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  1. Yes!!! I've been saying this for ages and never heard anyone else mention it! Back in Nuguns he used to slaughter it - absolutely appalling. I thought it would improve with Slash back but nope - still shit. It's bewildering considering its such a simple song to play. One of those songs that's great for beginners.
  2. I'm super confused. Have people heard the full rehearsal of hardschool? A new intro keeps being spoken about and I don't understand where it is. I've only heard the snippet. I'm a simple man - can someone explain for me whats going on?
  3. And now they've spat me back out again 😞
  4. So excited about this. This band - everytime I think I'm out they pull me back in!!!
  5. Led Zeppelin wins Stairway to Heaven case

    I thought Marty McFly invented rock music in 1955!?!
  6. Led Zeppelin wins Stairway to Heaven case

    Led Zeppelin have along history of blatant plagiarism.
  7. Best: Whole lotta Rosie (which is also AC/DC's greatest song!) Only woman bleed Wild Horses Worst: I feel good Black Hole Sun
  8. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    Wow that is a truly awful song!
  9. Axl, Shut-Up and Sing

    Bono: Everytime I clap my hands a child dies of starvation...... Crowd: Stop clapping!!
  10. Untitled Axl Rose biopic

    Gonna be a pretty dull biopic if its all non-speaking roles. What is it? A silent film??
  11. I can't believe we've come to this...... We really need some new music to talk about!
  12. If my mother had wheels she'd be a bicycle!!
  13. Patton is still an asshole. Really seems like a complete tool. I never got the thing with Cobain - he seemed like the original pretentious hipster to me! Everytime I've read or watched anything about him I've realised I'm not a fan of him as a person. Btw i loved fnm as a teenager and dont mind a bit of nirvana either. Im just talking about how they come/came across.
  14. All of this is spot on mate. To top it all off they continue to pile on covers like the seeker, black hole sun and wichita lineman night after night! Not to mention 15 minute KOHD - about as interesting as a matt sorum drum solo from 1991!