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  1. Your Dream Concert

    Line up Axl, Slash, Duff, Brain, Melissa, Dizzy, Fortus It's so Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Better Live and Let Die Think About You Attitude [Duff] Yesterdays [Acoustic] [One In A Million Intro Teaser] Used to Love her [Acoustic] Patience [Acoustic] Hell's Bells [W/ Angus Young] Riff Raff [W/ Angus Young] Whole Lotta Rosie [W/ Angus Young] Wish You Were Here [Instrumental] Estranged My Michelle You Could Be Mine Coma Double Talkin Jive [Segue into solo] Slash Solo [Segue into Sweet Child] Sweet Child O Mine Prostitute [Segue into No Quarter Intro]] November Rain [No Quarter Intro] Perfect Crime You're Crazy Fall to Pieces [W/ Myles Kennedy Shared Vocals] Beggars and Hangers On [W/ Myles Kennedy Shared Vocals] Anastasia [W/ Myles Kennedy] Rocket Queen Black Hole Sun Knocking on Heaven's Door [Short] Dead Horse Madagasgar Locomotive Paradise City Encore Civil War [Appetite 5 + Dizzy] Don't Cry [Appetite 5+ Dizzy] Shadow Of Your Love [Appettie 5] Out Ta Get Me [Appetite 5] Nightrain [Appetite 5] Basically a sign of good will on both Axl and Slash's part for Angus and Myles respectively.
  2. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    I expect more of the same, maybe a few swaps, hopefully Maddy and Prostitute will stay, one should take the place of TIL. I hope Coma stays and I think and AC/DC cover should stick in the set over something.
  3. I personally think there is little reason not to do an AXL/DC album. Would absolutely love to go see them live
  4. Your concerts in 2018

    Added John Fogerty, Whitesnake Foreigner and Jason Bonham to the list. Aiming for Alice Cooper and Halestorm as well. If Slash comes close I'll be getting tickets to him as well
  5. Likely going to do a combination of CD and digital, want to have the demos which didnt make the cut for the album, but don't want to spend a ton of money on all the CD's
  6. The song never clicked for me, only time I listen to it is when I'm playing appetite on Vinyl other than that I basically ignore its existance
  7. I personally feel like this version should of replaced Anything Goes on Appetite. Which in my eyes is the only song on Appetite which was a waste of space.
  8. I completely agree with you, I hope we hear Todd take lead vocals on a song or two on the album.
  9. Critically acclaimed bands/artists you hate

    Never understood the love for the Stones, Van Halen or the Beatles. Between all 3 bands I probably have 7 songs I actually listen to by them
  10. My top 5 bands of all time

    Iron Maiden GNR Scorpions Alter Bridge Dio/Rainbow (Dio era)/Heaven and Hell era Sabbath Not in any order since they fluctuate. AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Queen, Zeppelin and Evanescence likely would of been close up as well with Slash, Halestorm and UFO being honourable mentions
  11. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    Agreed. Myles does an unreal job on Levon, wish we had a studio version of it.
  12. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    I can't wait to hear the rendition of rocket man, I remember hearing about it on the radio in 2016 when I was on my way home from the GNR concert in Seattle
  13. Last full album you listened to?

    Powerslave - Iron Maiden
  14. I would love an acoustic Civil War and Beggars, although i feel fall to pieces should remain electric. An acoustic set imo should be included in basically every show to some capacity for rock bands.
  15. 60% SMKC songs, 20%-30% VR/Snakepit songs 10%-20% GNR but with emphasis on songs Axl isnt as strong on, so Locomotive, Rocket Queen, you could be mine, and civil war (even if Axl isnt bad on this one). Im hoping for slightly longer sets closer to 25 songs instead of the 20 they did before, with Todd singing 4 or so instead of just 1-2.