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  1. Which songs should they add/drop?

    They should add: Shackler's Revenge, Locomotive (could be switched with coma), Perfect Crime and Oh My God They should remove: Whole Lotta Rosie, Black Hole Sun, This I Love and Yesterdays Ideas: They could switch ISE and WTTJ as openers (maybe even Nightrain) and a intro to SCOM (like The One or Since I Don't Have You)
  2. Best concerts by year

    1991- London 1992- Paris 1993- Modena (1st night) 2002- Boston 2006- Donington 2007- Tokyo 2009- Osaka 2010- Belo Horizonte 2011- Córdoba 2012- Philadelphia 2013- Kansas City 2014- Las Vegas (June 6th) 2016- Houston 2017- Louisville It was hard for me to chose for 92, 06 and 17, don't really know why.
  3. Thoughts on Riad N' the Bedouins

    I also like the song so that's 6 members
  4. Express your opinion about Riad N' the Bedouins and why do you think it wasn't played after 2002.
  5. Why I think new music is coming

    Same. But really, i do agree with jacdaniel's post and i'm excited for some new material (even if it doesn't end up happening).
  6. Isn't the image that is in the cover from a museum in Madrid? If it was real, the image would probably be something completely new
  7. I wonder if Axl just read the title of the thread and is now laughing at this rumor.
  8. I wonder if they are going to play a acoustic set just like the Skin N' Bones tour (since its the third year of NITL).
  9. tbh i wouldn't be admired with this, but if this is real, i would definitely be done with this band.
  10. Just like the title says, in your opinion, what is the worst UYI tour concert?
  11. If you could have any show on DVD?

    - São Paulo 1992 (1st night) - Nancy 1993 - House of Blues 2001
  12. *sigh* Just realized they aren't coming to Lisbon...
  13. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    I wish they would play RiR 2018 and RaR '18 (summer festival european tour) with a bunch of new songs and then a album release in september, followed by a asian and north american leg, but thats wishful thinking.
  14. The best thing Doug Goldstein did for GNR was to leave (imo).
  15. GNR in New Jersey today

    Me too. It gives me Skin N' Bones tour vibes.