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  1. Have an extra Prague propaganda for trade, if anyone here is interested pm me.
  2. Things are starting to look up, we have a franchise quarterback and a great new receiver, the sun is starting to shine on Cleveland.
  3. Just putting this out there for the group, I purchased the Seattle litho from McCoyGnr, great experience and a fair price, honest seller, the eBay feedback doesn’t tell the whole story.
  4. Wish it was possible to get the original design for Cleveland, wonder if any were made?
  5. That would have been a beautiful litho for Cleveland, Ohio screwed again, instead we got that ugly looking too dark design. Cleveland just can’t catch a break. Thanks amaninjapan.
  6. Again, with all due respect armani japan, unless you sold two, you may be confused, the one I purchased offf of you is framed and hanging on my office wall, however, if you did sell two, then i stand corrected, still looking for the Paris 2017 if anyone wants to sell or trade.
  7. Think you have him confused with me, unless you sold two?
  8. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323701042631 wondering if anyone was looking for Madrid 2017, seems kind of high on the price.