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  1. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    By the way, check this out, a little stuff from the old days: This is when they were a band. But Mick was always so calculated and press friendly.
  2. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    And? What did you think? I personally feel as an album it's got too much killer, but if you trimmed it down to an EP it'd rock: 1) One Hit to the Body, classic mean Stones 2) Winning Ugly 3) Back To Zero 4) Dirty Work 5) Sleep Tonight This is the Stones' album Mick had the least to do with. At this point in his life, being a Stone was his boring day job. He actually wrote the band a note in this period saying they were old and he didn't need them anymore. He was focusing on his solo career. Most of the music was composed by Keith and Ronnie Wood, and Mick just layed a vocal over it. Keith felt pissed because he felt he gave his better writing to his solo record which came out the same year.
  3. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    Where Keith beats a fan with his guitar mid song, love it.
  4. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    1966 live, a VERY heavy Satisfaction
  5. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    Another mid 70s live gem. People love the 72 tour, but I love them live 67-69 and 75-76. Sloppy and raw Another great sloppy performance, 1969: When they became a precise live act in 1972-1973 it got boring.
  6. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    My Top Stones Tracks by lineup (no order) Brian Jones Years: I Wanna Be Your Man Dandelion Jigsaw Puzzle Citadel 2000 Light Years From Home Little Red Rooster Heart of Stone Get Off My Cloud Child of the Moon Jumpin' Jack Flash It's All Over Now You Got the Silver Yesterday's Papers Lady Jane Mick Taylor Years: Can't You Hear Me Knockin' Silver Train Dancin' With Mr. D 100 Years Ago Winter Dance Little Sister Short and Curlies Rocks Off Ronnie Wood Years: Miss You Dance Part 1 Send It To Me When The Whip Comes Down Too Much Blood Shattered Back To Zero Winning Ugly Sad Sad Sad Mixed Emotions Rock in a Hard Place Thru and Thru Favorite performance of Sympathy, 1975 Tour.
  7. I would imagine YCBM (since NO demo has ever surfaced) could be one of those songs, Shotgun Blues is another I suspect Steven never did, Get in the Ring as well since that song wasn't even completely finished until June 1991. I know that approximately six songs were recorded during the UYI tour itself, so maybe those 6 plus YCBM?
  8. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    My first Stones record was the Compilation, Through the Past Darkly, which mostly is their 1966-1968 period. I guess as a result to me that's always just struck me as, not really belonging to any cultural custom. Yeah, Exile is a very American album, but then so is Some Girls, so is the run from Some Girls through Emotional Rescue really and I take that over Exile. I love the Stones early material - the covers era - and the their two experimental eras (65-68 and 78-86). Sticky Fingers is probably my second favorite album by them. But if you took all the rest of the Taylor years in terms of albums, there's not really a full album I listen to there after Sticky Fingers until Black & Blue. It's just, if I want what Mick Taylor brought to the band, I could easily find that listening to Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith or the Kinks on Lola. I'm not knocking songs like Dance Little Sister or Dancin' With Mr. D or 100 Years Ago, but after Sticky Fingers, for me the Stones sound more an amalgamation of whatever was big in hard rock. And yeah, Mick didn't totally mature as a lyricist until Beggar's Banquet.
  9. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    I like a certain type of English music, and a certain type of performance. Like I said, I'm not familiar with the Kinks beyond Lola really, but I put on the Village Preservation Society just now and so far so good. I just dislike shit like, Penny Lane, When I'm 64. A lot of it comes down to arrangement and performance. I can listen to old Irish music and old English ballads and enjoy it. It's just there's a certain, to use a more English word, twee way of sounding which The Beatles in their later career sounded like - that's the aspect of British music I hate. British tastes are a lot different than American ones, I think; like, there's shit about British culture I can't stand - you guys might've pioneered the psychadelic movement, but I prefer American or even American-esque takes on it more than the British one, it's just too Austin Powers for me, and that mid/late 60s Beatle type sound is just Disney shit to me, Pooh Bear crap. I guess also, I know with the Stones, that even at their most British, the whole thing is done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. It's a pisstake. Whereas I'm listening to the Kinks stuff and it's done deadly serious. The only stuff by the Stones I don't like is when they went all self serious on some of the lesser tracks of Satanic Majesties.
  10. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    Who is doing the lead guitar lines on this version of Street Fighting Man? It sounds way too fluid to be Keith. I didn't mean to exclude Sweet Virginia, I like that one and added it back. But I maintain that All Down The Line was done better as Silver Train (Mick Taylor even said something about feeling the two songs were quite similar)
  11. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    Yes, I cleaned the filler out of it. Casino Boogie sounds like what would turn up on an unreleased songs compilation more than a really well thought out song. Torn and Frayed sounds like typical late 60s-early 70s blues/southern rock you'd hear from The Band or the like. All Down The Line was done better as Silver Train Ventilator Blues is just plain filler, which is why they gave Mick Taylor a co-writing credit Stop Breaking Down is more of a jam than a song Turd on the Run is another half baked thing
  12. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    I actually think Exile, like most double albums, could use some trimming: 1) Rocks Off 2) Rip This Joint 3) Shake Your Hips 4) Tumbling Dice 5) Sweet Virginia 6) Sweet Black Angel 7) Loving Cup 8) Happy 9) I Just Wanna See His Face 10) Let it Loose 11) Shine A Light 12) Soul Survivor That's a perfect album there. On the filler tracks you can see the rot start to show which would become more and more evident with each record of the rest of the Taylor years.
  13. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    Also, this should've been put on Betwen The Buttons. It's a leftover from the Aftermath sessions.
  14. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    For my money, my favorite song on the record is Yesterday's Papers. A perfect Pop track. All the pieces fit right. Jack Nitzche on harpsichord and and Brian Jones' marimbas create a musical tapestry along with Bill's bass. I actually feel the weak link on Between the Button is Mick. His singing isn't as powerful as it could and should be in places, and his lyricism isn't up to par. The rest of the band is tight and the melodies are key.
  15. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    If Satanic Majesties' had been trimmed and rearranged a little and had Dandelion and We Love You added to it, it'd make the Stones have an undisturbed run of great records from 1965 to 1973. 1) Citadel 2) We Love You 3) The Lantern 4) Dandelion 5) 2000 Man 6) She's A Rainbow 7) In Another Land 8) Gomper 9) 2000 Light Years From Home Musically, though, it fits fine, it's in the same style. It has that ramshackle loose vibe of the '71-'74 era. Mick Jagger just hadn't matured as a lyricist yet, not totally anyway.