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  1. Arrived in Oslo this morning. Is anyone interested in hanging out this evening?
  2. Does anybody know in which hotel they are staying at?
  3. Update: All your info was really helpful! Went to the Chorzow venue about 4,5 hours ahead. Met some super cool people! EE had shitloads of people. When they got in, we got intel that first rows were already fully taken. Ended up second row on Duffs side for most of the show. Had rail during Paradise (!!!) Went absolutely batshit and danced my ASS off. No problems with that. It was a bit funny as some people next to me really didn't dance at all. But to each their own I have a lot of hair so at times I had to make sure that I didn't constantly hit someone in the face with my hair. Worked out fine luckily. Having friends/ meeting new people was really helpful and cool. No family like the GnR family! People went to get water during the support acts and at times it took them 40 minutes to get back but everything was cool. As we ran in, I didn't go to the bathroom for at least 10 hours. Luckily that wasn't really a problem because water was REALLY short. Security ran out of it and quite a few people had to be escorted out (from dehydration, it appeared). The GC gates opened 16:30 (4:30pm) sharp. Merch opened at 13 (1pm). Had a friend of mine buy us merch and put it into our car. Couldn't have imagined having to carry it around with me during dancing Definitely the best night in my life. TALLINN tomorrow! SO EXCITED! Hope to meet you guys there
  4. Hahaa same! But also SO excited.
  5. Out of reactions but thanks to all for really great info A stupid question perhaps but who's Gio? Security?
  6. Damn! Zero fun though? Sounds tough! Also.. If you know, then what about the early entry guys? Don't they block the front row? Or is there only a rather small amount of EEs?
  7. I'll be attending three shows this summer - Chorzow, Tallinn and Oslo. Any of you who have been in the Golden Circle (and front rows), I have some questions How early ahead do you go to get in the front row? When do you buy merch? Is it even possible to move away from the front row? I imagine not.. but lets say the gates open around 4.30pm, you're in the front row and need to get a drink/ go to the toilets. How? Not at all? How do people get signs in? My Tallinn ticket instructions say that they're all forbidden. Any tips? Any other tips/tricks to know? Thanks!
  8. Facebook Lives seem to start and end very quickly. If anyone's constantly looking, then there seems to be a new one every couple of minutes. Can try here: https://www.facebook.com/livemap?_rdr#@41.384266401,2.086433618000001,10z
  9. Is anyone selling a Golden Circle ticket?
  10. Axl, you sexy beast.

  11. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Don't know if this has been posted but..from 2017 by J. R. Koper (found it on FB) :
  12. Wow! Definitely need to give this many listens..