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  1. So he lie whaen he saind he gonna work all april on the new GNR album.
  2. is it the first time Slash did it or it was the same last year ?
  3. No description for gnr !!! all the other groupe have it .lol
  4. Is that possible that Slash said the last part of the interview to put the pression on Axl ? like : so funny because there is no gnr album on the way but me I'm already working on my new album after 6 month I launch the last one. Guess who is lazy !!!
  5. approved for AXX/DC approved to !!!!
  6. does Axl ruined AC/DC to for you ? just to know and one more question heve you been to a NITLT concert once ? because I did third and it was incredible (I saw also AXL/DC and I have no word to explain how it was !!)
  7. It look like they get more mature. And I'm sure they will not give to us bad songs. They know that a lot of people are wainting that a lot. If the song are bad it will difficult to play it on the next tour. It need to be a a certain level for sure. We can said anything about this 3 guys but no that theey are stupid. If it doesn't work nothing will get throught . (sorry for the English of a French guy !!! hope at least you understand the meaning )
  8. to be honest , I'm so happy he is back with his gang !!!
  9. New Duff Article in Forbes

    lol pretty strange !!!!
  10. right.......so the second one !!!! I want to beleive !!!
  11. Here it go. Maybe it's gonna be the most important periode in all GNR historie. Are they gonna make it or are they gonna fail ???
  12. fuckkk where is Paris/France !!!!!
  13. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    +1 me too. and you can listen this song instrumental and it's magic. The work Slash did on it is incredible
  14. Phil Lewis talks about GN'R reunion

    not a bad idear !!! like that all of us with our different sensibility can take the best song of the 3 CD to have the best one. Everybody will be happy !!