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  1. Watched the Neo Yokio Pink Christmas special. It was pretty funny.
  2. Just finished Season 3 of "F is for Family". Can't wait for Season 4.
  3. Anyone following the wacky "Threatin" story?

    If somebody already made a thread about this in advance, I apologize So, a supposed LA Metal Band by the name of Threatin gained notoriety for really exaggerating the amount of people that showed up in the venues for their UK tour. Specifically, the band had booked a European tour despite being a rather unknown band (well, until now actually). According to MetalSucks (I know, I know, but they have been following the Threatin situation in detail). Frontman Jered Threatin created a fake booking agency and promoter to land the gigs as well as fabricate live footage of them performing in LA and bought Facebook likes as well as YouTube views and event RSVPs, and even lied to venues about ticket sales, which one of the venues named "The Underworld" brought this up by pointing out how only three people showed up to the venue despite the band's claim that they sold 291 tickets in advance. BUT WAIT!!!! Not only did Jered Threatin fabricate a booking agency and promoter, he also fabricated a record label, a press outlet, a website, and an award to make his band seem more legit than it already is. As more things started to come up with the whole "Threatin" situation, Jered Threatin wrote on Twitter about how reading about his supposed stunt makes us part of the illusion. Meanwhile, MetalSucks got some more details on who Jered Threatin really is, including who he was before Threatin, the fact that he might be using his own money to keep up with the illusion that Threatin is a real band, and even some interviews with an estranged brother of his. Honestly, as much as this situation kinda hurts my brain, it also fascinates me how something like this can possibly exist. I mean, it just makes me want to know more about this supposed band and how everyone's getting swindled by this Sources: http://www.metalsucks.net/tag/threatin/ (These are the articles they have on Threatin) https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/11/jered-threatin-statement-musical-past-revealed/ (This is an article about the tweet mentioned in this post)
  4. Probably gonna get tons of shit for this, but I watched the first two episodes of the new She-Ra series. I honestly love it, it's really cute
  5. Watched "Bottoms Up" on Amazon Prime last night...... it bad
  6. I've been watching this Brazilian show called "Samantha!" on Netflix. It's actually pretty fun. I enjoy how it makes fun of the entertainment industry as well as the people who are usually in them.
  7. I watched "Uptown Girls" on Prime a few days ago to see if it holds up from when I watched the movie as a kid. It honestly did for the most part.
  8. I'm currently watching season 2 of "Big Mouth". I honestly like how they handle adolescence.
  9. Just watched "Deathgasm" on Amazon Prime. The film was okay, liked the metal references and all. Just wasn't crazy over most of the dick jokes.
  10. Just watched "Yoga Hosers" on Netflix. It was actually a pretty cute film, even if the "Aboot" jokes got old pretty fast.
  11. So I was watching the first nine episodes of this Magical Girl Aeni called "Flowering Heart" on Amazon Prime. The show looked cute (and I'm a sucker for Magical Girl shows), but the show was hilariously cheesy. I think the voice acting along with the wonky dialogue (show was dubbed into English) didn't help. Can't wait for more episodes though.
  12. The whining thread

    Job interviews can be exhausting, especially with timing. My last interview, the train to the place was going later the expected, so I had to schedule for a much later time, only for them to actually have room around noon. Today, The opposite happened for a different place with a phone interview, except we went from the morning to early afternoon, and I later received the call two hours after our rescheduled time, only for the interview to be cut short and possibly rescheduled. And now I have another interview at the different place on a Friday morning and, as much as I understand how it's all worth it for the experience, I'm just.....
  13. The T.V. Show Thread

    I'm currently watching a 90s anime called YuYu Hakusho (subbed, since neither Crunchyroll nor TubiTV have the dub unfortunately) I'm almost finished with the Chapter Black arc, and I just watched the first movie (known as "The Golden Seal") albeit the movie was only 24 minutes long. I'm also watching some episodes of the 80s Care Bears cartoon from Nelvana out of childhood nostalgia