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  1. Damn I hope so!! I love that song. One of my favs. Outro solo is amazing. Interesting one re: pretty tied up being offensive. "that bitch is just insane" is the only offensive part i would have thought. The other stuff refers to her enjoying bdsm, whips etc which she is more than entitled to enjoy! Stop kink-shaming her for God's sake! Some girls like kinky stuff - good for her I say!
  2. I'd be pretty pissed if i paid a shitload to be front row at a gnr concert and then spent the whole time looking at the back of a sign! Why would anyone take a sign to a concert!?!
  3. You always seem to put together really interesting quotes and facts on all these topics! Thanks for that! I don't know how you do it! Maybe you should write a book.
  4. I was in Melbourne when he called us Sydney That was a bit of an issue. 80000 people booing at the start of a concert isn't ideal!
  5. Paul Huge and the new album

    Sure am!! Keeps me up at night. All i think about. Obsessed. I think i have a problem...
  6. That seems a tad ominous.....
  7. The first verse of every version they've ever done?? Wow!! Stumbling of words is obviously very different to what I'm talking about. That's a mistake. When the verses are sung correctly they're fine. When the chorus is sung correctly it's brilliant. Unfortunately he's voice hasn't been going so well on a few versions so they've not sounded so great. But you can't pick those out alone as proof that he can't sing the song properly. He's stuffed up every GNR song at one point or another. That happens - it doesn't mean he can't sing. When I'm talking about his own version of the song I'm pretty obviously talking about the chorus (as that is clearly different to the original) so yes I am definitely saying it's an intentional choice.
  8. He's doing his own version though. It's like when people are complaining that Slash isn't copying the solos on better, this i love and sorry. Why have Slash or Axl in a band and expect them to just copy the previous versions of songs? What a waste of talent. I always want them to improvise and change the song in a way they are comfortable with. I love Axls vocals in the chorus of slither especially. He harmonises for Duff who is singing the more "traditional" version of the chorus.. I think it sounds amazing.
  9. I feel the same! I've said so a few times on this forum and got silence in return generally!
  10. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    A legend in his own lifetime. Songs will be written in his name.
  11. Can't recall hearing schoolgirls talk about who has the biggest dick!?!
  12. Amazing how when Axl's voice is firing he's not seen as fat and lazy anymore! Am I the only person on this forum who thinks that Axl's harmonies on the slither chorus are absolute genius?? He switches to backing vocals in the chorus (harmonising with duff) and i think it sounds brilliant - so much better than just straight up singing it. I'm so excited about how good this concert sounded - no other band can make me feel like this!
  13. "Millinery Folks"??? How dare you call me a hat maker you cobbler swine!!!!
  14. So who is drumming on oklahoma? Sounds amazing! I love this cd of leaks. Such an interesting direction to take. I feel like an album going with this style would have been great but very divisive.