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  1. I'm buying the cheapest version with all the music. I don't need the trinkets
  2. Is the only way to get ALL the music is the box? Does super deluxe have the same music?
  3. That pic was freaking me out. I thought I saw it move but was like no way, then it did it again!
  4. Just realized, axl sounded great and the foo fighters play in standard tuning just like acdc. I think I'm onto something. Time for gnr to tune up maybe
  5. Geez, glad he's happy but can he go 5 ft without his "assistant "
  6. His voice is different because he quit smoking. Smokers have rasp just talking let alone singing
  7. I wonder how much they clear after all is said and done. I bet it's shockingly low. I mean low for rich people lol
  8. Not good for him. He basically can't retire EVER even if he wanted to which I doubt he does but still. Her claws are in him for the rest of their lives
  9. Safe bet she'll never marry again. I always knew axl was right wanting the gnr name to himself
  10. I guess I'm in a bubble but that's ok. I like it. Pretty lucky to have grown up in "music city USA!
  11. I understand people speak English everywhere but I've heard interviews where they say those people don't speak English but sang every word back to us. It's just a little strange to me
  12. I know they have fans all over the globe but I could never enjoy a band that doesn't speak the same language as myself. Is that wrong?
  13. I thought the sound was off or something. He was completely off with the instruments. How's that great? Voice was good but I don't see how they played shadow with him so far off
  14. I hate the massive stage. I know they need it for backstage and equipment but it sucks when slash and duff are like 50 yards away from each other.
  15. Maybe team Brazil is pushing him. Their "manager " said they'll tour for years to come. I don't think axl can go on that long