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  1. I emailed the uk store yesterday regards this matter and awaiting a reply on the issue. hopefully hear from them soon fingers x .
  2. Thanks for sharing these, they sound fukin great. Duffs bass playin is badass. Would love to hear izzy chanel. Gives the whole album a diff perspective. Love it.
  3. Ive not checked mine yet. Will have to have a look and see what is on my usb. I had a issue with my 96 page hardback book. It looks like where they got the books printed, the printer has not trimmed the bleed off the book correctly. So i have extra over hang of the inside paper in middle of book. Not good considering how much was paid for it. And Workin in the print trade myself, you have to be rather stupid to send out what i received. I actually emailed the uk store and have been in regular contact with them. They say that they are lookin in to replacing that part of the box. We shall see im not holdin too much hope. Sounds like diff people are havin diff issues with the box which is a shame and dosnt give the company puttin it all together a good name.
  4. Ive not opened my singles yet, so im not too sure. Hopefully gona try an get them out weekend for a listen 👍

    https://de.gnrmerch.com/p1/index.html this link is working to the gnr german store where a lot more t-shirts are. !!! nice find thank you
  6. once i open the rest ill post pics for you guys to see !!!
  7. some more pics for @RussTCB @zombux and some of the leaflet for @killuridols i didn't open the sound city/ bsides/ live like a suicide. opened the afd for you guys to see. the hologram is brilliant, sorry for crappy pics

    https://de.gnrmerch.com/ for some reason its not working now
  9. Not opened mine up yet. 🤦‍♂️ Will take a few pics tonight for ya fella 👍😉 also @killuridols will take a better pic of the leaflet, theres also another leaflet if i remember correctly. Ill photo that aswell. 👍
  10. Just caught it, look forward to next stream 👍 thanks aswel for the stream 😎

    i pre ordered the SOYL t-shirt (released 29th june supposedly) from the gnr online uk store back in may this year, I've just received an email to say that they have been deleted from supplier and are currently unavailable. ( what a load of crap ) also managed to find my way onto the german online store and to my amazement they have twice the products that the uk store has, and some new t-shirts I've not seen before. why the f••• is this, seriously talk about utter bullshit. the joys of being a guns n roses fan in 2018 anyone else had this issue with t-shirts?
  12. i missed out getting upto the camden pop up shop, gutted as i wanted a few t-shirts esp the brexit t-shirt. instead i decided to do myself some 6x4 postcards for my locked n loaded box. they have come out pretty good
  13. some more pics, sorry there not the best quality.
  14. took a few pics last night of my box, will post more later when i get home, loving these lithos