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  1. While I am more of a Stones fan, it is true that Led Zeppelin's 1972 American tour outsold the Stones' 72 tour. Zeppelin was the band of high schoolers and young adults in the 70s whereas the Stones were more your big brother's band. The Stones' arguable peaks of popularity here in the States were 65-66 (Satisfaction was #1 for almost a whole month) and 78-81 (Some Girls is their highest selling Anerican release)
  2. Top 10 of all time: Jimi Hendrix Chuck Berry Keith Richards Jimmy Page B.B. King David Gilmour Tony Iommi Muddy Waters Duane Allman Eric Clapton Slash is more a mid tier guitarist on the par of Mick Taylor, Joe Perry, those sorts. Not a bad tier, but not best of all time. Not the best guitarist of the 90s, but the best of this era solely because there isn't really anyone else. Like, there are some "once in a lifetime" talents; If Slash was 21 in 1970 he would've been an in-demand session guitarist, but there were plenty of guys with a similar sound and style to Slash around in the early mid 70s.
  3. Jumpin' Jack Flash

    A video from We Love You from 67, mocking Mick, Keith and Brian's recent busts and showing an incredibly stoned Brian: Jagger's trial is meant to also be a parody of Oscar Wilde, with Marion Faithful being the boy Oscar shagged.
  4. Jumpin' Jack Flash

    Stones' music video from 67.
  5. This is the best performance (live, recorded or whatever) of Sympathy by anyone.
  6. Aftermath to Let it Bleed. Both Slash and Paul play lead and rhythm parts throughout the song, the way Izzy and Slash did on Appetite. Left channel is Paul, right is Slash, throughout the whole song. Both guitars are mixed equally loud and it is easy to tell their styles apart; Paul has a chopper style than Slash's.
  7. No, all Slash's parts are there. If you go to the solo, there is Slash's solo, and then there is an "answer" to Slash's solo, which is Paul's guitar. Slash's parts were neither erased or dubbed over. You can hear Paul's guitar parts in the song in your left headphone and Slash's parts in your right, which is the same mix as was on AFD with Izzy/Slash.
  8. No, I know that, but what I think is the song may have only been partially written in 87. You know what I mean? Like maybe some of the lyrics, and some of the melody existed, but only in sketches, not enough to get down on tape. Also, we still don't really know how GNR's recording process worked. We've never gotten unfiltered session tapes. Back in the 90s, a massive 12 CD set of junked Stones sessions for the Satanic Majesties album leaked, which gave an insight into how the band developed songs. They would do over 100 takes of a single song until it was right and spend twelve hour days on one song, for example, and in those sessions, Keith Richards was the musical director. We don't know how GN'R's sessions were in this regard, and what they did, or didn't commit to tape. By the UYI era Axl and Slash were writing songs over the phone and it's likely very little of that has survived.
  9. We have the West demos of The Garden from 85 or so with Axl on vocals. Wasn't DTJ written in 90 during the initial UYI recording sessions? Hence the whole "Found a head and an arm in the garbage can" lyric? Matt says he was there when the head and arm were found, so to me, that indicates Izzy wrote the song in 90.... NR was messed with on piano in 83 but that doesn't mean it was recorded at that time. Especially considering Axl didn't seem to have the song figured out until 86 or so and even then it wasn't finished. Like, he may have had cassette recordings in 83, 84 which he erased. Remember, Axl was OBSESSED with getting NR "right." Back Off Bitch was written for Axl's first band, AXL...They may have only jammed the song and never properly recorded it in 82...I would think if it was recorded, Hollywood Rose would've played it and we would've gotten it with the Roots of GN'R release.
  10. Since it has never leaked in any form, I don't think it was ever properly recorded or even demoed prior to 89/90. I think if it had been recorded at some point, given how big of a single it was, an earlier version would've leaked by now. It may have been written to some degree in 85/86, but not necessarily finished at the time or recorded.
  11. When I first heard Patience, I thought the first and second halves were by different singers.
  12. Regardless of the juvenile lyrics, listening to this makes me wish they had done a studio cut; that main riff is sexy; the bass and drums are so groovy and, if Axl took his time, he could've actually done a good rap; the solos remind me of 70s Joe Perry. If it had better lyrics, even in rap form, it could've fit on AFD. It has that groove rock, Cameo sort of bass/drum groove and swing that AFD had.
  13. My dad was into GN'R from around 1988 or 89...Heard them on the radio and thought the Stones had a new song out and his girlfriend told him it was a new band called Guns N' Roses. Not long after he got Appetite on CD. I think he also bought Lies and the UYI on CD later; I don't remember now. My sister, who was into all things metal in the 80s and 90s, liked them, saw them several times including at L'Amour in I think 87 or 88, MSG in 91 and with Metallica in Giant Stadium. They were never her #1 band, which was Metallica, but along with Skid Row and some others Guns was up there. However, Axl's antics on the tour turned her off, and she never bought TSI as she heard Since I Don't Have You on the radio and thought it was cringey, and in 93 GN'R weren't hip anymore anyway. She was listening to Alice in Chains and whatnot by then. She did buy the first Snakepit album in 95 though. I remember walking with her one day in the early spring of 2002 and asking what recent (as in within the past decade) rock bands I'd like and she suggested GN'R. Not long after I was hooked. Her husband worked at Radio City Music Hall at the time and so I got early word that they would be there and had my VCR ready. I remember her attitude being "what happened to him? (meaning Axl)" after the VMAs. It was embarrassing. I saw them at MSG 2002 and within a few days the rest of the tour was cancelled and I remember being at lunch at a diner w/ her maybe 2 days later and she wasn't surprised about what happened.