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  1. Beavis and Butthead being revived at Comedy Central

    Yeah, but that didn't last very long. From what I've read, it got cut short because MTV wanted to focus on 12-14 year old girls or something like that. Shame really, the 2011 episodes were just as funny as the 90s episodes. At least Comedy Central is giving it new life
  2. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/beavis-butt-head-returning-two-new-seasons-spinoffs-at-comedy-central-1301344 So, Beavis and Butthead is getting revived again, this time at Comedy Central. We're also getting two new spinoffs, including the Daria spinoff that focuses on Jodie. All I gotta say is... YES!!!!! If somebody already made a thread of this, feel free to delete!
  3. I'm currently watching "Good Morning, Miss Bliss!" on Hulu, although it is listed under season one of "Saved by the Bell"
  4. Some Kind of Monster.

    "Some Kind of Monster" was mad funny. My favorite part was when Torben Ulrich listened to a track and suggested that it should be deleted.
  5. Family just switched from Netflix to Hulu, so I decided to rewatch "Lords of Chaos". Honestly, while I still think the film has some flaws, it's rather unintentionally hilarious.
  6. Watched "Now and Then" on Netflix last night. I quite enjoyed it.