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  1. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    Lots of hard miles on this road case... McBob's Use Your Illusion tour work box. Been stored away for a few years... Looks like its gonna get some use again...
  2. Some of the harder to find Tour Picks... The ones from South America were made for Axl's family to hand out as gifts, they were never used on stage...
  3. Yeah, i'm new... But this site is huge. I'll get better..
  4. Just posting pics to learn my way around... They exist... I'll start posting more interesting pics soon..
  5. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    When old crew guys clean out their garage they find some cool stuff.... Long lost tour posters
  6. Dave Kushner guitar Slash signed for him.... Dave gets the whole signature...
  7. Its actually a old Luc Robatalli stick that broke... My brother worked for the lA Kings for many years, he would bring me lots of broken sticks and other stuff..
  8. Thanks... heres another couple of cool posters..
  9. Hard to get a good pic of this one until its framed... On like a vinyl type of paper thats shinny....
  10. Axl's point of view about 2 hours before the Dodger Stadium show...