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  1. Put me in for one of those Moscow ‘s also, will Pay immediately through PayPal.
  2. Anybody who gets one, who wants to trade for a Madrid 2018, or fair cash offer, pm me. Understand the work it takes into getting these as I have been to 4 shows.
  3. Oops sorry thinking of Russia, govthevthe lithori website, they are all posted there.
  4. I agree with you Alexpro as London 1, is an obsession of mine right now, that and three others, that seller on eBay sold it for 249 and I had the chance but hesitated, then the same seller sold it again for 449, again I hesitated and missed it, I am sure O e or two will appear on eBay or maybe there is someone who is looking to trade, slane castle was an obsession of mine and I finally got it, wasn’t cheap, but was worth every penny.
  5. Would depend on the person or taste, personallyvtovme that Perth is ugly, no comparison to the ripper in looks, however in scarcity the Perth might be more valuable.
  6. Haven’t seen one on eBay in a while? possibly someone in the forum might have one for sale or trade.
  7. Yes, very nice, has a rustic steel mill type look.
  8. Kind of a misuse of the forum, fon’t You think?
  9. I gave a Madrid 2018, looking to trade for a London 1, Paris (buhler) or kobe. thanks.