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  1. I agree. I feel this song is underrated in some way and I would like to see how it would have ended in a actual album. Also, I hope this song is featured in a new GNR album if there is one in the making.
  2. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    I don't really have a favorite one for amateur because I like to hear a bit from everything, but for IEM/Soundboard I would say The Forum '17
  3. The future for Guns?

    I hope you're right
  4. So this confirms that Alfred has nothing to do with TB or Guns, right?
  5. Del called us out for uploading videos and shit but then he tweets some Lee Moses song that's on youtube and it's not even a official video
  6. I wonder if this actually managed to be headline news, if it would make the casual fans would stop going to the shows
  7. Maybe their YT channel could be reported aswell just to see if they like it too
  8. Here's my dream setlist: Chinese Democracy It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Welcome to the Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Live and Let Die Shadow of Your Love You Could Be Mine Slither Rocket Queen Better Coma [or] Locomotive Civil War Estranged Madagascar [or] Prostitute Slash Guitar Solo Sweet Child O' Mine Don't Cry I.R.S. Out Ta Get Me [or] My Michelle November Rain I Got You (I Feel Good) [or] Whole Lotta Rosie Knockin' on Heaven's Door Nightrain Encore Catcher in the Rye [or] There Was a Time Patience Yesterdays [or] Used to Love Her The Seeker Paradise City
  9. Jungle from the first night in Modena was good and so was DTJ from Lyon and The Garden from Saskatoon. Since we don't have much recordings available from this tour, I would say Saskatoon and Argentina for the other songs
  10. Happy birthday Slash!

    Happy birthday Slash!
  11. I hope this means that WL is gone, but I think they should replace it with something like a CD song for example
  12. Looks like the same setlist as Nijmegen, except that Maddy, WL and UTLH weren't played, but you can always check over here: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/2018/festwiese-leipzig-germany-6bea62ba.html
  13. We don't know, we need to wait for someone that was there to confirm
  14. Did they only play PC on the encore?