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  1. I never realized Axl's current soft voice now fits perfectly Locomotive, it sounded awesome, if I were them, I would pull out Coma and let Locomotive take its place. I also wanted to take an special place to congratulate Mr Frank Fucking Ferrer, he was the actual MVP of this dream that just came true
  2. Holy shit, you just said "it wasn't that hard"!? The man is pulling 2 of the hardest song ever written to make us happy. We are a quite demanding fanbase, and that's what makes me so happy when they overwhelm us
  3. Axl / DC Personal Favorite Moments

    These tours are the reason why Axl needs to release new stuff... Did you see how energetic he looked? It reminded me some YCBM versions from back in the day. Axl DOES need new songs that make him jump and dance again.