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  1. anyone else getting a pink floyd - run like hell vibe at the beginning of boulevard of broken hearts .!!?!?
  2. check this out http://www.guitarscollector.com/slash-guitars.html
  3. slash has released at least 8 signature guitars under epiphone since 2008 excluding the snakepit one which i believe was earlier and the numerous gibson guitars he has released.
  4. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Just got home to find my tickets for the amsterdam show have turnt up, result.🤗 Just gota wait for my london tickets to show up and jobs a good un. Boom 🤘🎩🤘 also got email from roadrunner store to say my slash boxset has been dispatched. And by myhermes with a 3 day courier service thats means end of next week. They fuckin useless. Good job i got apple music so i can listen to it when actually comes out tomorrow and not next week when my boxset turns up and the world has already heard it. Who the fuck runs these online shops - fernando🤦‍♂️ ???. Seriously 3 day courier service that fucker should be turnin up tomorrow, not in 3 days time meanin next week i also paid £11 courier. Wankers. Have to say hands down to amazon never get this when i pre-order from them normally get it without fail on release day. Rant over sorry. RnfnR
  5. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    i ordered my tickets on friday for the amsterdam show and i paid to have the tickets sent via post to me here in the uk. paid 6.50 euro for the delivery i think
  6. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    same here no pre sale code needed, got 2 tickets for the amsterdam show, though i did have to register a new account on tm netherlands as it would not let me log in with my tm uk login details. still got it sorted in the end. bit naughty that they did not announce the other presales .?
  7. just twigged that thank you for the info all done london & amsterdam rnfnr !!!!!
  8. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    are there any other unannounced pre sales today ???
  9. How have you done that when the tickets are not released til next mon 17th sept @ 10 am in the morning. !!!!!!????? plus got my tickets for london, cannot efffin wait !!!! rnfnr !!!
  10. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    is slash doing any vip packages for this tour or just normal tickets .??? got my 40th bday next year and I'm in amsterdam for weekend so was hoping to get tickets for the dam gig. also hope to get a ticket for the london show back here.
  11. i got the locked n loaded box, my number is 9551 out of 10,000. i also ordered my box when it was first available to pre order.
  12. no idea on how many have been sold but my one is in the very high numbers
  13. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    thanks for the vid, never seen that before.
  14. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    just out of asking where is this taken from.?
  15. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    thanks for link. another thing why is there shitloads of t-shirts and merc on the german gnr website yet on the shitty uk one theres only the music sets and nothing else. !!! once again uk peeps getting shafted . surely have one eu shop for all.