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  1. 34 minutes ago, default_ said:

    Since Slash and Duff got back to GNR:

    Dizzy released an album

    Slash released an album

    Duff will release an album

    On the next months we'll probably see announcements from Richard, Melissa and even Frank. But nothing from the actual band. 

    What a sad little band we chose to be fans of. 

    So basically everyone is releasing albums except this band.

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  2. 22 minutes ago, Don-t_damn_me said:

    Gotta say I was pretty bored with everything at this point and just waiting for whatever new thing to surface, but watching some of these videos and some stuff from this summer days ago also, I hope somebody else noticed cause is difficult for me to explain what I mean but let's just say that here Axl doesn't seem on autopilot anymore, like basically most of the 2017 run. Don't get me wrong there's no stellar whole performance without glitches and shit, but I can clearly here way more control in his voice, his mood is real good and you can see he is more confident also in the way he moves. I first noticed this with the amazing control he has now in the lower range in songs like nightrain is evident for some time now even better than 2016. It's hard to explain but I think the english word is vowel, you can see the way he now manages confidently how he pronunces certain words and that changes the control you have on the notes, the raspy or clean tone you wanna use. I really hope somebody else can see this cause I don't know how to make myself clear about it, but these videos in the thread with a lot of hi resolution axl close ups helped me see better the open vowels and closed ones... So in conclusion without sounding too crazy I hope, I am happy to see that something is up, either he is simply in a good mood lately so he puts more effort and conciousness in the performances, leading to the confidence also, or he is training a bit with a coach and feeling some results leading to a better mood and more confidence, no idea but even here that we can all hear his voice crack or being stressed in the raspy high range I was happy and surprised to see and here some kind of difference and improvement. Might this mean that something is up in the near future? probably not, I don't know, one can hope

    Yeah I see your point. I agree that Axl seems in a better mood this year than last year or maybe even 2016. Don't know why but he just seems more into the shows now.

  3. 2 minutes ago, jamillos said:

    Voice definitely shot as fuck, unfortunately. I wonder how this situation will be solved. I don't believe it's just a matter of one- or two-night rehearsal or whatever. Wel'll see... 

    I don't know. If we compare the situation in June, he didn't sound very good in Berlin but then in Odense there was a big improvement so we never know. We'll see how things turn out.