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  1. I'm sure back around 2006/7 Prince did like 20 dates at the o2 supporting his album which was called something like 3121 and every ticket was priced at £31.21 and included the album with each purchase, at least I think it was that anyway
  2. The two times ive been to see the stones I don't think I paid more than £100 each time so $400 dollars seems extreme to me but then again it seems like all concerts in North America are way more expensive than what they would be in the UK so people may be more used to the pricing
  3. $400 dollars for a ticket for a rock concert is scandalous no matter what band it is
  4. had a look at the availability for the Met Life concert. There is no way they are selling it out. practically every block was near fully available. Only way it will get anywhere near a sell out is if they reduce the prices drastically, which I am sure they will in time
  5. like I said yesterday. They are available again as are golden circle this time
  6. Noticed that too when I went to check earlier, though won’t be surprised if tickets come available again closer to the date
  7. 5pm probably just means gates open then. so they probably wont be on till 7.30-8
  8. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Or a few cans on tennents super
  9. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Still cant decide between Glasgow or Dublin. Pricewise with travel and hotel each work out around the same. Has anyone here been to a gig at either Glasgow Green or Marlay Park?
  10. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    It’s a pity, it’s a great stadium slap bang in the city centre
  11. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Not just Manchester. It seems like Wales doesn’t even exist to them. Millennium stadium would of been great
  12. I agree totally. Pity they don’t do concerts west of London
  13. Just looked on ticket master, it’s £85.90 and that’s with all the charges too
  14. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    What are the actual chances do you all think there are of them announcing another UK date before Dublin? I don’t fancy London again and the only reason I’m holding off from Dublin atm is incase they announce a date in Glasgow/Manchester or somewhere north
  15. Reason I'm going to Dublin instead. Fuck attending Spurs new stadium