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  1. Well at least that's what I'm hoping for but we'll see. Hopefully something does come out.
  2. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Wait what, I was not expecting this at all but after listening to that I know one thing, and that is that he sounds awesome.
  3. I think the one in Honolulu was one, if not the best, performance of the song.
  4. So basically everyone is releasing albums except this band.
  5. Maybe they'll release a new single next year and then an album in the beginning of 2020 (since slash will be busy in 2019), or maybe they'll get the whole thing out next year who knows, but hopefully something happens.
  6. That stage does look weird if you ask me
  7. Props to him. Maybe if it was someone else they would have cancelled the concert but at least he tried. Hope he gets better for the final two shows of the tour.
  8. But did they end because he's sick or because it's a grand prix concert and they can't play more?
  9. Happy birthday to this masterpiece of an album. Chinese Democracy
  10. Yeah I see your point. I agree that Axl seems in a better mood this year than last year or maybe even 2016. Don't know why but he just seems more into the shows now.