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  1. I can't wait to get home and listen with my Bose speaker
  2. D# minor. Just used the keyboard on my on my phone while it was playing too Idk about drop D or not though
  3. Somebody had posted a clip they had done where it was the 36 seconds we had looped in to 3 or 4 minutes. I couldn't wait to hear the rest of it. Turns out we'd heard pretty much all the vocal melody and only got a couple extra verses as far as new lyrics go. I wasn't expecting the rest of the song to sound like it does. Having said that: after obsessively listening to it since I got it( not constantly but a lot of times) I am still really enjoying it. Overall a good song. I personally like Scraped but not Riad. I would have been happy woth it replacing either just to join that discussion lol
  4. I do not see this? Not asking for a link. Just making an obswrvation that I noticed no such link on the reddit page
  5. Sounds like it. Over the last Chorous and the second part of the first solo. Sounds like it to me anyway
  6. Almost 11 years! I love it. First solo Paul leading in to Buckethead? Edit: and who is shredding overtop of the last verse? Bucket?
  7. Dizzy and Matt, to my knowledge, didn't have any writing credits on the songs they recorded on UYI, no? And they were hired to be in the band? NuGNR members contributed to original material under the name Guns N' Roses. Fortus is in the same boat as Dizzy and Matt 😂 recorded on original material but no writing credits.
  8. Mainly started this because of the links to interviews ox Axl and Slash talking about Gilby, Matt, and Dizzy bei ng members ir not in the new album speculation thread. Not for Axl and Duff. Literally the last 2 or 3 pages of it
  9. I would say equal partners again, but Axl calls the final shot. I know we can't quote people from the new album thread now.. But there was quite a bit of evidence it was the Big Three then as well.. with hired hands.
  10. I created a new thread with hopes the discussion will get redirected there so we can start discussing the likelihood of a new album here again.
  11. Ok. Hopefully traffic will get rerouted here. My turn : after Izzy sold his rights it was AS&D with hired hands and I'd say the same is probably true once again.
  12. Seriously guys. The general musings thread. Or create one called " who was as member and who was a hired hand? " for God's sake. Here let me try.. just over a month until the first show. I personally doubt there will be a new song or talk of a new album at the show but it would be cool if there was.