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  1. I don't have more smiles for today, so it will have to go like this:
  2. If our intentions... are misunderstood... Please be kind...You've run the vault through...
  3. Well, you better smile when you taste that sample...
  4. Well I don't think a drug dealer would show clips of his powder
  5. I'm guessing you didn't read the story. There's 20 CDS! That are coming right off Zutaut's lost locker! Those cds have completed songs (meaning with vocals) and loads of Instrumentals. As well as the re-recorded AFD.
  6. I can't wait to listen to Atlas and Hard School, but I'm also very very curious to hear the Original version of Silkworms and Chinese Democracy
  7. If everything leaks, I'm done with GNR. I'll go to a show if they come to my town, but as far as waiting for more music, I would be done with that. And it's a "deserved retirement". I've been waiting for those songs for 20 years...
  8. That's fuckin' insane! Rock on dude! Drive safely!
  9. I liked both Hard School is classic Axl stuff, has that switch from Axl's voice, from clean to rasp. Awesome! Single material! When I listen to Atlas, it reminds me of the first time I heard There Was a Time in 2006, except Atlas seems to have more potential.
  10. They're all probably on vacation and couldn't care less. The band that participated on that material is death. Their focus is now on what Axl, Duff and Slash can do, and the upcoming tour they're planning.
  11. It's definitely Slash on the Sweet Child O'Mine rehearsal! It sounds awesome! Except for Axl not giving a shit lol
  12. So if this was recorded in 2000, I was 14 when they recorded this...Now I'm 32! This is fuckin' insane!
  13. Are those the drum tracks alone, or the full songs with the drums indicated on the cover?
  14. Hard School sounds like something that could have been on the David Bowie's album, "Diamond Dogs". I think if Bowie was the one producing Axl's album, it would have been amazing. Shame that he couldn't find the right producer, I think that's the only thing lacking on this song. A good producer.
  15. I think they just needed a better production. If I were to decide a producer (thinking that the album would sound the same as this song), I would have picked David Bowie to produce the album. And if you Listened to the new remaster of his "Diamond Dogs" album you will understand why!
  16. Everything sounds out of place on CD. Look at "sorry" for example, "Shacklers" - another one.
  17. That fucking guy has such a voice, he doesn't even know it....