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  1. Im sure he must wear them to hide braces on the ankles or that they are taped up like a boxer's wrists.
  2. So that's the reason why he's wearing those boots. To protect his ankles. I'm glad he's ok.
  3. yeah. Maybe it's too late to fix them? This band is complicated, but anyway we're still here lol
  4. Wasn't in the China Exchange interview where he mentioned that his clear voice is sth he chose but fans doesn't like it? My feelings are that it's rather not a matter of his choice - the choice of using clear voice, only that his high voice with rasp has disappeared and he is not able to sing like that anymore. This clear voice sounds as someone has disconnected the plug from the amplifier. No power.
  5. I meant the same thing. probably express myself wrong way. I used words "big tummy", quoting other people. I agree, concerts would be more beneficial if Axl were in better shape.
  6. Yes, he's got a big tummy, but as you wrote we don't know how much muscles are underneath. If Axl were in such bad shape as people want to believe, he would not be able to play the whole tour. It will get harder with age ... like with everyone else. Some people don't let him get old.
  7. Copyright Strikes....

    same thing came to my mind The worst part is that we can do nothing. for the band, for TB we are a small handful of idiots who get angry and fight, complain and still expecting something from band ( whatever) . Comparing us with thousands who buy tickets and merch who are not interested in TB, management, who are often not in social media- we look like intrusive flies. And this powerlessness is the worst. As someone previously noted, it would be easier to be a fan of someone else ... and yet we are here
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    That is scary
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    Yes, it does. I didn’t know half of these things. Still we're at this point where there is nothing we can do.