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  1. Buckethead playing rhythm would certainly set a super fast groove. That dude shreds fast. Nighttrain wouldn’t be 45 seconds long.
  2. I would actually like to see them play Hair of the Dog in concert as I think it really suits them Shoot to Thrill or Back in black would be good.l by AC/DC Van Halen - Everybody wants some Tom Petty - Mary Janes Last Dance or Runnin down a dream Styx - Renegade Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch
  3. Ok cool. I will say that those bands may play up to 3 songs per show max from new album but that throws billy Corgan s statement out as bs pretty much. Billy has a lot of issues with pumpkins fans because when he comes out with new music he wants to play it all.
  4. Interesting topic. I think most people basically consider these the same album just two separate discs. I could be way off here though. Without looking I would say that the overlap of disc ownership for these is huge.
  5. Billy just really doesn't give a shit about his fans. He plays solo shows and smashing pumpkins shows and doesn't remotely care about playing old nostalgic 90s songs. We need new bands to come out with stuff but until people buy the music they won't ever break it big like it was in the 60s and 70s. Rock could get bigger again if it had a larger mainstream media prescence again but pop and country have a wider audience that doesn't offend many people so advertisers like it so it gets played. There are some good new rock bands out there. I really like Greta Van Fleet on the national level and there is a band in Nashville that I really like called "The Tip" that rocks pretty good. Their main problem is with their name and some of their songs they have already set themselves up to not ever get mainstream success but they rock hard and loud and are a fun show. Old bands don't give a shit about making new music anymore because they have broken the code. They have figured out that selling 5000-20000 seats a night at 100 bucks a pop makes way more money than recording an album and selling it to their old fans. They won't sell 10 million copies anymore because they won't have the mainstream people buying the latest biggest new thing and their loyal fan bases aren't nearly as big and dwindle with age. Obviously there are some, but a lot of 18 year olds aren't going to buy a new Fleetwood Mac Album if they don't already have the old Fleet wood Mac albums.
  6. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    This is what kills me about these guys. They could come out with an EP or something. These days with digital stuff the bands are coming out with 4-5 song EPs at a time instead of a 12 song album. Sometimes they will combine 2 and basically make a third ep and tie them all up to make a full album now. They could take it slow by just coming out with an EP and then if nothing else ever comes from it as in a 2nd EP so be it.
  7. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Yeah just do some acoustic songs sang in a lower register. Nice slow piano jam..."Your daddy works in porno..."
  8. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    When Brian Johnson "retired" from Touring they said that recording music would be fine and his hearing has apparently improved dramatically. I am pretty sure Axl/DC won't be doing any albums. I think Brian is still technically in that band.
  9. I guess maybe they could make a triple album. One full of macho 80s cock rock party anthems, one with a bunch of emotional ballads and one of nothing but covers.
  10. 11/03/17 - Louisville, KY - KFC Yum! Center

    Slash was on fire all night. He was easily the star of the show.
  11. 11/03/17 - Louisville, KY - KFC Yum! Center

    The hardcore fans might love it but it was probably the low point of the night as far as crowd reaction goes.
  12. I know they hat is the opposite of the way Axl thinks, though if he did it he would have Guns N' Roses riding high for a new stadium tour. Put out similar stuff to velvet revolver some hooky vocals etc. Basically he could ride the nitl wave to a new melodic guitar hard rock album with some hooky stuff and if he makes that the first two singles they will ride the top band in the world thing to playing all of the late night shows etc.
  13. 11/03/17 - Louisville, KY - KFC Yum! Center

    I live in Etown and can say louisville is pretty good though they really need some Major league pro sports. Lexington is also a pretty sweet little city.
  14. I don't really think they will come out with an album but I think that is the only way they ever tour again. Honestly the band doesn't have enough albums to play the 3.5 hour show without playing a ton of deep cuts. They were able to tour very successfully on nostalgia but I could look around and a ton of people who went didn't know over half the songs. Yes there are plenty of hardcore fans who love deeper cuts but the money isn't there, it's the casual fan. Guns needs a few more chart toppers to be able to pull this off again. Play the hits, a few brand new ones that have some hits, and a few deep cuts each concert. It would be the Axl, Slash, Duff show. For the life of me I couldn't see how they couldn't figure out how to come out with 10-12 new songs with a good driving bass part, some guns sounding rythym, a catchy rock hook/chorus with a few verses and every song having a slash guitar solo. Honestly have been in bands and if these guys want the money it would be easy and honestly very formulaic. Doesn't have to be a true work of art but just have some very radio friendly hard rocking hits with awesome guitar solos and plenty of Axl screams etc. That would buy them a new platinum album and a new Stadium tour.
  15. Was at the show. Saw this and quickly passed. Louisville had so much potential with derby and Louisville slugger and bourbon. Jack Daniels isn't even a Kentucky thing, it's a Tennessee whiskey. Yeah, could have been good but the lack of imagination on this one made it not good.