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  1. Axl, you sexy beast.

  2. Axl, you sexy beast.

  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    About the 2nd quote :No!I mean absolutely the opposite!And as I reread my whole text,I find it hard to see why you interpret these isolated lines in reverse....I mean, it IS a problem for men also, in fact,i just can't understand why some don't consider it as a problem(that's why I said "aren't problems"), why they don't give the same importance that apply on women...And i believe they should take better care of their personal hygiene,should be more concerned about it ...Many do it,others out of a macho,brutal MANLY attitude,are quite careless and they think that as long as they've taken a bath the job is finished...Anything else,is a woman's job.. There are some women who support it.. I am not one of them!.I've written more on the previous text,so I don't think that repeating could add something.... We are humans and we produce many odours in certain circumstances,we can't get completely rid off them no matter how much we've tried beforehand ...But,there are limits and when they're about to get crossed,I think it's up to anyone's self-respect to point things out. As for the first, i was talking about a grown woman's basical ability to feel her own self needs, and into this i include all the intimate hygiene stuff, and the following ability to take care of it! What has this to do with your general mention on P.T. ? For the history, yes i use it on an almost daily basis so we don't need to share details...And so what? People like it or not get used to it... we are humans, we can tolerate each other to an extensive extent... especially when there is no choice... I get that you mean that taking this for example , heavy, sour smells have a little to do with your conscious trials sometimes ...or your own ability to simply sense it... Yes, indeed... No doubts... Also some people are more sensitive to smells n dirt than others, a fact also... Finally, i quoted you just to point out the pic you posted, and to say something about it, and then i was just trying to say that i agreed with your POV on your latest post,the one before you quoted mine. Hope i made my self clear now and i'd ask you politely, to stop this topic here , as far as i am involved,regardless of any potential misunderstanding or disagreement... I've happily noticed that you've already moved on, so my apologies for bringing it back... I wanted to answer to you, out of courtesy also, but i have really nothing more to add and I won't.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Oh thank you cause i was searching that option
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    The second one is common, but i've never seen something like the others before.... OMFG
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    there are things that come from the inside not the outside. This, exactly!
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yeah, same .. i guess... :/ After all no one can force no one to think alike...
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    OK,we are all aware of this gross stuff and I think you have to be a masochist not to take any care of it at all....A woman can shave her privates and legs and armpits every third day, once in a week, every 10th day, whatever...It depends on how fast they grow and this variety is really wide... Some women need shaving every second day just to stay all bald, others go for professional general depil once in a month or every second weekend,others do it by themselves..whenever they need anyway.. Taking baths and use deo is a daily task...It helps you to stay clean and no smelly... The hysteric ocd shaving every second or third day because “Ah! A nanometer of them has risen and maybe obvious tonight i” to scratch your body that often in order to look like a 10yo is something I personally can't accept.... There is nothing bad I guess if you take daily baths and if you have a schedule to depil with wax,mousse,cream etc whenever you really need it but not that often...it depends on your needs... Inbetween those days, hair may have grown a little , why do you have to be crucified by judgement for this? After all unless someone is retarded, I guess, she can sense when she is smelly, or have a general bad feeling... No one here said let the jungle grow and get shaved once in a year I couldn't stand it even in my worst nightmares.... Yet people complain even for little hair....They make it it big in their minds..... Most of women have also the feeling "Now i got my shit together" when they go for full depil "ritual"... I can't understand why urine, smells , sweat, jiz, bacteria even shit aren't a problem for men for exactly the same reasons... The funny thing is that they may not get infected that easily cause of their anatomy, but they can cause to others...The discrimination is obvious and it's more of a misconception rather than reality imo.... Some women go unshaved for long periods in long term relationships, and they do it when they feel "they had enough of hair " up to now... it's uncommon, no one would confess it publicly but it exists.... What I am saying has nothing to do with feministic lectures... Has a feministic sense but I think is more common sense... As for period? Hah... I think that most of us yearn to excoriate our whole area not just pubes....Literally.. It's really simple yet too hard to be accepted.... Dirt has no sex... Many men refuse trimming cause it's not manly enough, they take baths but when you ghgh....dive down there "Ahhh all the flowers of spring mesmerize you..." Trimmed or not . Same goes for women, of course..Why they don't have to think about their partners? If they like, if they feel comfortable... And why do we have to slay our flesh and get the rush , just for them? Daily bathing is uncontroversial, I can't stand gluey feeling.... But as for depil I prefer specific days, once in a week for example, just to have something shavable. enough... Any other connection with personal habits and labels makes no sense to me... People just search chances to spill a little bile just to burst some personal steam off....And the victim? Always women... Look at @killuridols latest post... Is it really that gross to deserve such comments? Cause for me the disgusting ones are all of them...Finally, yes many women are fed up with this and go unshaved for long periods... as long as they can stand it....Their reasons, their circus their monkeys imo....
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    And i hate it more when the same men or any others make fun of, or make harsh comments on unshaved women without taking a look at themselves first... Like what? I have to accept you cause it's your testosterone and i have to be all nit just for your eye's pleasure? Like it's not in my nature too, like i plant them.... Yes it's not that nice but why such a big deal especially for women and a reason for bullying? Self hygiene is a personal thing and everyone's right to handle it as they please... Just saying... Who can tell if a non hairy person is clean healthy and take a bath twice a day? or a more hairy doesn't take baths? Is there a particular bond between soap and razor? Looks are deceiving many times....Smell although can betray you from miles away....
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I agree that things you mentioned have radically changed, .... Yet perfectionism, shallow lifestyle, demonstration just for the shake of doing it,need for attention and likes, fake attitudes, and this "look at me" element has grown really huge nowadays in comparison to no social media era...I also don't believe that a campaign including all these stuff we discussed could ever rise properly and grow big cause imagine the loss for markets....So I take it more as a marketing trick that follows "me too" , gay pride and vegan motions etc,which are great cause come on we could not still keep going for witch hunting..But wide acceptance moves slowly although ....Women beauty is and always will be a huge cow to be milked....Although I applaud the movement, cause 0,5 or 1 is always better than zero...
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Basically, I prefer men that can accept yours and their flaws and be with you for who you are not how you look like...Sadly I haven't met yet the dude who would accept you in all your glory,shaved or not 😂 A friend of mine were like 5years with a dude and the last one she didn't bother to save...They shared a really cool and quite strong bond but they finally broke up...He was a good guy, but I have the feeling that when you pass the barrier and start fart scratching your nose and be too natural and feel too comfy ,you either have found your soul mate,or you are extremely near to the end....😂 I don't have issues to believe or disbelief a person's experiences, cause what could shock me it may be more than usual for another and vise versa ....It's just uncommon....and yes it exists, mostly in specific groups Like the ones you mentioned.... I like silky smooth skin, I love the smell and sense of body lotion, but I dislike been forced to do it just because of him or the public eye...It steals all my energy more than the procedure itself...But I surely don't do it in a daily basis, take it or leave it dude..😄 I don't either need to do it that often...If he is too shallow to get bothered by tiny hair, bye hon 😎 not to say that the more often you do depil, th e more u have them back and strongest.....
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Indeed. But leg, arms,or even facial like Frida Kalo for example is something completely unacceptable and always been as far as I am concerned....I may miss some details although...