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  1. They would definitely be mainstream. Rock is in the toilet right now, but that’s not to say that fans aren’t hungry for someone in the mold of a modern day GnR. I’m 25 so I was being born as Guns were fizzling away. From what’s been described to me, they were THE band back in the day. They wouldn’t sit atop the throne solo today, but they would definitely be well received. It’s my opinion that cover to cover AFD is the best rock album ever. But the Illusions records would fit a little more into the mold of what today’s audience is looking for. There’s some synth and what not, but not too much. Ironically, I think their most popular song in today’s industry would one they haven’t even released: Crash Diet. It’d fit in great released today.
  2. GNR Instagram posted pics of the Axl, Slash, and Duff skulls saying Destruction is Coming. That more than anything quelled my hope for anything live with AFD5. Unless.. They just want to completely surprise us. Why do they do this to me?
  3. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    Nothing’s better for one’s already fragile sobriety than an “epic house party.”