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  1. Terminator Franchise (New film on the way)

    Arnie doing better in the gym at 71 than I do at 26.
  2. Star Wars IX Thread

    I think taking Carrie Fisher was the almighty’s way of protesting the new Star Wars films.
  3. Terminator Franchise (New film on the way)

    James Cameron said they might explore the idea of Arnold’s character being the architect of the T-800 in order to explain why his likeness was used for all of them. Otherwise I expect a similar organic tissue explanation, which I actually didn’t mind. Photos of him are starting to pop up from the set and he looks just as good as he did in Genisys. He’s back in the gym too so I reckon all is well with his heart.
  4. Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    It was incredible. The best of the series one of the best spy thrillers I’ve ever seen. I might try to see it again before it’s out of theatres. For the Bond comparison - I think what I liked best was how it exploited its locations. Unlike, say, SPECTRE, which had a billion locations without much purpose or service to the story, Fallout used all of its locations to service the plot and action perfectly. Pretty much how Bond used to be (Casino Royale and Skyfall excepted).
  5. The Gear Thread

    I did the unthinkable - I traded the Jubilee. I played through the new Vox AC30SI at my local shop and fell in love with that pure Class A drive. I’ve always loved the AC30 but in its regular form always thought it “too much” for my purposes. Now this is the best of the Vox AC30 in a condensed package. Toss an Overdrive in front and you can still match the Jubilee type thing, but I don’t play with a lot of gain anyways. Spent two hours A/B’ing the amps with various riffs, pedals, and so on. The Vox won every time, China made be damned. In comparison, my Jubilee combo sounded very boxy with little room to breathe. Almost like a pedal was always switched on or something. The clarity of the Vox just astounded me. So I’m a Vox man now with zero regrets. I’ve been playing the fuck out of it.
  6. New Nightrain Membership Items

    Hey now, this isn’t the “Axl’s Voice” thread.
  7. I didn’t know they also released an Erin Everly edition!
  8. I guess it all depends on where the focus is. Walk The Line pulled off a decent chunk of Cash’s life in a couple hours despite many things being edited for artistic licence or just to move the story along, so hopefully this film takes a similar approach. Perhaps the origin of the band will just be glossed over and the bulk of the film will be about Freddie’s life in the band.
  9. Factually incorrect. Mine came in a box. An Amazon box.
  10. This might have actually made for a terrific miniseries. Then they wouldn’t have to squeeze the story into two hours.
  11. That Brian May guy is still my favourite part of this so far. He is spot on.
  12. Canada too. I won’t even watch it again for free.
  13. New Nightrain Membership Items

    Maybe every ten passport stamps will get a personalized download link to one song off Appette For Destruction. ”Thank you loyal Nightrain subscriber for your support of our concerts. For all your financial determination to come to our shows, please enjoy a complimentary low quality mp3 of Welcome to the Jungle. Only ten more stamps to earn It’s So Easy!”
  14. @Lies They Tell I don’t actually disagree with a lot of what you say regarding TFA. I’d say yeah, Abrams went a little overboard planting too many mysteries that could never live up to expectations. I think the bigger problem is that they clearly didn’t have this trilogy mapped out. It’s like they’re making it up as they go along so I do give Rian Johnson credit for trying to go a different route. However, the damage is done. TFA is at least a “lean and mean” albeit highly unoriginal film, whereas I found TLJ to be too long and not really cover anything interesting with the characters. Both have their own share of problems. My opinion of TFA has even lowered because of how incoherent this trilogy is bound to be as a whole. Had they better mapped it out, Abrams likely wouldn’t have invented so many plot points to figure out later and there’d be more guts to the stories. The anthology films interest me so much more in concept but unfortunately I haven’t cared for either of them. Solo gets an edge for the fun factor but it’s not particularly great. Rogue One almost didn’t know if it wanted to be a war film or a spy thriller and instead we got an awkward hybrid with underdeveloped characters. The potential has been there with all four films to date, but they all feel incredibly rushed. I do hope the flop of Solo encourages them to take their time and work on the character relationships and story arcs more.
  15. I’ve been pretty impressed by, say, his Shadow performances so far especially after 2018 got off to an absolutely dreadful start. Timing issues aside he usually sounds pretty damn great. However, on the other end of the spectrum, I could not get through that Rosie posted above. Ouch.