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  1. It's incredible that this PRO-SHOT has been leaked, but don't despair, remember that in 2016 evidence came out of The Ritz PRO SHOT 1987 and took 1 year to been leaked at all, I hope that this pro shot comes out at the most 1 month, just a little patience...
  2. Hello, yes that's my question does somebody knows the exact model of this Gibson Les Paul from Slash? With the year and the exact color and all that?? The Les Paul that he used in 1991-1993 to play songs like Double Talkin' Jive, Paradise City, Mr. Brownstone, Civil War, etc. Here I leave a video so you can know what I mean: I hope you can help me gunners!!!! Thanks and greetings!!!
  3. If it is a doubt that I have, who is the voice of the person who shouted at the beginning of the GNR concerts at the time of 1988-1993. EXAMPLE: St. Louis!!!!!!! Of all the bands of the world, this is definitely one of them!! From Hollywood ¡¡¡GUNS N ROSES!!! Thanks for answering, greetings!!!!
  4. My question will sound silly, but there are any chances that the Locked & Loaded version will be the one that costs $ 179.99 ??
  5. Does anyone has a link of Amazon from Locked N Loaded version???
  6. Maybe for a reunion, a tour and a new album in 2019 with Izzy and Steven??? Hahahah, that's imposible, but who knows
  7. More sense (and exciting ) would have thought that the best meeting in the history of rock is coming, because on the page of www.gnr.fm as you may have seen, there is a map with a lot of purple dots in several cities and the 5 members World tour with Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven? A SUPER DELUXE EDITION of a remaster of AFD? Most likely, yes.
  8. Which book about Guns N Roses do you recommend?

    I want to ask you about this book: Last of the Giants: The True Story of Guns N' Roses by Mick Wall (2016) That book contains some photos?? Or no?? I hope your answer and thanks for the reviews, it helps me so much
  9. Richard Fortus Gibson Les Paul

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask, What is the exact model of the Gibson Les Paul of Richard Fortus? What is it's color, black beauty or ebony? And well the rest of the data, here I leave a video to see the guitar better, I hope your help and answers, greetings!!!
  10. Hello, I have been researching and I have found a group of books about GNR or Axl, so what would you recommend me, I look for one that contains besides reading, photos and also talk about the recordings of Chinese Democracy and that, some of the books that i found were these: - Guns N' Roses: The Life and Times of a Rock ’n’ Roll Band by Paul Elliot - Last of the Giants: The True Story of Guns N' Roses by Mick Wall - Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N' Roses by Stephen Davis - W.A.R.: The Unauthorized Biography of William Axl Rose by Mick Wall - Slash by Slash I hope you answer me, thanks and greetings!!!
  11. GNR Songs 1994-1999

    Hi, does someone have the next material?? GNR - Sympathy for The Devil / Escape To Paris (Elliot Goldenthal) GNR - Oh My God Single or End Of Days Soundtrack GNR - Silkworms (Studio Version) I would like that someone could pass it to me, it would be enough if they give it to me in MP3, but if someone has it in FLAC, it would be great!!! I hope your answers, greetings!!!!
  12. I think that nobody knows anything about him since he gave his last show with Guns N 'Roses in The Joint, I'm curious what he does now, Will he continue making music? Will he be in another band? Leave your comments below
  13. The Ritz 1987 was released today!!!!! Here's the evidence