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  1. Whatever you celebrate today, may your day be a good one:hug:

  2. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I've been playing the new Animal Crossing mobile game
  3. Axl's 21 tomorow

    I don't have a FaceBook, but I wanna wish him a Happy Birthday anyway.
  4. Let's have an appropriate jokes thread

    Why are the Nordic countries so cold? There are lots of metal fans over there. I tried...
  5. Happy Birthday Gracii

  6. What Are You Watching On NETFLIX? (All things Netflix)

    Currently watching Glitter Force Doki Doki (dunno why they kept the "Doki Doki" stuff yet changed Cure Rosetta/Glitter Clover's name from Alice to Clara) and I can't wait for season four of BoJack Horseman to premiere. I also want to watch season three of Fuller House and hopefully season three of F is for Family in the near future.
  7. Starting School tomorrow...couldn't be any happier

  8. What made u fall in love with gnr?

    Listening to their songs, I guess? Especially hearing "Sweet Child O' Mine" Then again, Axl tho...
  9. Reboots - Yay or Nay? / Okay or No Way?

    I think it depends on what is being rebooted. If it is a franchise that could use some work or if the creator wants to do more with the franchise's universe, then I wouldn't mind a reboot. If it is something whose premise can't work for today's world or has no reason to be rebooted, then I see no point.
  10. DIO Returns [The World Tour]

    I can only imagine him singing "World Is Mine" now
  11. Wintersun

    Here I am Here I am
  12. DIO Returns [The World Tour]

    Just let the guy rest in peace and move on already. Yeah, I am pretty bummed that I got into Dio a few years after his death meaning that I'll never see him live, but this is a terrible idea.
  13. I'll probably get crucified for asking this here, but anyone here play or even enjoy any smartphone/tablet games? Personally, my favorites are Sailor Moon Drops (stopped working on my smartphone, but works on my tablet for some reason)Moe Can Change, Animal Boyfriend, Dream Girlfriend, Dream Boyfriend, and PokeColo.
  14. Bieber is better than GNR