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  1. yeah, I noticed that too. For many women from the fashion world, Stephanie is an icon, and what was between Axl & Stephanie hasn't got anything to do with Susan.
  2. according to your post, is there a chance for Izzy to come back to the band, in your opinion?
  3. Unfortunately you're right. I recently have watched a documenatrya bout GNR and Izzy wasn't mentioned until he just left the band. Like he was an ordinary guitarist, not an important person in GNR. I think there are fans, especially the younger generations who became fans after Izzy left the band and unfortunately they do not care about him as much as they should. besides this- the fact that Izzy is out of the spotlight also doesn't help pretty much in this situation. Of course Im not talking about all fans here. I dont generalize. My comment is about the exeptions that exist.
  4. Im out of likes but THIS:
  5. Izzy is pretending a Roman Legionnaire
  6. These shoes are worse than Axl's cowboy boots, which everyone complains about
  7. Im out of likes today but OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHa I can't stop laughing! thx and sorry
  8. yes I did. But I got only recent posts of last pages
  9. @kkferro72 I found the post. it is on page 283 but the image is gone. it was posted by Jane M.
  10. read the whole thread?? OMG! No, I dont think im able to read whole thread again I 'm sure i got lost on my way of Izzy's adventure. So If anyone got.. pls post it again?
  11. golden sandals? I quess I missed sth can ya explain?
  12. Axl's outfit always reminds this: https://m.onet.pl/wiedza-swiat/nauka,mxy4wc
  13. you' re right. When I think about it.. i wonder how much he has to love his hobbies to live this way. it seems that Izzy has a holidays all the time lol. I wouldn't be able to live without a job, although im not a workaholic. lol Im a sad, just as @Tori72