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  1. I passed. A- mofos. GONNA GRADUATE!!!!!!

  2. Can't believe this made headline news
  3. Finally finished my essay. Hope I pass.

  4. shadow of your love

  5. I listened to it on Spotify while waiting for my dad to pick me up from college. I was pretty much excited throughout the song, I loved how energetic it was. Can't wait for more unreleased tracks (or hopefully some new songs)
  6. The whining thread

    Got my period today. I wanted to cry, but now I don't
  7. belgium has a murdering clown

    Damn, that's brutal
  8. Sorry if I haven't been here a long time, I've just been SWAMPED by College, especially since I'm graduating in a few days

  9. Dunno if anyone pointed this out, but they both had a sibling band...? The names sound similar too (The Jackson Five, The Bailey Trio) Bump???
  10. Whatever you celebrate today, may your day be a good one:hug:

  11. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I've been playing the new Animal Crossing mobile game
  12. Axl's 21 tomorow

    I don't have a FaceBook, but I wanna wish him a Happy Birthday anyway.
  13. Let's have an appropriate jokes thread

    Why are the Nordic countries so cold? There are lots of metal fans over there. I tried...