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  1. Spot on, I agree 100%. I would say the overdone and dramatic tour and videos actually helped build their larger than life mystique as well. Flying around with super models in a 727 and spending 1M+ on their music videos?! Hell yeah! This is why I love the Illusions era, it turned them into legitimate rock gods.
  2. AFD Locked & Loaded Discounts: Now $399

    Has anyone bought one of the AFD Platinum plaques? I just did and kind of feel like a sucker. I’m interested to see what it looks like in person. I think it will be cool for my bathroom.
  3. Duff's new single release: 'Don't Look Behind You'

    Definitely the best of the 3 singles so far.
  4. I came across this today from an aviation channel I follow on YouTube. This is the inside of N502MG, the exact MGM Grand 727 that GNR used on the Illusions Tour. Video was taken in the last few weeks, and as you will see, the plane has been abandoned for quite some time at an airport in Michigan. Video of the plane starts around the 8:45 mark: