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  1. No clips yet but together they are masterful - believe me. That said, I will probably swap the pickups down the line. 498T/490R combo which sounds good, but my taste/preference is lower output pickups. A set of Pearly's would elevate this guitar past the stratosphere for me. As soon as I picked it up I knew it was the right choice. I guess at that point it was a little late to buy back the gear I sold anyways. Gibson as whole might be hit and miss these days, but the Custom Shop still has the goods if this guitar is any indicator.
  2. If they really want to use Yoda, have his force ghost appear in the main series or have Kenobi go visit him on Dagobah in the Kenobi film. The less we know of Yoda, the better. Fuck Jabba entirely.
  3. I've said before that I'm down for a Kenobi movie under the circumstances, but fuck. Disney, is there anything wrong with an original story?
  4. Logan Lucky Tightly written with a charismatic cast. I enjoyed every bit of it.
  5. My SG Custom finally arrived. It's been more than four hours so I may need to call the doctor...
  6. The film section has a general thread like this so why not? You all know the drill! I'm currently playing through Tomb Raider on the Xbox One. It's truly a stunning game visually and the story and gameplay are both excellent. I mentioned in the thread for the game that it was a much needed reboot. All the voice acting and character models get a thumbs up as well. The new Lara looks great. The last game I finished was GTA V. I had pretty well exhausted single player and I can't get into online, mostly because I can't be bothered to increase my level and stats only to have my ass handed to me anyways. That, plus I'm just not a big online person. It got boring for me fast and I haven't even tried the heists yet. Until they release the much talked about story expansion for single player I probably won't play it again for a while.
  7. Title edited to reflect current discussion. Carry on.