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  1. OK, So I'm basing this off of any songs they have played throughout the entire NITL Tour It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Better Estranged Live and Let Die [Paul McCartney and the Wings] You Could be Mine New Rose/Attitude [Duff spot] Patience {Full Acoustic} Used to Love Her Black Hole Sun [Soundgarden] Yesterdays Double Talkin Jive {Transition into Slash Solo} Slash Guitar Solo Coma Rocket Queen Prostitute Whole Lotta Rosie [AC/DC] Riff Raff [AC/DC] Wish You Were Here/Layla November Rain I Got You (I Feel Good) [James Brown] Knocking on Heaven's Door [Bob Dylan] {Only Women Bleed Intro} Paradise City {Mother Intro} Godfather Solo Sweet Child O'Mine Civil War Encore: Madagascar Don't Cry {Babe I'm Gonna Leave you intro} My Michelle Out Ta Get Me Nightrain Opening chunk of the set is relatively the same due to it working, DTJ fits best for a transition into the solo spot in my opinion. As much as I like This I Love if they are going to be adding in Maddy and Prostitute id much rather them be played instead of it or Catcher/Sorry. As a result Patience can take the spot of TIL and move UTLH and Black hole sun to where Civil war was since that song is far to amazing live to be left to sit midway through. DTJ takes Coma's place. Slash Solo spots are split up since they will allow Axl a better break near the end so he can kill the last 2 songs of the main set. Next up is "Deep cuts time" where Coma can be broken out following the solo, followed in Suit by rocket queen and prostitute. Now Casual fans at this point will have their bathroom and beer break, thus we kick into the pair of AC/DC covers to get them back and the crowd excited before we transition into November Rain. I feel good is a fun song and the audience enjoys it at least from my experiance. Next is KOHD because it is a staple at this point. I dont like Paradise city but i get it has to be part of the set so why not put it after KOHD to get the crowd pumped again before Slash melts their faces with the Godfather Solo -> Sweet Child. Finally end the Main set off with probably the biggest monster in the main set they do now [Aside from Nightrain] Civil War. With everything happening in the world Civil War is an excellent way to end the Show. Open the Encore with Maddy followed by Don't Cry since Axl is going to want a CD song in the Encore and Maddy is probably the best fit for it. Don't cry is necessary and I feel the main set has enough ballads. Then end with My Michelle, Out Ta Get me and Nightrain in blistering fashion reminding the crowd that the band they fell in love with is still rocking as hard as ever. Album Count: Appetite: 9 Lies: 2 UYI I: 5 [Including LALD] UYI II:5 [including Knocking on Heaven's Door] CD: 4 Spaghetti: 1 Covers: 4 Solos: 3 [Including Godfather and Wish You were Here/Layla] Alternatively open with rocket queens first portion and end the entire show with following the guitar solo portion once everything is done but that would require Axl to absolutely kill rocket queen live
  2. 10/23/17 - Hartford, CT - XL Center

    They played it after This I Love
  3. 10/23/17 - Hartford, CT - XL Center

    I'm 100% OK with prostitute being added to the set permanently and I haven't even heard it yet. Quite honestly there is maybe 4 more songs id like added to the set total. But damn this set is unreal currently. Sure a little re arranging would do it wonders but if we were told 3 years ago that Axl would sound good and that both Slash and Duff would be back we all would of told them they were crazy so, I say we be grateful they are preforming and hope that in a few years we get some new music
  4. Slash playing Coma

    I hope that as well! Personally I'd like Todd or Myles to tackle Locomotive and Coma.
  5. Slash playing Coma

    Maybe he will break out more UYI deep cuts when he tours with Myles now that he is playing Appetite live each night with GNR.
  6. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Id love to see an Axl/DC Album and subsequent tour I really enjoy Bon Scott era AC/DC to basically all of the post back in black era music. Axl shining the spotlight on it would make for a really enjoyable tour
  7. I believe the last time they played it prior to Van was on their South American tour in 2016 and Seattle before that.
  8. Fair enough! Catcher was a nice surprise in Van, was expecting Sorry if anything from them that evening
  9. Holy shit that was great! I wish I had gotten this instead of Catcher in Vancouver... Ok Axl time to break out Prostitute.
  10. Personally I'm fine with the 4 they are playing since it is balanced with each of the UYI Albums, That being said there are 7 songs on CD id be willing to hear live without having issue, but the only way id be happy with 5 songs from CD being played would be if it was the following: Better Maddy CD Prostitute TIL/Sorry/Catcher I quite honestly didnt like better but hearing it live it is so much better than studio. TIL was amazing in 2016 but this past year was much weaker. Ive heard catcher 2x live on this tour and it personally should fit into TIL's spot better based on how it sounded. Sorry is a song id love to hear. As for the rest of CD TWAT doesnt do it for me and the rest in general i can listen to at times but id rather hear UYI deep cuts.
  11. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    Personally I feel like Don't back down would be a great addition over Wichita Lineman which i found the weakest of the covers when i saw them in Vancouver fan response wise. Or maybe a small intro ala Only Women Bleed.
  12. I have a select group of songs amongst a playlist of other rock and metal artists. That being said as i found this thread I'm listening to UYI II on vinyl.
  13. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    While id love for slash to continue with GNR I think at the end of 2017 they should go their separate ways for a year or so so we can get more Axl/DC and some more Conspirators stuff i'm honestly interested in seeing how the reunion affects Slash's setlist seeing as he now plays a the GNR tunes he covered with GNR maybe we will see some more Velvet Revolver stuff. But at the same time i want to hear Myles solo album and would love for him to do an acoustic tour or a small venue one at the least
  14. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    Ok before i saw them i wasnt a fan of the cover, live in vancouver he killed it. I approve of this cover although it/catcher replaced rosie which was a let down
  15. Since im sure you're doing a recap for Vancouver, figured you might like to know the show was good and BHS was received very well by the crowd and Nightrain was done in full rasp by Axl.


    Thanks for doing the videos i enjoy watching them.