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  1. NITLT Wallpapers

    Hello fellow gunners, i am asking you to give me the best 16:9 or widescreen in general, photos from Not in this life time tour regarding of the year. I have some of them, the ones found on google and manage to curate 1 - 2 more but i want normal photos taken by good photographers that went to the shows. Thank you in advance <3
  2. Did AXL want ASHBA back for NITL to play more CHIDEM songs?

    Yeah, agree with the ones above, it was a nice way from Axl to tell him that he is fired. I am courious what would have happened if DJ would have accepted the invitation hmmm, but im happy he didn't. I don't hate him, i just don't like him musically in GNR, maybe his solo projects are good but in gnr he doesn't have a place.
  3. 2002 Tour Pictures Request

    I found this picture some days ago, although not from the tour it is from that era and i think it is pretty rare
  4. 2002 Tour Pictures Request

    It's just my talent :))) Also thank you very much for the above pictures, they are amazing <3
  5. 2002 Tour Pictures Request

    OMG, i swear i have never seen this picture, thanks mate <3
  6. 2002 Tour Pictures Request

    Hey guys, i'm making this thread as a collection of great hq and very rare pictures from the 2002 shows, so if you have any it would be awesome if you would post them here, especially pics that are not from the VMA's that are available on google. Thats a very cool era and i didn't that many pictures from it. I'll start:
  7. The intro of live version of better appears in the demo of the song
  8. We have a high quality audio version of Dust n bones from live era. 100% no re-recorded vocals
  9. http://i.imgur.com/bLFsOio.jpg We should post spam evader's version on tweeter with this hashtag and also tag axl, maybe they will see.
  10. The chances of me as a Romanian man to become the queen of England are a million times higher than Guns doing a halftime show sadly. Though a short medley full rasp 15 minute show would give guns more mainstream attention and it would be perfect to get attention for a potential album release. But that's in a perfect world, we are in the GNR world.
  11. Fat Axl was the best post-90's Axl

    Only if nowadays Axl would have that voice. In the end i feel like you can't have it all. I love the 2009/1010 era, i think it might be my favourite after not in this life time era. What is a mistery to me is 2011-2014 era, what the hell just happened there.
  12. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    One of my favourite songs from the album, i love it. Especially if you can relate, somehow, to the lyrics. Musically i love it, though i kinda preffer a bit the earlier versions that were more stripped down, i still love the album one as well. Deffinitelly in my top 10.
  13. Do people still like Rockers?

    Im in both camps, i love an album like appetite, pure hard rock songs in your face but at the same time i love chinese democracy as well because it has all those weird things(scraped and riad are too weird 😂) but i love the fact that you can feel axl's pain and sadness. From jungle i can instantly switch to twat or prostitute. I would love a double album to please everybody, a pure rock album and cd2. I would die for an afd-like album, but it has to sound hard rock, slash's latest sounds soft imo, appetite has some agression that i love.