months if they want to release it in time for the Christmas market He also said none of the Axl/DC shows were pro-shot
  3. I'd happily take the Chinese Leftovers as an 'Axl & Guests' solo album
  4. Local authorities say half of Beirut is either destroyed or heavily damaged, the financial toll is between 3 and 5 billion dollars An estimated 250.000-300.000 people have lost their home We wanted to fly to Lebanon next spring, but now we might change our plans as Lebanon might be facing a humanitarian crisis
  5. No I don't think so, Hisbollah and Israel already said that they are not responsible, Israel even offered help ISIS would have already told the world if it was them I think it was an accident
  6. I have family living in Beirut, luckily they are fine and only their apartment took some damage but they say that there is so much chaos in the city I wonder who is responsible for storing the ammonia nitrate in such an unsafe and irresponsible way for 6 (!) years
  7. I asked these questions, nothing we didn't already know but nice to hear what Fernando thinks about Izzy
  8. Translated from Fernando-language to english, that means: "My priority is no new music, a never-ending nostalgia tour, loooooads of merch, my happiness because I earn a shit load of money for doing basically nothing."
  9. Slash with a Fender Jazzmaster, rare sight!
  10. "Side F'n" is literally the most retarded thing I've ever seen and I will refuse to listen to it
  11. I pre-ordered it.. These motherfuckers got me again...
  12. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    The Stones' next 'From the vault' release will be Atlantic City with Axl and Izzy on 'Salt of the Earth'!
  13. Well we said the same about Coma, Locomotive, Dead Horse, etc.
  14. And people actually buy it and listen to it, I mean nobody (in the GNR camp) could've expected that!
  15. 1. Pretty Tied Up 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Chinese Democracy 4. It's so Easy 5. Jungle 6. DTJ 7. Civil War 8. LALD 9. Locomotive/Coma/Breakdown 10. Bad Obsession/Dead Horse/Bad Apples 11. Hardschool 12. So Fine/Dust n Bones/14 Years (Duff on vocals) Acoustic set: 13. YATF/You're Crazy (slow) 14. Patience 15. KOHD Full Band: 16. Slash Solo + SCOM 17. NR 18. Out Ta Get Me/My Michelle 19. Nightrain Encore: 20. Maddy/TWAT (if Axl can sing it properly) 21. Don't Cry 22. Estranged 23. Seeker/Whole Lotta Rosie 24. PC Not too long, not too many covers, without most of the songs where Axl sounds shit (YCBM, RQ, Better) and with some UYI deep cuts because of the 30th anniversary