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    I'm trying it today. Sometimes stuff turns out awesome and occasionally it's a miserable fail lol

    Little off topic but im going to try to print a 3d afd cross with my son's 3d printer lol
  3. The future for Guns?

    I think it's just a job to them. All they can do is tour the classics without Izzy. Can't write gnr songs without him. My fear is they'll put out some politically charged B.S. I'd rather them never release a new song than to have that pc crap.
  4. My mom said they and every other rock band were devil worshippers. I bought appetite 4 times after she kept throwing my cassette away. Remember her picking me up from guitar lesson and I popped it double talkin jive. She said if I hear the F word one more time I'll throw it out. I pushed eject fast! Friends used to bust my balls for still liking them, now their all big poser fans. Several have said didn't the drummer die. Geez
  5. He's probably better but some cool stuff can come from being wasted and sloppy in my opinion. That's the difference in my opinion. Their all too straight now. Not very dangerous
  6. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    Looks like the deed is done. I think it's just destruction after destruction. Something might kill the red monster next. Just on and on. Kinda like the real world
  7. I'm buying the cheapest version with all the music. I don't need the trinkets
  8. Is the only way to get ALL the music is the box? Does super deluxe have the same music?
  9. That pic was freaking me out. I thought I saw it move but was like no way, then it did it again!
  10. Just realized, axl sounded great and the foo fighters play in standard tuning just like acdc. I think I'm onto something. Time for gnr to tune up maybe
  11. Geez, glad he's happy but can he go 5 ft without his "assistant "
  12. His voice is different because he quit smoking. Smokers have rasp just talking let alone singing
  13. I wonder how much they clear after all is said and done. I bet it's shockingly low. I mean low for rich people lol
  14. Not good for him. He basically can't retire EVER even if he wanted to which I doubt he does but still. Her claws are in him for the rest of their lives
  15. Safe bet she'll never marry again. I always knew axl was right wanting the gnr name to himself