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  1. Technical proficiency is playing scales at a million miles an hour. Feel is putting emotion into your playing. A technician is someone skilled in the technique of an art or craft. I agree that you need technical proficiency to be able to apply the feel but i also think you can be a good technician with no feel - like richard fortus and bumblefoot. Saying Slash is low on the list of good guitarists because he hasn't done anything amazing lately is bit rough. Is paul mccartney low on the list of good songwriters because he hasnt written a good song lately. You're also being very patronising about the guitar playing stuff - pretty proud of your playing are you? I've also been playing for 20 odd years - not that you need to play guitar to have an opinion on guitar players. I hope you're not as passive aggressive in your real life as you are online! All the best.
  2. I don't think anyone could possibly argue that slash is not one of the greatest guitarists of all time. That's ridiculous! Richard has no feel - check out his nov rain solos from back in the day. Terrible. Point me in the direction of the amazing guitar playing Richard has done recently. Point me in the direction of the amazing songs and solos he has written in his career. People are constantly mistaking technical proficiency for brilliant guitar playing. I'll agree that Richard is a more technical guitar player than Slash but that doesn't mean shit all to me. I would have thought noodling was a new word for improvising
  3. I like it when solos sound different live. Can always put the record on and listen to the solo there. We're listening to one of the greatest guitarists of all time improvise!
  4. Slither sounds great. Axl's vocals are brilliant on this. The harmony he sings in the chorus is amazing. Axl can improve songs that i already thought were pretty perfect. He really is a genius.
  5. I don't know why people keep being surprised by Axl's off nights! Sometimes your voice is not as good as other times. We don't know if he's been sick recently or what's been happening for him. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. He's out there having a real crack at it though. He's a legend. I think we can look through rose coloured glasses sometimes when thinking of the 90's Axl - he had some shocking nights back then too! I think it's amazing what he's doing. P.S. Slash's solo sounded great.
  6. Last full album you listened to?

    This is a great album. I'm loving it. Always loved vains of jenna and have been hanging out for some new music from lizzy. I should check out santa cruz. Any other tips for music like this?
  7. Best opening act of the tour so far?

    I saw them in Melbourne. Probably wasn't there fault to be honest. MCG is massive and the sound was like sludge for wolfmother. GNR sounded awesome though so that's all that mattered to me
  8. Best opening act of the tour so far?

    Definitely not wolfmother. They stank it up.
  9. I know this might seem very self indulgent to quote and review my own review but I promised some people on this thread that i would give this album a chance. My first review was very scathing to put it mildly! I want to be the sort of person who is willing to have an open mind willing to change and be able to admit i was wrong. So this may not be a full retraction but i honestly have to admit that i am really enjoying quite few songs now. 1. Call of the wild - pretty good song. Catchy. Runs along at a good pace. Good solo. Don't like the bridge and wouldn't have it as the first song. 2. Serve you right - i really like this song. Great chorus, solo and the outro is one of the best parts of the album. 3. My antidote - don't love the scratching stuff but the solo is amazing. Cool chorus. I like it. 4. Mind your manners - love the degegegegegege into the solo and i like the solo. Catchy chorus. Not a bad song. Simple but fun. 5. Lost inside the girl - beautiful song. Best chorus on the album and amazing solo. Great outro. Very cool song. 6. Read between the lines - i still hate it. 7. Slow grind - i hate this one one even more. 8. The one you loved is gone - i might be a big soft sook but i love this song. Its beautful. Best ballad they've ever done in my opinion. 9. Driving rain - i really like this song. Great main riff. Should open the album i reckon. 10. Sugar cane. - terrible, terrible song. 11. The great pretender - good song. Like the melody line and solo. 12. Boulevard of broken hearts - sounds like a song muse would write. I like it. Not one of my favourites but i do actually like the song. In summary - overall i really like the album. Made a spotify playlist without the 3 songs i hate and i'm much happier. My first review came after i'd been listening to a lot of pantera and lamb of god so it sounded a bit soft. Slash has come up with some really good stuff here. Myles will never be my favourite singer but once you get into the music he sits a bit deeper in the song and i can handle it then. I have my confidence back that slash working with Axl will really produce some amazing stuff. Its got me very excited. I feel a lot better now that i've retracted my previous review - i got q bit carried away. Living the dream is not GNR but its better than nothing - and more than that it's actually pretty cool. Just dont hope for it to be GNR - its a different beast entirely!
  10. I'd rather they played My world than If the world!
  11. Yeah you’re right actually! WTTJ is better as well. I think i was focusing on the rest of the UYI videos which were crap.
  12. Their best video by a mile. Pretty boring and unremarkable song for me. Sort of song that if you asked me to hum or play the guitar riff I wouldn't have any recollection of how it sounded!
  13. I don't reckon there's any chance of hearing music with Bucket or Robin on it in my opinion. Slash and Duff will have a chance to work on those songs and alter them as well. I definitely think a double album would be the only way to go - using all the music that the different members bring in. Get everyone to work on them. Might get it released by about 2030 if we're lucky!