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  1. Yeah I guess that's one of the things he's done that's been the most blues based. I forgot about the horns, it gives it that Brian setzer orchestra vibe. I forgot about this singer he jammed with too, she KILLS it
  2. I'd love to hear him do some blues standards, and come up with something in that style as well. Little wing, the thrill is gone, stuff like that. I really thought he did a good rendition of Johnny b good on the NITL tour. As soon as I heard it I thought "why have you never recorded something like this!'
  3. Why he couldn't record something like this since 95 just makes me shake my head.
  4. Before Slash joined back in Guns I was hoping he would always do a straight up blues album, jam it out. I'd like to hear him take a stab at putting together a traditional 12 bar blues song, I'd be cool hearing him record all covers even like "hey Joe". I'm glad he's back in guns. Maybe in another 20 years if he's still alive he will get around to doing something like that.
  5. I get that but for me it's always a let down... None of it is guns level imho. I hear it wishing it was as good as a guns song and I can't stand alot of the lyrics and vocals. Even as technically good as they are I just don't see anything comparing.
  6. I couldn't agree more. It's beyond me why he hasn't done a jam album like "blues" from Hendrix.
  7. But this is one of a 100 reasons Bucket is beyond his peers. He kills here.
  8. I would love an entire album of blues!!! But Myles...
  9. Dude I know all about slashes playing. I love his style, but when it comes to technical ability, knowing different styles, and improving over different things bucket is one of the best. Now slashes riffs and memorable melodic lines are unmatched in that dept hands down. I've always wished he did a blues album, and improving in that format. I've never dug any of his solo bands to much other then the occasional riff. His improve over "hey Joe" is one of his best even tho he started out nervous.
  10. I love Slash but this is absolutely true, on his turff and in any other styles/genre as well.
  11. Bucketfoot, diesel Daisy, what metal do you to? Bucketfoot, diesel Daisy, what metal do you to?
  12. I actually hate this band... I think Korn is corny. But they have many more elements that have nothing to do with metal, the few that have something to do with metal are completely diluted. No other sub genres of metal exist within any of thier music. The founders of this "nu metal" genre, whom btw never called themselves that were Social Justice, and Downset, and Biohazard. Nu metal was and is a word, a lable to market alot of bands in the industry that we're not traditional or true to what metal was and is. Which on its own was a natural progression when musicians are exposed to different influences and there is nothing wrong with that, but there are countless specifics that they don't do within that style and many more they do in other styles. They did the same trick with "glam metal" can anyone play me a "glam metal" scale, chord, or musical passage that is specific to "glam metal" NO!!! But you can surely dress like a glam metal band just like your dressing points on "nu metal" we're pointed out.. it's a style that got watered down, and dumbed down by the industry to sell some records. A distorted down tuned guitar makes them metal? How about explaining the slap bass and lack of double kick pedal? And how that makes them metal.
  13. Wow. Most of what your saying had NOTHING to do with music. So nobody ever tuned down before? And "dissonance" had never been used in any other genre before? "What happened is metal fans embraced us and we play in the metal scene. But as for us being a metal band, I don't see it. We're more of a funk band, like groove-metal, than anything. I remember back in the mid-'90s, we were all like, "We're not a metal band, we're not a metal band." And there's all this nu-metal shit, too. Everyone misunderstood us. But I don't care anymore.
  14. Hahahahaha My point exactly! Nu metal was an industry label. Of course they rolled with it to sell some records. Now explain to me how slap bass fits into the metal genre and not having a double kick pedal fits into the equation of "metal".
  15. No. They rolled with that label to sell a few records. And the real deal metal bands have and will not ever accept them as a metal act. And the fact that there is a mix of multiple styles within thier music even if you like it or not is undeniable. They were never a metal band and never will be. And, can you explain when and how slap bass fits into the metal genre?