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  1. Patton is still an asshole. Really seems like a complete tool. I never got the thing with Cobain - he seemed like the original pretentious hipster to me! Everytime I've read or watched anything about him I've realised I'm not a fan of him as a person. Btw i loved fnm as a teenager and dont mind a bit of nirvana either. Im just talking about how they come/came across.
  2. All of this is spot on mate. To top it all off they continue to pile on covers like the seeker, black hole sun and wichita lineman night after night! Not to mention 15 minute KOHD - about as interesting as a matt sorum drum solo from 1991!
  3. This is what peak performance looks like. Some of you may not like it but its the way it is.
  4. More to the point - who the hell would want a richard fortus signature guitar???
  5. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    There's no way in the world Frusciante would rejoin for a nostalgia tour! They'll be working on a new album at the moment for sure. Unfortunately loving GnR has beaten us down and we're suspicious of everyone's motives now
  6. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    John Frusciante is a guitar genius and can play anything he likes! He doesnt play the studio solos on any songs - he improvises every concert. The californication tour was after he literally had not played guitar for 6 years - so yeah he was a bit rusty. I love janes addiction but dave navarro is not even close to being in frusciantes league as a guitarist.
  7. Roxette Singer dead at 61

    Looking forward to GnR adding Listen To Your Heart to the setlist in 2020!!
  8. Solutions

    Seems unlikely...
  9. Solutions

    Guess I'll just let myself out then.....
  10. Setlist for 2020

    Hey mate, just wondering why you didn't like the garden from the Saskatoon bootleg? I thought it was amazing!
  11. Finally you're speaking some sense!!
  12. Try to remember that this discussion is not about whether they are influential but about whether they eat noodles or not.
  13. It's like the other day I was talking to a lady at work. She was having a go at me for not having heard of something. I said Listen Karen we all have different experiences throughout our lives which introduce us to varied aspects of the world. What is normal to one person might be unheard of to another. You can't compare what one person knows and has experienced to another because they are going to be so varied based on their relationships, life experience, socioeconomic status, etc. So I said Karen back off a little and get out of my face. It's not my fault I've never heard of "toilet paper".
  14. Just went back to check what this conversation was about. Turns out its about "noodling"!! Who would have thought! No i was just being silly mate. End of the day at work and its gone to my head! Harrison is great - and doesn't noodle. Nothing dorkey about claptons guitar playing. I really love his playing. Haven't heard him noodle. Keith Richards IS a rhythm guitarist (although wrote the lead to gimme shelter - one of the great lead guitar lines and great songs) so it would be a bit weird if he noodled! Still don't know who Robbie Robertson is but that's not his fault - don't reckon he's heard of me either!
  15. No one informed me of my comments - i came up with them myself. Hard to believe i know! The only comment i would alter would be about George Harrison. He's better than ok.
  16. I reckon if you pushed a bit harder you could sound more pretentious! I believe in you - You can do it!!
  17. George Harrison is just an OK guitar player (not talking about his songwriting so back off alright!!!) Eric Clapton is a massive dork (Come at me Bro!!!) Keith Richards is a rhythm guitar player so a completely different topic (Lets compare him to Izzy - that should be fun!) Robbie Robertson ( You mean THE Robbie Robertson, the man, the legend?? - Never heard of him)
  18. Copyright Strikes....

    What a horrible attitude. I hope your nanny can find a more respectful employer one day. Would you like your employer to speak about you like that?
  19. Copyright Strikes....

    I can't believe they have taken down all the concert footage on YT but released the embarrassing appetite for democracy dvd !!!!
  20. slash's hat

    I'm with you mate. I'm over it. Maybe he should try something different like a beanie or a beret. That might look nice.
  21. I honestly didn't think there would be anyone on the planet with the slightest interest in hearing GnR cover Benny and the Jets. I would rather hear a jazz infused, country style, acapella version of My World.