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  1. If Its Just Slash or Duff Who Came Back?

    The casual GNR fan has no idea who buckethead is. They just think he's a dickhead with a KFC bucket on his head. I don't think people would give a shit about that reunion.
  2. I think we can safely say we have very different taste in Slash songs! I think sugar cane is the worst song I've ever heard. Mind blowingly horrendous. I can't find the words to say how bad it is. Slow grind is another appalling song in my opinion. One of the worst riffs Slash has ever written. Shocking song. Safari inn is a great song to put you to sleep. Nothing catchy or memorable about it for me. Same with watch this. Neither of them are orion that's for sure. Slash does not have a good time with instrumentals.
  3. I'll keep trying mate. Hopefully it'll grow on me and I'll have to write a retraction.
  4. True enough mate. Its definitely myles bringing it down for me. Just find it hard to get past that and focus on the music. There is some cool ideas from Slash. I guess im just disappointed with the songs they become after myles has his way with them.
  5. I guess I'm just unhappy about the path he's gone down with his music at the moment. I think its more myles really. At least the one you loved is gone is a ballad not a pop song pretending to be a rock song. I think thats the difference. I think some of the ideas could be pretty cool with axls input. I think they bring the best out of each other. Slash needs to be challenged more.
  6. I've listened to this album a few times now and after considering it seriously I feel comfortable referring to it as a pile of crap. If young slash knew that old slash would be playing this shit music he would spew his guts up. It sits somewhere between nickleback, matchbox 20 and maroon 5. When did slash become pop music. People on this thread "its great - so easy to listen to". Is that what we're after with a slash album?? If you like easy listening then boy have i got the artist foryou - Enya! Ive been dreaming of a slash/axl album for 25 years and this makes me wonder if I should move on. 1. Call of the wild - dull, boring song that sounds like all their other crap songs. Myles bleats like a goat all over it. Id rather listen to the version of chop suey where all the weird goats do the singing. 2. Serve you right - more of the same. Nothing memorable about it at all. I hate myles weird whispering voice as much his goat bleating. 3. My antidote - after a bad start it actually gets worse! Slash trying to be tom morello for some reason. Am i missing something or have the first 3 songs got the same tempo, chorus, goat bleating and uninspired solo. Struggling to tell the songs apart at this stage. 4. Mind your manners - SMKC version of painting by numbers. Would struggle to dislike it more. 5. Lost inside the girl - Myles sings this one like he's a magician on a stage in las vegas. Weird whispery voice again. Makes a change from the goat i suppose. Pretty sure myles is actually saying lost inside the grrrrrrl. Corny lyrics and generic guitar. 6. Read between the lines - worst guitar riff slash has ever written. Pretty sure he's actually used it before but its all blending together at this stage. Terrible song. The verses make me cringe so much. 7. Slow grind - trying to pretend this song never happened. Appalling. Vocals hit a new low. I'm almost positive slash has ripped this riff off from himself bout 5 times. 8. The one you loved is gone - beautiful main guitar riff. Vocals are quite nice at the start. Meanders a bit. Solos aren't bad. Finally made it to a song thats semi listenable. What a relief. 9. When i first heard this song as a single i thought it was soft. Thought slash needed to grow some balls. Compared to the other "rock" songs on this album it sounds like lamb of god. Was disappointing as a single but turns out to be one of the better songs. 10. Sugar cane - don't think i can bring myself to talk about this one. Makes me too upset. 11. The great pretender - this song is trying be something that it doesnt quite become. The something that its trying to be is messages by VR. At least it doesn't sound like all the shit pop music on this album. Misses the mark though. Rubbish verses. 12. Boulevard of broken hearts - why does slash start with the riff from eye of the tiger? Myles is too much of a pansy for Rocky. This song is trying to be epic. My last bowel movement was more epic than this. This whole song seems incredibly forced - once again much like my last bowel movement. Lyrics are pathetic. To say this album is disappointing is like saying that external hemorrhoids are a tad uncomfortable. Slash needs to learn the difference between a good friend and a good vocalist. I'd rather listen to axl if he was going through a techno funk folk opera stage and started singing in italian. Slash seems to surrounded by band mates too scared to tell him he keeps bringing in the same song ideas. Slash is my favourite guitarist ever. Has inspired me with my own guitar playing so much. But its getting to the stage where i think we need to stage an intervention. He needs to be saved from himself - and myles. This can't go on.
  7. Myles oversings so much with that stupid voice he puts on. I swear sometimes its like listening to mariah carey trying to sing a rock song.
  8. I agree. Some riffs that are pretty cool. It's not just Myles voice but the melodies he sings that are too much like pop music for me.
  9. Just listened all the way through. First opinion is that it's a pretty ordinary album. Hoping that it grows on me. Struggling to listen to Myles sing on every song. Man I get sick of his voice quick - usually the first verse of every song! Slash seems to have taken up writing pop music these days. I would not call this hard rock. It's about as hard rock as Creed. With Myles singing it starts to stray in to Nickleback territory. Slash needs to get working with Axl!
  10. Nothing to do with ghost writing but there's always been rumours that session guitarists were brought in for AFD. Mostly the rumours involve the Paradise city outro solo being too fast and technical for Slash. This is not me agreeing with these rumours by the way! Just things that I've read.
  11. I agree 100% I still think the main riff from Pretty tied up is arguably the best riff on the illusion albums.
  12. Double talkin Jive and pretty tied up are two of my absolute favourite GNR songs. He is a great songwriter and a guitarist with amazing feel. Axl seems to prefer guitar players who are technically proficient (way more than Izzy) but who have no real style or feel to their playing. Bumblefoot and Fortus I'm talking about mainly.
  13. I wonder who he could work with. Someone that brings the best guitar playing out of him. There is always that bloke who sings for GNR. I've always thought that slash is a great lead player when he's playing over someone else's song. On the whole that seems to get the best out of him. A lot of the songs that he writes sound the same as every other song he's written. Combine that with Myles singing the same song every time and it's starting to sound pretty bland.
  14. Should save the GNR songs until Axl joins them onstage some time!