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  1. Its John Connor with motorbike. Ultimate edition.
  2. This sort of tough guy shit gets me down. The leading cause of death in men aged 20 to 30 is suicide. This sort of attitude of basically telling people to harden up is a huge issue in society. Depressed? Just cheer up. Anxious? Don't worry about it. This attitude belittles mental health issues and leads to people feeling that a condition they have, often caused by a chemical imbalance, is their fault. It's so easy to sit at a computer and be a macho man about these issues but you're really just displaying a major lack of understanding. A little bit of empathy wouldn't go astray - try to understand the difficulties other people can have in life. Just comparing Axl to other musicians who handle things better is not reasonable. People deal with things differently. Check out www.beyondblue.org.au Might be time to update your thinking. Can't speak for others but your tough guy act is pretty unimpressive to me.