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  1. *sigh* Just realized they aren't coming to Lisbon...
  2. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    I wish they would play RiR 2018 and RaR '18 (summer festival european tour) with a bunch of new songs and then a album release in september, followed by a asian and north american leg, but thats wishful thinking.
  3. The best thing Doug Goldstein did for GNR was to leave (imo).
  4. GNR in New Jersey today

    Me too. It gives me Skin N' Bones tour vibes.
  5. GNR in New Jersey today

    It could make sense considering they set up a stage to remove it tomorrow. So why would they do that?
  6. I was watching WTTJ from this show and you don't even know how much annoyed i was by Axl not doing the demonic voice on "You're a very sexy girl...". I don't know why, but now if he doesn't do it he just sounds wrong. (sry for complaining tho)
  7. If Axl left GN'R in 1991, the band would have probably fallen apart. I, personally think Axl is the heart of this band and if he left, the band would be basically over.
  8. On fullticket there seems to be tickets left.
  9. I definitely miss him too. He was the best drummer of the NuGuns era.
  10. I thought he was a opener for the show, because he played on the same day as GNR on Sao Paulo (well its a festival so im dumb). But unfortunately he is not.
  11. What do you mean? They're coming to La Plata, Argentina on October 1st.
  12. Polls: Best/Worst GN'R Rock in Rios

    I voted best Rock in Rio 2006, not because it was the one i went to, but Axl was on TOP and he sang my favorite GNR songs with some very good vocals. Then i voted worst Rock in Rio 2011, which it obviously doesn't need introduction...
  13. Live in Albany 2002 Live at Rock in Rio 2006 Live in Osaka 2009
  14. Exactly. Every singer has the right to fail and that doesn't make it the end.
  15. Hopefully they do a better job here than in Rio. I'm gonna be optimistic about this show