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  1. Top live performances!

    Hamilton 2010 was the best TWAT.
  2. Wow...My World!

    I listened to My World once. Once.
  3. Top live performances!

    Sonic Cut Thru Heavy BT. It used to be one of my favourite fonts to use for PowerPoints and whatnot back in elementary school.
  4. Top live performances!

    I think they professionally recorded every show on the UYI tour. It means that, in theory, we have UYI era pro-shot footage of all the rare/lesser played songs out there.
  5. "The pandemic reinforced how precious time is. Therefore, we have reached out to a previous member to join us on tour to give the fans what they deserve. Please welcome back Chris Pitman! We've added his name to the bottom of the toy trucks for added collector's value."
  6. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Only a matter of time before some idiot on my side of the pond is wearing one of these as a mask substitute.
  7. Top live performances!

    Not quite the same as making my own Live Era, but I dream of a definitive Kissology retrospective release from the band. I know, I'll keep dreaming. Use Your Illusion Tour Blu-ray - the unreleased tour documentary - highlights from Rio 1991 documentary - at least one full show from each year/leg of the tour - include Tokyo as well just to have a Blu-ray version of it, but do it properly with the songs in the correct order - highlights from other shows including at least one performance of all lesser played/rare performances, as well as soundcheck footage - riot clips - modern/retrospective interviews with the big three reflecting on the tour
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    Those were fun times on this forum. The mystique was still alive and well. I remember each of those individual clips leaking. Then a year later (felt like forever) we had the first batch of proper leaks.
  9. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Even though my daughter is only in kindergarten she's the type of kid who genuinely loves school and learning, so aside from missing seeing her friends she's really starting to miss just being in school in general. Luckily there's plenty of online material from her school that we have access to, so we've been working through some of that to keep to somewhat of a routine. I'm by no means stressing about the necessity of home schooling but I'm fortunate that she genuinely enjoys learning. Then she goes to bed and I just drink beer and play Switch.
  10. They might as well just delete their own YouTube channel at this point. They keep up those garbage Vegas performances but get their knickers twisted over a video where Axl sounds good and has all the appropriate sources credited? Pathetic.
  11. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Hope you had enough toilet paper.
  12. Guns n Roses in 8D

    I'll take a new album recorded on Edison's phonograph at this point.
  13. The Gear Thread

    I've downsized a lot in the couple of years since I last made an updated post here. Recently, I ditched my Vox in favour of a lunchbox head. I wanted something that was one part bedroom amp but still gigworthy, and the Vox just didn't sound good at all at low volumes and wasn't as portable as I would like. Tried out a bunch of lunchboxes and fell in love with the Hughes & Kettner series. Seemed to be everything I wanted in a small tube amp with the power soak being an ideal feature. That love quickly ended when I had three go back within a month. I shit you not - three lemons, and all for different reasons. It's a shame because they do sound amazing when they work, but the reliability (or lack thereof) was nonsense. So I went back to my old faithful - the Marshall Mini Jubilee. I won't make the mistake of leaving Marshall ever again. I also got rid of most of my effects pedals. 95% of the time I'm just guitar into amp so having so many pedals was redundant. Picked up a Digitech RP360 which nicely replaces any sort of modulation effects I want when needed, and the delay settings are outstanding for the price. Easily rivals my old TC Flashback X4. I disabled all the amp simulations and just use it as a multi stomp. For the price you can't go wrong. The only other pedals I held onto were my Wah and my Whammy.
  14. Is it just me or did Matt botch a little bit of the whistling and accidentally whistle part of Slash's guitar melody line? That might have even been intentional. Either way, pretty cool!
  15. The "New Album" Thread

    Hey now, it's not a total shit show. There was four seconds of rasp in Welcome to the Jungle at the last show, and Axl was looking less bloated and he was in a great mood cracking jokes. Here's a YouTube video to prove it: [REMOVED BY TEAM BRAZIL. COME WATCH SWEET CHILD LIVE IN VEGAS INSTEAD.]