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  1. I believe your right, Zack went on to use his stuff for BLS, Gilby, the first snakepit, all we're kicked around at sometime to humor a guns record.
  2. I saw them twice, the performance and sound was better then when I saw them as a kid. In all honesty nothing has changed to much other then the fact the industry is getting a huge pay day out of this, the money is rolling in so the media is back to treating them like they can do no wrong. Two people joined back and all the sudden Guns are good again. Well they were good when I saw them before this tour too, they just weren't in fashion at the time. People were busy hating on them cause Axl supposedly killed the band.
  3. I'm well aware of the line ups. Chinese was the only material that was released, there is alot more material. If that sees the light of day or new music is worked on or a bit of both is used is what remains to be seen. I highly doubt Fortus and company won't be featured on a new recording, they have stuck by Axls side and they think highly of eachother. So possibly In a few years you might have to eat your words. Regarding Izzy, hasn't he released like 11 albums since Guns? Where are all the timeless and memorable songs from that catalog? Yes he was great working with Axl and company, but Imho none of the past alumni has been close to having ONE song that is of the caliber of a Guns release. People seem to like Sorum around here, he is the epitome of a hired hand. What Guns song has he written music for??
  4. The nugnr lineup had members in it double the time the original lineup dissolved. You can hate the line up and the music that's subjective but you can't twist the facts.
  5. CD was released, and it sold pretty good considering the lack of effort on Axl/bands part and the label. Nobody buys CDs anymore, it's not 1995 anymore. If Slash and Duff were on it would it have done better? Of course! But that doesn't make it a failure.
  6. He proved everyone that doubted wrong. Even Slash who went back to play Chinese songs, the same direction he claimed he didn't want!
  7. Ok just over half are SMKC songs. Just saying I'd like to see how it gos if they roll strictly playing thier material.
  8. He doesn't need to yet he plays 20 or so setlist of songs and about 7 guns songs and 2 VR songs. Just saying, I'd like to see him do an entire tour on SMKC material and see what happens. Why do guns do so many cover songs now? Well I can think of a few that were added spontaneously cause of deaths.
  9. Go set a metronome to appetite and see what happens. And of course Brain knew about this he's a pro that could emulate that to a certain degree where Sorum just played completely straight regardless. He's never done a tour yet without playing guns songs????