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  1. In SA '16 he sounded rough on the first concerts in Peru, Chile and Argentina, but by the time he hit Brazil his voice got solid and raspy in all 7 or 6 concerts in Brazil (especially Brasília and Curitiba), Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico. And yes, Brasília was the only time he wore the fuckin' yellow raincoat, and I really think It was to mock himself haha
  2. Hey! I don't usually post on the forum, but there's a few things i wanna point it out; There's a discussion about weather and southern coutries to justify Axl sounding bad at Rock in Rio ('17). Well, everyone agrees that SA '16 wasn't a prime, and it's inferior to NA 16, but it still had really strong performances. I attended to the Rio concert and Axl sound really good (except for the usual weak songs) but rasped in a lot songs, even PC. Check this video from WTTJ in Brasília 16, in my opinion it's better than any rendition of the song in 2017 and 2018 and it happened after the 2nd leg of Axl/DC. With that said, I don't think that the country influences his voice. Another point: Axl's best years vocally were '06, '10 and '16. In all these three years he had long breaks before. In '06 he had 4 years of rest; In '10 he had 2 years. In '16 he had almost 2 years, since the last performance of NuGNR was in july '14. I mean, he comes back strong, and eventually loses his voice. Sure, he sucked in '01 after a long hiatus, but back then he was trying somethin' new with his voice, but even then the mickey was stronger and had a lot more power to sustain the notes than nowdays. I don't think Axl is done, he's just tired and worned out, if he takes a 2 year break again, i believe he can sound like '16 again. The problem is to extend the tour for 3 years, with this huge setlist and insane amount of concerts. The perfect scenario for the future is to release a new album (yes, I still think it can happen haha) and tour a 20-song setlist for 3 months and rest for 5 or 6, like someone said above. Sorry for my english, btw
  3. It's more about the way Axl currently sings it than the song itself.