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  1. Hey guys, I tried searching one of buddy's awesome videos today to show a friend and saw the channel had been deleted. Anyone know how long it's been down? I assume the work of TB? It's a real shame..
  2. Books/Reading Thread

    J dog, Sosso is right.. you don't be disappointed! IV is my favourite followed by II. I finished January 4th( my sister's birthday). I've read Hearts in Atlantis and his newest since then. I highly recommend The Outsider. Reading Different Seasons now.. finished Shawshank and getting in to Apt Pupil
  3. I have to go with acoustic.. although both are awesome. I like how Axl changes the lyrics to the last verse in the electric version and the drums and tempo spice it up.. but something about the flow, groove, and tempo of the acoustic version make me think it's the winner. I find myself playing it often. I find it even sounds less like a demo
  4. 14 Years alternate lyrics

    I had never had that until now! Damn that's good
  5. Does anyone else only listen to this version of SoD now? I love it
  6. I always forget we have the same birthday
  7. Damn! I only checked Spotify. Don't have iTunes lol AND IT'S HERE
  8. What do you think? Will the super deluxe edition be available on Spotify? The deluxe edition? None of it?
  9. Best Version of KOHD.

    The earliest version I'd ever checked out until right now was ritz '88. I loved it when I first heard it.. blown away. Original 5. Adler on drums! No background singers. Different guitar solos( the second is amazing!). Izzy's lick when it's just the 4 of them. Marquee was good and raw.. but they hadn't quite figured it out yet. They should have recorded it the way they played it in '88 in my opinion. RAR '06 was good too.
  10. Any ideas anyone? I haveno apple devices. Thanks
  11. Maybe they will add a second showif this one sells out?
  12. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155360713273302&substory_index=0&id=555203301