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  1. Finally framed a couple of my favs
  2. LA Slash was a homerun. LA Duff was ok. LA Axl is terrible. Hopefully Buhler is done with these skeleton band profiles.
  3. No disagreement about Buhler. He has done some great...correction brilliant...designs!
  4. These litho designs are often complete misses, sometimes great and rarely brilliant (Japan and Europe legs) IMHO. Which is good from a personal budget perspective to keep me from being tempted to buy. Just interesting that when I compare to other acts with gig specific posters. They don't go with the big name gig poster artists... Emek, Slater, Sperry, etc. Wonder if that's a conscious decision...assume so. Any thoughts on that?
  5. Should of had his tongue sticking out for a better MJ look haha
  6. I like the Halloween theme and 2 poster graphic. However, a limited seasonal display only.
  7. There is a hidden word in the litho...who else can figure it out?
  8. Note Bill the Butcher was the only one of the three pulled from the movie for these images that was an actual person with drawings of him in existence. Maybe Mr Buhler....Buhler was reflecting that. The Slash trademark stuff should go into a conspiracy theory thread.
  9. Love the trio of MSG lithos! Less Newark and more MSG / Philly quality hopefully coming up
  10. If I'm reading correctly they sold to people without tickets starting hours before the show. Seems wrong to me with or without limits. Average fan coming for show is screwed. Oh well. Got mine.
  11. I want one. Happy to beg. Or trade.