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  1. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    Nope, never as a whole, i feel like i out grew appetite and lies into chinese and some uyi tracks, (dead horse, locomotive, estranged, 14 years), because i can relate to them, somehow, but I still love and listen to Appetite. And i'm almost 20 and started listening only an year and a half ago. I will listen to GNR until i will die.
  2. Both back and working normally in the uk, yesterday CD was glitched.
  3. If thats the case i'll be the happiest person ever. Hopefully you are right, but knowing its GNR, idk, it wouldnt be the first time we are dissapointed, so no big hopes.
  4. Checked just for the record and the album is still up on Amazon Music, if somebody uses that.
  5. I would be, honestly EDIT: Both CD and DC(alt) are gone in the UK as well.
  6. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    Personally i love that era of gnr and this is an interesting piece of history. Not the most positive one, the VMA's were a disaster. What would be cool, The Joint shows or a 2002 gig where Axl uses more rasp at least on the CD songs.
  7. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    I've listened to some bootlegs and in this one axl is on fire. Coma was the best.
  8. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Enjoying life at it's limits 😂
  9. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Sadly never had the chance to see them live
  10. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Personally i made it through Forum and San Diego 17 very easy, Axl was awesome. Same goes to Las Vegas double shot. Naughty kids nowadays Same, that's awesome
  11. Since this tour's leg is done and assuming that Axl won't get any better, vocally speakin, (i assume) let's pick our favourite bootlegs. Let's choose one for only amateur and one for only IEM/Soundboard(iem's that we have sound very close to soundboard) I don't have a pick for amateur personally. IEM/Soundboard is San Diego 2017. Axl sounded great, he sounded better than the forum even thoguh the setlist was a little shorter and i like both Catcher and TWAT i would choose San Diego because overall he sounds awesome. Jungle, Prostitute and Yesterdays are great. Im curious about your picks
  12. Every GNR song in your favorite order.

    From 1 to 15 1 Coma 2 Dead Horse 3 Jungle 4 Estranged 5 Street of dreams 6 Nightrain 7 Madagascar 8 Locomotive 9 Paradise City 10 Sweet Child 11 Prostitute 12 Out ta get me 13 Chinese Democracy 14 Garden of eden 15 November Rain . . . Least favourite . . 97 Scraped 98 Riad N' 99 My world 100 One in a million
  13. No offence but it Del James dumb? He either knows something and doesnt speak or is completelly dumb. I believe that if TB will say anything it will be a a similar response. Hope im wrong
  14. Just askin', are there any other Download performances perhaps from different cities that were broadcasted? just courious if we have any Shadow or Slither pro shot