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  1. Truly an amazing accomplishment, some of these are almost impossible to find, getting them all is truly incredible. I am sure armani japan is the only one who has the complete set, you can’t put a price tag on art this incredible.
  2. My top four, Kobe London 1 Cincy Paris 2017 was able to acquire the first three, still looking for Paris 2017, if one of the members has it and would like to work a deal? Trade purchase etc, send me a PM.
  3. Do we know what the Hawaii litho looks like yet?
  4. Awesome, thank you Armani Japan.
  5. If someone knows where the number Is on the Taipei cartoon litho, please let me know, can’t seem to find it on mine either.
  6. I like it, if anyone has an extra for sale or trade? pm me.
  7. Can somebody post a picture of Johannesburg? Not on the Instagram or lithorati. Thanks
  8. Anybody have a picture of the Johannesburg litho yet?
  9. It varies, London was 150, some were 80, some 350, think it depended on the venue.
  10. It is on the Luthor I site. Oops lithori
  11. However, I can say buhler is batting 2 for 2 on this leg.
  12. Looks like they shipped them to Hong Kong by the looks of the picture, not a fan of that one, should have just left them in Manila Hong Kong, I don’t know? Can’t say I hate it.