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  1. One song to rule them all...

    State of grace or November rain
  2. I open the forum. I see it's hot on "official media"..........so cool...........then
  3. u make me laugh !!! u make my day !!!
  4. don't worry.....us too !!!
  5. Slash just said the opposite of that !!!!
  6. the fact that they wanted to play Hardschool live means at least that they record it in studio. no ?
  7. please help me god !!!
  8. best hope of the year !!!!
  9. this title could be a kind of estranged with a good rework and Slash at his best
  10. Slash like to play some small part of song in live before doing the title like CD or Anastasia so...why not !!
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    But who descide when it's good and when it's not ? when can predict that ? In this forum we all like the same songs ? so what I said is just let said some good stuff when it's good. Do they will have the same level than AFD/UYI one day ? NEVER NEVER. Let's listen the old stuff like "la Joconde" and let's enjoy all we get. I love this 30 minutes. I know it's have nothing to do with the level of the past but at least we have it. Slash try to change all the time his part. We get Slither where Axl sing for exemple. do one of us could predict that ? from my side I like the idear that he take the time to make it his way and sing it on stage. So so many good stuff arrive this last 5 years after 20 years of nothing that we can enjoy a little bit IMO. about TB I don't care. Nobody do something without the permission of Axl (exept what the way Slash play). And in this video you have the funky moment of Fortus that a lot of u don't like (it's your choice. no problem of course) but do you think that Fortus play one seconde something that Slash do not like ? Slash descide everything about the guitare. Last but not least I love the bass on this mix Sorry for all the spalling mistake !!!! peace everybody we gonna get this new album !!! I smell it . And we gonna all make love !!! let's get this mother fucker out (is is what Axl said in Tokyo during KOHD ?)
  12. NITL live videos on youtube

    to be honest I don't understand u (maybe it's because I'm French !!!) but You said that you prefere that He sing 1 hour and half (good dong.....for u) instead 3 hours for the same price ? We can said anything about GNR on live but when you go to see then (and it happen a lot for me) you spend 3 amazing hours. Some people like this song and this song. Other people like other ones. But let's be honest all the people who said it's only for money should figure out why they play very long concert.............maybe and I said maybe.....they like to play together !!!! oupssss don't shoot me !!!!
  13. NITL live videos on youtube

    nobody pay for that !!! it's free for u my friend . even the people are in a festival and see a lot of concerts !!!!
  14. NITL live videos on youtube

    are you serious ???? pfff anyway if we don't complain we are wrong. Maybe TB are the worst managment in the world but maybe also .......we are the worst fans in the world !!! come on we get free pro-vidéo. Congratulation @Powderfinger I would love to hear you playing drunk !!!! Love this version of rocket Queen of exept........you know !!!!