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  1. If they put out an album, I hope there's not tons of musicians in it. I want it to just be the band even if Frank and Melissa and Richard are on it
  2. Duffsmy favorite bass player but I've never liked his voice
  3. Different guitar tunings for acdc. Causes him to sing harder. Also if he has quit smoking, I promise that's when his rasp ended
  4. I wonder if axl is really a tough guy. Like could he really throw down back in the day?
  5. I figured rubber made meant she was very flexible.
  6. I thought I was the only one who got sick of hearing the word punk rock every time duff speaks. Also, sometimes I think bands break up just so they can enjoy their success and then get back together a few years before retiring
  7. Dude, you have talent! This is awesome
  8. Then he plays like a Cuban I guess. He definitely don't play like a dirty white boy or a robot. I'm just going by him saying something about bringing old school hip hop or something like that to guns. And of course he looks black too
  9. The drummer situation in gnr was always confusing to me. They hid Stevens drums to make the kit basic, then fired him and Matt's kit was huge compared to Stevens, then he was fired even though he was perfect for the direction axl wanted to go, now their mainly living off appetite but don't want Steven. He must get under their skin really bad! Anyway, I can tell the difference in them. Steven plays like he's drunk, Matt plays like a robot and Frank plays like a black musician. Nothing racist but there is a difference
  10. I wonder how axl runs around in those boots. Everyone else wears sneakers. Nothing big, just something I've noticed
  11. Dang. Guess it is a big arena. My bad
  12. Looks like a smaller arena. I like that!
  13. Afd epiphone thoughts

    That guitar looks awesome. I did have my epi fixed. Just don't want it to happen again lol
  14. Afd epiphone thoughts

    I've played for about 20 years. Mostly telecasters and one epiphone black beauty. The little afd guitar is just so cheap I thought about getting one for me and my son to play around on. He dropped my epiphone and broke the headstock!
  15. Just wondering if anyone's played the afd performance pack guitar. Kinda cheap but surely slash wouldn't put his name on a complete piece of junk. Can you get anywhere close to his sound with it?