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  1. My favorite sequel post T2 was Salvation. I really saw the Character Marcus Wright as being a good replacement for Arnold, and I liked to see Christian Bale as John Connor. I think the movie wasn't successful because it lacked of Arnold scenes, but I really liked the part where you see a CGI Arnold fighting John Connor.

    The only thing I liked about Genesys was the reboot parts from Terminator, and the time machine part at the beginning. I didn't like to see John Connor as the bad guy, even though they explained what happened, and the guy who played Kyle Reese did an awful job.

    Dark Fate has a great start, very heavy with Sarah's disturbing testimonials of Judgement Day, and the death of John Connor. That was the highlight of the movie for me. From there on I think the movie lacks of the heaviness you see on the first movie, T1. Especially, in the war scenes. Also, there's parts where they could have put more dialog. Like that part where Dani convinces her uncle to help to get them across the border. It didn't take long to convince him, it was weird!

    I'm hoping they release an extended version of the movie on Bluray, like they did with T2, so there's more detail in those kind of parts. Overall I thought the movie was very strong. Could do without the Carl part, and just having Arnold instead of Grace, but ok....I hate those comedy parts to be honest. They're extremely exaggerated. I really liked the movie though, the action scenes are solid, the bad guy was a good choice, the new tricks are cool. I've watched in 4D which is a great experience as well. It was great! 

    The film just lacks a bit of heaviness I think. Like Terminator 1 was almost like a B horror movie. It had really scary believable parts. Like the one where he rips the punk kid's heart in the beginning. It was really dark at moments. I think that element is missing in the new movies. And I know that we live in a different world now, and that they make less money if they make a Rated R movie, but it would have made the movie better.

    I still think Salvation was the way to go. That direction was good and they introduced a really interesting new character that they killed in the movie itself to save John Connor. They should have continued that story and maybe have Marcus comeback again, since he seemed like the new line of Terminators, as a bad guy terminator instead. And then you could have had Arnold making a cameo.

  2. 1 hour ago, D.. said:

    Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you, and with Axl, if he still reads boards. I appreciate this forum & most of you here, great discussions have happened there, and Russ is doing a great job at handling things.

    That being said, my history post speaks for itself: I've mainly been an Axl supporter, hardcore supporter I might say. The following is just my opinion, of course.

    I had big doubts about the reunion and didn't feel right about it, because to me it meant no CD II happening, and basically ignoring a lot of what went down during that CD Era, what Axl had to say on Slash, and doing a complete 180. But then again, that was just my opinion, and it's great that the guys made peace. That sends a good message to humanity. But I wasn't wrong in my predictions and I hate to be right on those things. Nothing happened in almost 4 years except the same shows, mediocre Axl vocals, and absolutely no new material.


    Now, with all those leaks from the CD Vault, and since we're almost done with the 20 CD locker saga... It gives a completely new insight of what really down.

    Does anyone recall when Axl said, in a 1999 interview with Kurt Loder: "We've been working on... I don't know... 70 songs?"

    Many here speculated Axl didn't have much going on in the vault and this was bullshit. 


    Well truth is, it was half bullshit. It wasn't 70 "songs". It was maybe 70 instrumentals, with a third tops having vocals. The band sure was productive as far as musicians go.

    As for the band singer? What a joke.

    When State of Grace, Hard School, Perhaps and Atlas Shrugged leaked, I actually told myself "hey, I knew it, Axl had been working hard on this stuff, he had saved stuff!"

    Then the rest dropped, little by little. All those great instrumentals, most feeling finished. That "Me & Elvis" fucking masterpiece. And no single vocals on them. Nothing. He sure knew how to pick the right musicians and expected the best from them, but as for himself? Wasn't expecting the best from himself. At all.

    One can just admire what the band had to offer, the variety of genres they explored, their creativity, their commitment to the mission. And why so many eventually quit. Those guys (Tobias, Finck, Buckethead & the others) were productive and talented as hell. They sure were superior to the original line-up with Slash & Izzy for one thing at least: they knew how to explore a wide variety of styles, not just old school hard rock (not even going to talk technically).


    As for Axl? He didn't work nearly as much as the other guys from the band, nor as he led us to believe. You have to take two things in consideration here:

    1) His vocal takes are untouched (except very minor changes on the blues ending for example) from 1999-2001 to 2008. That tells a lot. On the other hand, the band recorded variants, there were loads of takes, redoing everything, many musicians covering other musicians parts, hell's work.

    2) He sings on a third of the instrumentals. 

    Now, one could argue his vocal takes were perfect to begin with. That was what I thought originally, because on most of CD 2008, he sounds great. I've always loved his different vocal approach. But then, when you listen to "Eye on You", "State of Grace" or "Perhaps": do those sound like definitive vocals? To me it doesn't. It feels half assed. Doesn't feel complete. And I could argue that now that I think of it, he should have redone vocals for CD 2008. The band did go through the trouble. Why not Axl?

    One could also argue he picked his favorite tracks to sing on. I sure can't buy into that now. How the fuck did he think Silkworms and Rhiad were better picks than "Me & Elvis", "Zodiac", "Quick Song", "Oklahoma", and so many other instrumentals of great quality? It just blows my mind.


    With that taken in consideration, when Axl offered the song to that Bob Ezrin guy and was told he only had 3 good songs tops and sure could do better... Now that we've heard all of that, I think Ezrin wasn't the fuckhead we made him to be after all.


    Put yourself in a producer's shoes for a sec. You're given songs from the Rough CD 1 mix. Honestly, fanboy aside, how many A-list songs are there on there, objectively? 3 tops. TWAT didn't sound as good as the definitive 2008 version. As for some songs on there like Prostitue, was it ever going to be a hit really? No.

    Not even sure one could consider any as real A-list song (beside The Blues) that would have been a guaranteed hit back then without Slash to sell it alongside Axl.

    Now, regarding what was in the vault instrumentally, just imagine if Axl had laid vocals on all of them, and had worked his ass off on every vocal take to make it sound perfect & polished. How is State of Grace this half assed? Axl sure could do a lot better back then if you just take Street of Dreams for example. 

    If he DID have so many full songs completed, how many songs would have Bob Ezrin judged worth? Surely more than 3. How in the hell could a producer accept garbage like Silkworms & Rhiad when there were crazy potential like Soul Monster? And how in hell would a producer think it could work when branded "Guns N' Roses". You had OKLAHOMA AXL! OKLAHOMA! Now that would have worked! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!


    This whole thing just blows my mind. To think Axl had this band working for him non stop coming with so many instrumental gems, some of which were totally in the vibe of Use Your Illusion and some taking it to the next level (and not some idiotic electro BS which made no sense either for this band or coherence with the band's legacy). And what did he do with that? Close to nothing.


    Was he really that sensitive when he was turned down by Universal? Come on man. Axl the legend who rants about everything was hurt because Silkworms & Rhiad suck when you have goddamn gems to work on in the vault? WORK YOUR ASS OFF!!!! It's not like there was nothing and the musicians were incompetent. 


    I also thought Axl chose poor songs like Rhiad, If The World and Scraped to save some of his best for CD II. I originally thought there was not much going on that the CD 2008 songs and some other songs like The General & stuff that he would save for a follow up. I was cool with that. Why not since apparently, the production was hell.


    But really, just from 1999 to 2001, he had soooo many options to choose beside those 3. Thing is, he most probably never bothered recording for all of them. Maybe Soul Monster, Zodiac, Seven & Oklahoma. As for the rest, I'm pretty sure he never gave Devious Bastard a chance, never completed Quick Song, and so on. I wouldn't call those tracks genius either, but sure far better picks than what we got on CD 2008.

    Instead, they went on overproducing shits like Rhiad for almost a decade. They butchered songs that were already impeccable to begin with and only needed a proper master like The Blues, Catcher & others. Why not just give the other instrumental a proper vocal take while NOT adding stupid layers and replacing perfect musician's work like Brian May's, and then turn everything to Universal. Imagine how things would have turned differently.


    Now if you couple that with whatever Axl has been doing since 2011, and especially from 2016 til now (except the glorious AC/DC tour), I think it's safe to conclude Axl has been lazy as hell, has completely failed himself, has not seen the potential that was there, was not objective about his own self, has given up on things a long time ago, and that most of what went down is on him.

    His own goddamn fault. Not Ezrin. Not bandmembers who quit. Not "I don't know what oh god life is so hard". Fuck that shit.


    How can you show up this untrained to a gig like last saturday? What went down when he showed up for Rock in Rio 2011? How can you have so many goddamn instrumentals with potential and do NOTHING with them for years while the rest of your band sacrifice everything?


    I find this situation absurd. And the management at no point said "hey, why not make a boxset with all this vault, it will sure please the ones who supported CD & the 2002/2006/2007/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014 tours for all this time". They had all the time in the world to do it. They didn't.


    And Axl? Zero communication. All efforts spared. No vocals on most instrumental in 2001. Unacceptable.


    Bottomline is: Axl fucked it up, alone. It's fucking crazy. He had it all and sat on it, crying about whatever. Dammit.

    D, don't get me wrong here. I realize the frustration on not having much releases since the 90's (we only had CD in 2008, with new material), but i think you're assumption is very wrong, and let me explain why.

    This locker saga thing... most of these recordings are from 1999,2000,2001.  So you're basically basing your assumption on two years of work. This 20 cds is what Axl worked with the band for those two years, and we don't know if there is more out there. I'm sure there is. I'm sure more executives other than Zutaut had copies of these, and who knows even more.

    Then you have the work that was done post 2000... 2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007 etc etc etc up until CD was released...which most of it, we don't have access to for obvious reasons.

  3. 3 hours ago, Oldest Goat said:

    What do we actually know about Thyme? 

    I want Soul Monster too, that's supposed to be some trippy epic about Elvis travelling through space or something, right? Maybe someone here said that as a joke. :lol:

    I think that there's a possibility that "Me and My Elvis" might actually be Soul Monster.

    Axl once told us in the chats that Soul Monster had various working titles. "Elvis and the Monster of Soul" "Monster of Soul" and that the song would end up being called "Soul Monster".  I think I recall something like that. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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  4. It's a rumor, it's not a fact, It's just speculation, and maybe you guys are right about the clickbait, but if you think about it, it's not that far fetched either.

    An album release now, meaning literally now (and not 2020), would be Axl's best move in years, and it would be the best of both worlds for everybody. 

    Not only the fans would get entertained before the tour starts, but also they would go on tour already knowing that there were going to be new songs to be played, which would boost ticket sales absurdly.

    Since there's also songs that can possibly be on the next record, floating around in fans hands, which shouldn't happen in the first place, Axl would probably be in time to cash in on those songs and would annihilate that underground illegal market.

    If Axl was smart, he would try to get a deal done asap with the record company to release the new album sooner than 2020. August would be a great month for a single release, and September a great month to release the new album. Just my opinion.

  5. As a fan,  I'm very disappointed. Not because I wanted him to have any kind of trouble with the law, obviously I didn't want that! If there's legal issues attached to it, then I prefer that we don't get to hear those songs, and that it doesn't get leaked... I'm pissed because there were people naming the guy, posting pictures, posting clips and drawing all types of attention publicly on the guy - That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen...

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Grayfox said:

    I kinda agree for that reasoning and due to the constant talk about starting a fundraiser. Some things should just be discussed privately. 


    Also if nothing's gonna happen anyways, and if there's nothing really to discuss, then there's no point of this thread being left opened. We have already said everything that is to say about the songs.

  7. 2 minutes ago, guitarpatch said:

    He’s most likely getting a letter from UMG that he returns the cds and they’ll threaten damages/potential legal costs if the material gets out. 

    His needs to claim the material is already out there elsewhere and that this was before he received the CDs. It’s not on him if it gets out 

    Exactly! That's what I've been saying all along... He didn't get the discs out... Someone else didn't pay his storage rent and the owner sold everything... 

  8. 3 minutes ago, guitarpatch said:

    The financial incentive is already spelled out in the contract with an advance/royalty structure for a release. Whether that makes sense has always been the issue for both sides for these songs. 

    In this case, I doubt that UMG would want to count this as part of a album owed under their contract. They’d prob want to release it as CD expanded reissue. Especially if there’s 1 or 2 albums left on the deal. They want control over Slash/GNR albums. Then you get into whether GNR has actually recouped under Chinese Democracy release and what deals/contract renegotiations have been made over the years that have gone into that number on top of the Best Buy Deal 

    They’d need to negotiate something for this type of release. To expect them to come up with a deal in a few days time is a bit much considering the likely history. 

    I'm guessing that the record company probably was forcing Axl to reunite, so they could have the rest of the albums owed in their contract with Slash and Duff in it, so they could sell more records,  but that is just speculation from me.

  9. 9 minutes ago, downzy said:

    While we generally do everything we can to protect the anonymity of all users, his first name is fairly well known at this point.  As others have pointed out, he hasn't been shy in using it on this forum and other areas of the internet.  Moreover, it's not as though he and others wouldn't be on GNR's radar at this point.  


    GNR has to worry about a producer (who was responsible for those cd's), and the guy who sold the goods, in my opinion... From the moment the storage was up for grabs, that could be considered a leak right? Since the cd's are out there already.