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  1. "my Antidote" is the riff of YCBM and the solo of Led Zeppelin "whole Lotta Love" !!!! witch is not bad !!!
  2. for me it's mean Slash don't said he love to play with Fortus as he do in interview but it's said he really like it. quite coooool. love it
  3. my Antidote have a little something of YCBM in the riff
  4. It's a nighmare. I really can't this voice. Break all my plaisir to listen this killer music
  5. sounds good !!!!!
  6. so many interview of Slash for the album (witch is cool !!!) and not even one real for guns !!
  7. Slash interview Classic Rock magazine

    best interview...............ever so !!!
  8. this new song have a riff who could be an ac/dc one. look like a little bit
  9. Difficult to hear the bass guitard on this title !!
  10. and Megane put his reply on here instagram
  11. One in a Billion - November Rain (its official)

    doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 1 000 078 822 vues
  12. November Rain: 823 Million YouTube Views

    999 276 622 not yet !!!!!
  13. Which songs should they add/drop?

    does I'm the only one who think some of the Duff 's songs could be great ?