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  1. I'm currently watching season 2 of "Big Mouth". I honestly like how they handle adolescence.
  2. Just watched "Deathgasm" on Amazon Prime. The film was okay, liked the metal references and all. Just wasn't crazy over most of the dick jokes.
  3. Just watched "Yoga Hosers" on Netflix. It was actually a pretty cute film, even if the "Aboot" jokes got old pretty fast.
  4. So I was watching the first nine episodes of this Magical Girl Aeni called "Flowering Heart" on Amazon Prime. The show looked cute (and I'm a sucker for Magical Girl shows), but the show was hilariously cheesy. I think the voice acting along with the wonky dialogue (show was dubbed into English) didn't help. Can't wait for more episodes though.
  5. The whining thread

    Job interviews can be exhausting, especially with timing. My last interview, the train to the place was going later the expected, so I had to schedule for a much later time, only for them to actually have room around noon. Today, The opposite happened for a different place with a phone interview, except we went from the morning to early afternoon, and I later received the call two hours after our rescheduled time, only for the interview to be cut short and possibly rescheduled. And now I have another interview at the different place on a Friday morning and, as much as I understand how it's all worth it for the experience, I'm just.....
  6. The T.V. Show Thread

    I'm currently watching a 90s anime called YuYu Hakusho (subbed, since neither Crunchyroll nor TubiTV have the dub unfortunately) I'm almost finished with the Chapter Black arc, and I just watched the first movie (known as "The Golden Seal") albeit the movie was only 24 minutes long. I'm also watching some episodes of the 80s Care Bears cartoon from Nelvana out of childhood nostalgia
  7. Imagine Dragons

    Add me to the list of Imagine Dragons haters. I'd rather be forced to listen to Nickelback than listen to Imagine Dragons. It's fine if people like them, but their music just sounds like they're just made to be in frickin' commercials.
  8. I passed. A- mofos. GONNA GRADUATE!!!!!!

  9. Can't believe this made headline news
  10. Finally finished my essay. Hope I pass.

  11. shadow of your love

  12. I listened to it on Spotify while waiting for my dad to pick me up from college. I was pretty much excited throughout the song, I loved how energetic it was. Can't wait for more unreleased tracks (or hopefully some new songs)