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  1. I can't stand Matt. Frank has more groove than him but still not like Steven. I understand him being hired for guns but I don't get slash using him so much after guns. Slash seems to like good ol sleezy rock and Matt's just a machine
  2. I love this too but notice how slash is so loud compared Izzy. Still awesome
  3. Fairly regular. We hang out all the time. Seriously, he's only smiling in pics with her it seems
  4. Also, maybe she pulled a yoko and Izzy got pissed and left
  5. Yep, that's definitely bitchy wife talk. He also shows zero interest in other women. Like he's just forcing himself to stand there to keep the rockstar in him alive.
  6. I guess he's had his share of smokin hot strippers. Maybe he actually loves her. I'm sure of it
  7. I'm convinced he's married to Beta. No joking. You know he probably has mommy issues
  8. We're kinda getting off track lol. The point is apparently Izzy had a tantrum and bailed on us, the fans. I'm taking it harder I guess cause I was at the Nashville show and it was probably the first and last chance I'll ever get to see gnr. Sorry but I'm just pissed!
  9. Their drug addiction was not a disease. They even said they did it more and more waiting on axl out of boredom.
  10. Axl definitely had problems but most of them were mental illness I think which is hard to bag on. The others were just junkies.
  11. He's a great business man who gets shit on for telling the truth and looking after himself. His 4 business partners would be dead if they stayed together probably. Slash was a junkie on the verge of death, duff was a drunk close to death, Izzy was a flake who didn't want the hassle, and Steven was too drugged to record. I believe him that he wanted the name because they were ready to drop dead and he didn't want the hassle of sharing with whatever whores the others were married to or their other family members
  12. Maybe this is why they don't give many interviews. Every detail of gnr will piss one of the others off. I'm kinda understanding axl more I think. He's like, let's go play, make money and be huge. He may be a better business man than duff. If not then he wouldn't own the name and be the boss
  13. Yeah but he could have went nuclear on Izzy but danced around it. Then after Izzy responded, axl apparently just let it go. 90s axl would have ripped him a new one at the next show buy telling us all the juicy details and been like, we tried for you guys but Izzy didn't care about y'all. Or something like that
  14. I admire the way axl handled the interview. If it's true that Izzy left, he could have completely thrown Izzy under the bus but he didn't.
  15. I don't agree at all! It would have made us want it more.