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  1. 11/20/18 - Hong Kong - Asia Expo Arena

    hope we gonna have Sorry my best song from CD
  2. not proud to but I just folow my girl friend who took of here shirt. believe me...........it work !!!!
  3. that's the funny part with the hat !!! love it. usually it's Axl who make this kind of teasing !!!
  4. enjoy.......wjish I could be there but.....................far from Paris !!!!!
  5. +1 yes please. start to be very very boring
  6. the funny thing is the song with Duff and the solo of Slash are still on line !!! so I guess somebody understand that it's so bad for the communication of the NITL tour to keep in line !!!!
  7. All the vidéo with Axl singing are erase from youtube ??????
  8. what the fuck is going on here !!!! I'm french and certainly not here to know your politic opinion. let's talk about the best band in the world
  9. Slash confirmed for DL 2019

    that's cool. hope it's gonna be also the same in France
  10. One in a Billion - November Rain (its official)

    you don't like shadow of your love vidéo ????? hihihihihihi
  11. the very strange think is that 80 % of us told that there is not even one chance to see Slash and Axl together. Now nobody remember that period. So again same story about the Album
  12. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    my absolutely dream