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  1. I think they are referring to the Not In This Lifetime Tour itself as being “larger than life.”
  2. I don’t have a problem with the idea of a black Bond. If you have five white actors and five black actors all testing for the part and one of the black actors is the best man for the job, then by all means. Make him a modern British black man. Fleming himself played with the ancestry a little bit so why not. I think where we run into trouble is the inevitable “first black Bond” angle that will be unavoidable in the press. It would overshadow the film and likely the actor as well. If you think he’s an atrocious Bond it will immediately be connected to his skin colour when it shouldn’t matter at all. Then next the press will be demanding the first Asian Bond, the first female Bond, and so on. The character of Bond will become all about appeasing minorities when the same task can be accomplished within the films using other characters and locales. I think Barbara Broccoli has done a fine job of opening up other characters to make the films more equal. Bond is a misogynistic, flawed character who needs balancing. Judi Dench was an exceptionally strong female character for the series, Jeffrey Wright as Felix, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, and so on. They definitely aren’t afraid to play with the conventional backgrounds of the characters, but I think it’s best left up to those outside of Bond himself.
  3. You guys suck. I enjoy SPECTRE in all of its horribly paced glory.
  4. This will be the second Star Wars film in a row that I am not purchasing on Blu-ray. Yeah, my hatred is a little dramatic.
  5. If anybody on this planet chose Ashba over Fortus then I would fear for the future of humanity. Fortus might be guilty of overplaying sometimes but at least he actually knows how to play the instrument.
  6. “New music is logical” says the most illogical band on the planet.
  7. Star Wars IX Thread

    If anything Disney has made me appreciate the prequels far more. The prequels had characters I actually cared about. I can get behind watching Anakin become Vader and watching his relationship with Obi-Wan sour much more than I can get behind a bunch of faceless, 2D characters battling an overlong version of a title scroll or a Solo backstory that nobody wanted. The prequels also didn’t attempt to rehash the exact plot points of the original trilogy. Phantom is shit, yes, but honestly I was more bored watching TLJ or Rogue One than I ever was watching Phantom. 0/4 on Disney for me so far. Well, maybe 1/4. I at least find TFA to be an enjoyable watch. Fun, popcorn entertainment but not exactly the next great Star Wars film.
  8. Star Wars IX Thread

    I miss George Lucas.
  9. I will happily tell you what to think. I think it is a blessing in disguise. First, the delay. No more rushed jobs and it’ll be nice to have a break from the November window finally. Give them some time to really knock it into shape. Cary is a director/writer who is used to television deadlines so he’ll definitely fit in with the Bond team and working under pressure. Getting him to polish the P&W script means we’ll probably end up with a better film than whatever Boyle wanted. Casino Royale and Skyfall both started life as P&W scripts with some refinement later on. I was never totally crazy on the idea of a Boyle Bond. Cautiously optimistic, and then when he dropped out I feared the film could end up being a production he’ll disaster. Now we’re back on track and arguably in a better position than we were. And if they decide they want a film out for 2022 we’re all but guaranteed Craig will do one more after this one. There’s no way they rush cast a new Bond to fast track a film for the 60th.
  10. Shadow Of the Tomb Raider

    I’m a big fan of the first two games in the rebooted series but I haven’t picked this up yet. It looks incredible, but I’ll wait for the price to drop a little bit.
  11. Star Wars IX Thread

    A visual representation of Disney’s hopes for Solo.
  12. World On Fire is probably my favourite Slash solo album to date but nothing from this album is grabbing me so far. Admittedly a lot of that is to do with Myles. I do like his voice, but I think it’s his lyrics and melodies that just don’t hook me.
  13. Terminator Franchise (New film on the way)

    That’s one of my concerns too. Lots of writers so even though the story is Cameron’s you can’t help but feel like he should have written the whole script too.
  14. Burt Reynolds

    My Burt Reynolds fun fact - he was considered for James Bond back in 1970 when they wanted an American but signed John Gavin instead.
  15. ACDC New Album News

    I always thought that he started off 2015 sounding better than the Black Ice tour. Not bad for a 68 year old deaf guy and certainly better than whatever Axl is currently doing with Guns. 2016 was brutal for Brian, yeah. Off key and off time. However, if they’ve got his hearing under control and he does a bit of voice coaching with more sporadic tour dates I think he’ll be fine.