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  1. [REQ] Oh My God - FLAC

    Does anyone have a flac version of oh my god or high quality version? The copies I have are utter shit
  2. Why I think new music is coming

    Frank re-recorded Brain's drums on CD which some were John Freese's
  3. Requested Tokyo 09

    thank you!!
  4. In your opinion, which are the best GNR concerts from each year? Mine are: 1986: Roxy 1987: Ritz 1988: Ritz 1991: indiana 1992: Paris or Tokyo 1993: Argentina 2001: HOB 1/1 2002: Boston 2006: Rock am Ring 2007: Haven't listened 2009: Osaka 2010: o2 london w/ duff 2011: Chile 2012: philly 2013: dont think there is one 2014:dont think there is one 2016: Houston 2017: Haven't listened What are yours?
  5. Where to download bootlegs?

    I am trying to make a GNR bootleg collection but I don't have the money to buy bootlegs or a gnrbootlegbrazil vip account. So I am looking for any website to download bootlegs. I found httpbut it's incomplete. I am Chilean and learning english so i apologize if there are any mistakes Greetings from chile