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  1. #WokeAxl

    oupsssss. u know better than me !!
  2. #WokeAxl

    even if I'm french this lyrics are amazing to me
  3. New song for the October shows?

    A lot of you who said it's 100 % sure they can't do it were the same who said "never Axl will sing Shadow of you love". If I remember well you were saying it's impossible with his voice. please let's said we can have a suprise. We had so many the last couple of years (re-formation, big tour, rock the rock ;), shadow of your love and the coffret, Slash in Axl's studio.... etc)
  4. the article start well !!!!! The iconic rock band completed their latest world tour, Not In This Lifetime, last year
  5. Underrated Slash solos

    for me it's this one. Not my favorite but I like it
  6. limited edition Duff

    Who knows about that (with Slash ?) ? https://www.discogs.com/Duff-McKagan-The-Westies/release/13505069
  7. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    you make me crazy !!! where we can see that ?
  8. If Beck is there they can play Locomotive !!!! he already know how to play it
  9. Two Mexico dates in October!

    I guess it's a wish from heart !!!
  10. Duff in Philly Tonight

    love it !!!!
  11. Slash Living The Dream signed cds available on his site now

    not possible for Europe !!! grrrrrrrr
  12. to be honest I see a D----k on this picture !!!
  13. fuck I don't have twiter anymore. What he said please ?
  14. Duff interview.

    when Slash change all the solo each concert it's art for me !!!
  15. limited edition Duff

    I thought there is one solo from Slash. Don't remember where I see that ;(
  16. I think Adler just wait for a call from Axl and he do as much as he can some concert to prove him that he is OK now. Whitch is good for me
  17. I see very well Axl singing and Slash putting his touch. Could be very cool IMO
  18. So he lie whaen he saind he gonna work all april on the new GNR album.
  19. is it the first time Slash did it or it was the same last year ?
  20. No description for gnr !!! all the other groupe have it .lol
  21. Is that possible that Slash said the last part of the interview to put the pression on Axl ? like : so funny because there is no gnr album on the way but me I'm already working on my new album after 6 month I launch the last one. Guess who is lazy !!!
  22. approved for AXX/DC approved to !!!!