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  1. First reminds me of Radiohead, the overhead mics on the drums seem way to hot, but possibly helps it to rock a little. Bands like this, Marron 5, the killers, Coldplay, radiohead that type of thing it's just quirky pop that trys to rock but never fully takes flight inmho. Outta that batch I'd say the killers rock the most cause thier drummer actually creates that energy. I can get into Radiohead and the killers I love ok computer and the killers first release, but each are more easy listening pop more then they could ever care to admit Play this track before SOYL and I'm sure you'll notice the energy level difference.
  2. They are trying to rock, I'd give em a step above some band like Marron 5 who people insist to me are rock. But I'd still say it's more like pop rock like the type of rock you would see on a wholesome family program like the voice. I still remember back in the late 80s when people insisted to me Guns was metal...
  3. I'll check it out in a bit.
  4. I'll relisten. But they have never rocked hard to me. I guess my standard is different. I've had people tell me maroon five is a rock band too, I think the mainstream standards have kind of blurred the line imho.
  5. I just strongly disagree they are rock. I suppose Brian Johnson solidified them as a rock band when he jammed with them. They just don't have a rock band energy or attack to me.
  6. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    Fourth biggest tour in history and a 30 some year old single about to crack top ten= irrelevant by killuridols standards... Grind that axe tho..
  7. Muse is a joke and at best are like background elevator music "rock"
  8. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    Then get your time machine and go back to 1991 or you could move on? Impossible for someone as bitter as yourself, here Guns is just about back on top I'd argue and your still crying. But if this tour and this boxset and this single weren't out let me guess you would be happy? Adler will be lucky to play a couple songs again once every blue moon. He is bad for business, he's a buzzkill, he's a liability because he's never done a tour of this scope, if the band is happier without him then guess what? It's the RIGHT decision.
  9. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    Ha. Tell that to the filled stadiums.
  10. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    Adler=Job security for Frank. Deal with it and move on. Axl would have brain back full time before Adler if something happened to Frank.
  11. Political correctness is the enemy of truth. More people should just say whatever they feel and not care about who they have offended. Top down censorship is at an all time unprecedented high, if your not aware of this you have no idea what's been going on. Google being used as a political lapdog to erase content, skewing everyone's perception or just deleting info all together is nothing less then a modern day book burning imho. If a band or celebrity wants to sound off about something with the intent of telling thier truth then by all means that's what they should do. OIAM is a good example of what has made it great here, freedom of speech, you can't ever take that for granted no matter how much something said angers you or not.
  12. Definitely. If this does well it will make even more of a demand for some new music. The wait is getting a bit old,
  13. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    I think he acts like he's 20, an immature 20 year old.
  14. Cool last time I heard today it was at 16??? I heard them play it today on 102.5 wdve. The first time I heard it in a car stereo. It sounded good, the DJ mentioned that they had never heard the track and she said it should have been on Appetite. I think next week it should get more plays and hit it's stride. I think it will definitely be in the top ten, that would be cool to see it break into the top 5