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  1. Another Thermal - GnR embroidered patch on sleeve. VR - MTV Show - Not Headlining
  2. Dont see this every day... Day On The Green 92' Thermal 2010 GnR
  3. So many people from all over the world send me emails about shorts. Not sure why but here's a pair.
  4. Nice VR 2006 Gnr 2004 KROQ Amost Acoustic Christmas - VR
  5. USSR - Large Abu Dhabi - XL San Diego - S L.A. - S & L AZ - S San Francisco's are gone.
  6. Some Velvet Revolver - Sunset Strip Shirt from Velvet Revolver's very first show. Best 4 Song Show Ever.
  7. What do you want? Ive sold all kinds of stuff for band/crew members.
  8. He said he only got 1 leather motorcycle style jacket his whole time with the band. It was like 1988, it had the Cross patch and his name sewn into it. He's not sure of the brand but said he will take a look and ill ask him for a pic also. He's sure this was the only swag like this the crew/backline got.
  9. From 1993 - National Bowl - Kinda really nice Rare Photographers Vest Hoodie Scandinavia 1991
  10. More Versace. New old stock.
  11. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    Here's a good story. Long time ago i was delivering a freshly tolexed (white) marshal combo to Slash's house and while i was there his snake guy was doing his gig. Slash was not home. The snake tank was a glass enclosed jacuzzi on a landing in the middle of his staircase, it was open. My boss and i went past carefully because we're not snake guys. On the way back i asked the guy if i could pet the snake, i was terrified but i thought when would anyone ever have a chance to pet 2 giant snakes and one was albino. He said yeah and i did. It felt like a giant rubber thigh, thats the best i got. No cell phones back then so no pic but i was pretty cool. Soon after that Slash appeared on the cover of Reptile mag, it was the first time a human was on the cover. I know this because my girlfriend at the time worked for Fancy Publications, who print that mag. She got 20 copies and Slash was very cool and singed every one to the actual person they were going to. Heres a pic of mine and i pet that snake.