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  1. Fly GNAIR

    Don’t give them any ideas... Ride the Nightrain at Guns N’ Roses Land. Stay on site at our luxurious Appetite Resort. Cave to hunger at our world famous Spaghetti Incident eatery. Bringing the kids? Be sure to take advantage of a photo op with Mickey Mouse: Reservations are non-refundable. We keep your wallets Pretty Tied Up.
  2. Fly GNAIR

    At least they didn’t name it the Nightrain. I wouldn’t want to board something that’s ready to crash and burn. Actually, I wouldn’t board this anyways.
  3. I’m pretty sure all of Axl’s roadcases had the AC/DC logo added to them when he was juggling the two bands. Both bands share the same production company for staging.
  4. Looking forward to the album, but I don’t feel like driving to Rama to see them. Hopefully they do more dates in the new year.
  5. Exactly. There are some deep cuts that would both satisfy the die hards and give Axl a vocal break.
  6. If the set was a lean and mean two hours with strictly the hits it would totally make sense to only stick with the hits, but if they’re going to bother with all the covers and 3+ hour sets it seems silly to not add in a few more originals. To me, something Slither is fair game but why is Black Hole Sun still around? That could easily become say a short rocker like Pretty Tied Up or Dead Horse.
  7. Locomotive Acoustic Cover - Gareth Rhodes

    Great guy. In his early days on YouTube he leaned more on “Axl impression” which was pretty good as it was, but later on he really found his own voice. I love that he truly takes his own liberties with the songs.
  8. Fly GNAIR

    It’s like they stole the KISS Kruise idea and put it in the air. Do tickets come with a complimentary “Punk As Fuck” t-shirt?
  9. So who slept with the key holder to the vaults? Lots of shit since last night! Looking forward to giving this a watch after all these years.
  10. Oh My God is a mess as well. There’s a really cool song somewhere in there and I like the solo, but as an overall package I prefer the released version. I will likely never listen to these again.
  11. Haven’t tracked down Oh My God yet but thanks to a helpful tip in this thread I listened to Silkworms. I want to die.
  12. Shit. Credit where credit is due. That Shadow was pretty damn good and much better than expected. Even before Berlin I had my doubts. A little bit of timing issues in the beginning but that’s a nitpick. He even nailed the outro.
  13. Updated ranking: 1) Empire 2) Hope 3) Return 4) Force 5) Sith 6) Clones 7) Solo And then I truly can’t decide which is less watchable for me at this point between Phantom, Last Jedi, and Rogue One. Last Jedi has Mark Hamill so it does win points there. Initially I had Last Jedi higher based on what I posted a few months ago in that thread but I have decided I truly did not like it. Rogue One is just “meh” and dull to me, and Phantom still hits the bottom barrel.
  14. Maybe it’s Duff who will exclusively be discussing his new swag.