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  1. GNR Songs 1994-1999

    Hi, does someone have the next material?? GNR - Sympathy for The Devil / Escape To Paris (Elliot Goldenthal) GNR - Oh My God Single or End Of Days Soundtrack GNR - Silkworms (Studio Version) I would like that someone could pass it to me, it would be enough if they give it to me in MP3, but if someone has it in FLAC, it would be great!!! I hope your answers, greetings!!!!
  2. I think that nobody knows anything about him since he gave his last show with Guns N 'Roses in The Joint, I'm curious what he does now, Will he continue making music? Will he be in another band? Leave your comments below
  3. The Ritz 1987 was released today!!!!! Here's the evidence