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  1. Help!!!!!

    Sesor N’ Snug
  2. Slade just posted on Facebook that the headlines are out of context and he was in fact just talking about how well he could hear the band in his in-ear monitors. So basically he could hear Axl super well and was very impressed by him because of how clear he could hear in his monitors. I think he’s not understating Axl so much just as much as he wants it to be known that he wasn’t taking a slight at Brian.
  3. Concerts in 2019

    I’ve got baby number two on the way in 2019 so it’ll be a quiet concert year for me in the interest of finances. Unless AC/DC tours. My child will understand. Edit: just noticed @st0n3r above me said basically the same thing. Congrats!
  4. Rumor - Is Axl doing a track in the new AC/DC album?

    Meh. He’s just giving examples of the rumours he’s hearing and immediately says not to believe everything and that fans make up half the stuff.
  5. I got to see one in person at my local CD/record store chain and they were asking $1099 (Canadian) for it. Spoiler alert: it looks cheap and not worth even half that.
  6. [KISS] The Final Tour Ever - End Of The Road World Tour

    It’s pretty sad when the time has come where Gene is the best singer in KISS and carries the show. Might as well just let Eric sing the whole set list.
  7. [KISS] The Final Tour Ever - End Of The Road World Tour

    Considering Paul barely hits a note on his guitar half the time they could just tour with three guitars. Then Ace can be the real Spaceman, Tommy can play additionally (so they don’t have to sack him), and Bruce can guest on his songs.
  8. [KISS] The Final Tour Ever - End Of The Road World Tour

    Yeah I feel like this time around Paul has finally accepted that he really can’t do it anymore. They should really bring back Ace though and do it proper. Take Vinnie and Bruce along too as guests for their songs, or even have Bruce and Bob’s little band with Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns open the shows. Make it special instead of the same show they’ve been touring for a decade with an increasingly shitty set list that cuts half the Paul songs.
  9. Angus Young. No AC/DC song in particular, just in general.
  10. Suddenly this just sounds terrible, but I like the bloke playing Brian May so I will watch for that.
  11. Didn’t VR usually drop Fall To Pieces to a full step down for live performances? It’s not out of the question for Guns to do the same, but I really don’t think range is Axl’s problem as others have pointed out.
  12. Axl/DC Was in Negotiations to Play in ROCK IN RIO 2019

    I’m with you. Phil totally phoned it in on River Plate. There’s so many missed fills and accents that he doesn’t even bother with that it takes away from the songs for me. But it’s not just him. The whole band seems tired. Despite the amazing crowd, they should have picked an earlier show. Brian was fresh from throat surgery and the tour had already been going for a year so he’s pretty rough, and the rest of the band seems drained. Malcolm’s guitar tone is weak (of course we now know the poor guy was struggling to remember the songs let alone pick as heavy as he was known for) and Angus’ energy just isn’t his usual self. Also sorely missed are some of the extra songs from that tour (High Voltage, Anything Goes). Definitely not my favourite concert film of theirs to watch. Even with Brian’s shit vocals Stiff Upper Lip Live makes for a more enjoyable experience.
  13. Best long-form Axl Rose interview?

    I’m not sure there’s much of a difference at this point. Neither has done anything new for 2000 years.
  14. Any Ashba related video that gets taken down is a victory for our ears.