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  1. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    Made for the UYI tour and is back in use as a "B" rig now...
  2. Lots of old Recordings

    I did post other pics. i posted pics of slash's and duffs guitars back stage at the fourm and dodger stadium shows. Pics of their stage rigs that are dummy stage props with video inserts. I posted a before and after pic from the Troub show, it was a no camera show and i agreed not to take pics during the show so i could keep my phone. I posted a pic of Duffs "B1/2" rig that was ready to be shipped to Mexico for a one off before the last leg of their tour took off. and a few other pics. No one seemed interested. I certianly dont have the cool fan pics that you guys post but i tried to show some behind the scenes stuff, at least the stuff i felt comfortable posting.
  3. Lots of old Recordings

    And i always knew they were there, i just didnt think anything of them. Band members saw them every now and then and never made any kinda issue over them. Until a couple of fans thought they were important, thats what i thought was so cool. I asked crew members about the tapes many times and no one really cared, as i said before there are more piles like this one. And if you buy something from me that at my warehouse thats where you will probably get to pick it up. If i deem you sane i let you peek.
  4. Lots of old Recordings

    Correct, one specific band member owns these particular tapes not any record company. Management as in someones personal manager most likely.
  5. Lots of old Recordings

    2 guys who spent more than a few $$$ on vintage posters. always welcome. Buy the VR lights i got for sale and swing on by.
  6. Lots of old Recordings

    I dont think many of you understand, this is just stuff. Everything is recorded. There are many many piles like this one in other storage places. If anything was good enough something will be done with it. most of it is just friends playing around with friends. When everyone has a studio in their house this type of stuff happens. I'm sure there are some pretty cool tracks but i dont think many were meant for release. Now they have the oppertinuty to do something with them even if its just to store them properly. I think my point to the posting was to say how fans can affect things bigger than they think, even if they never knew they did.
  7. Lots of old Recordings

    You sir are correct... Thank You
  8. Lots of old Recordings

    you need a 2" machine for most of them and someone who knows how to work it. Theres just so much stuff, everybody records everything. I'm very sure there are more stacks like this one in someones house and other storage facilities. It kinda took a couple of fans to get anything goning on with these tapes.
  9. Lots of old Recordings

    put my name into ebay, thats how they found me. I invited them over to shop i guess. I got lots of posters from way back.
  10. Lots of old Recordings

    i got more pics but i want to see if i get a call about this pic first. dont want to piss anyone off.
  11. Lots of old Recordings

    I do studio storage, they were never mine. Being trusted gets me around easier.
  12. Lots of old Recordings

    nope. just store them.
  13. sorry guys. i was just trying to show off some cool stuff that many fans never get a chance to see. It didnt work out.
  14. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    Some content.
  15. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    Not always about the glamor live shots. Hope some of you enjoy the gear pic's....