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  1. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I'd love to hear 2016 Axl sing "Give In To Me". 2018 Axl...well...how about Bee Gees?
  2. Motley Crue's Sixx/Lee and Bob Rock in the studio

    Wasn't that not touring contract they had only for a few years?
  3. ...and I'm curious what the general opinion is. I've read many internet posts stating his music is cheesy and people getting kind of weird looks when they admit that they like his stuff. But I really don't get it? I think his/Jim Steinman's songs are amazing and even albums where Steinman wasn't involved are good. Okay his 80's stuff is a bit cheesy and boring, but the 90's and 00's stuff was good. Even in 2010 he proved everybody he still had it when he released "Hang Cool Teddy Bear", of which I've only read good reviews. One review even stating it was his third best album behind Bat I & II. And I really like it too. Then between "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" (2010) and "Hell In A Handbasket" (2011) something happened, I'm curious what. His live voice was always a bit weak but in the studio he totally delivered. But in 2011 his voice suddenly started to fall apart. And for his last album he couldn't hit any notes at all. Kind of sad, I would consider him one of the greatest voices of the last 100 years. He had a voice like a big old american V8 motor. The american equivalent to Freddie Mercury. (Opera etc.) His live shows were something completely different, the drama he added, the acting, it's like a musical/theatre. I think they were really entertaining even though he wasn't vocally on point. My dad saw him in the early 90's and thought it was amazing. So I'm just curious, why do people think they need to be ashamed of admitting to liking Meat Loaf? What is your opinion on his music? What's your favorite song/album of his?
  4. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    I know, I've read it. I just think it sounds like it's about them.
  5. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    I always felt like Madagascar and Riad were about Slash and Duff. Them having the role of "Riad and the bedouins". You know, the whole song as a big "fuck you". Especially the first line. SOD not so much. But SOD is a great song, one of the few GNR songs even my girlfriend likes. It would have been a great single.
  6. If you take the most important songs out of both and combine them into one album it would have been as great as Appetite. But I'm glad all the other songs are there too, I wouldn't want to miss something like RNTDH or Perfect Crime.
  7. They should just give her a camping chair, all the AFD boxsets that weren't sold and a permanent spot at a flea market.
  8. Shape-wise, yes. Otherwise, no. Axl needed to release CD first, if not he would seem like a big failure and the band would have probably broken up again sooner or later.
  9. I think Gilby looks better/more stylish than all the current members of GNR combined.
  10. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    I actually prefer the Brian Era to the Bon Era. I love the stuff from the 90s on, Ballbreaker, Stiff Upper Lip, Black Ice...some really heavy stuff.
  11. I love Aerosmith/Steven. Hated this performance. Cut all the crap, just give them a fucking stage, let them do Toys and something else and go home. It would have still got the crowd pumped. I really don't get the point with all the drama of an elevator stage etc that started some years ago. MJ's 1995 performance at that show beat everything and he didn't have any special effects apart from a big curtain thing and Slash. Anyway, when I watched Aerosmiths performance on Jimmy Fallon I was blown away, that Mama Kin was one of the best ever. Kind of curious how Axl's Mama Kin would sound if he gave it his all. I'm positive the voice is still there, he just has to work on it. I also hope a new GNR album, doesn't matter if it's reworked CDII or '96 stuff has new vocals. Doesn't matter if it's full Mickey, I would just feel betrayed if they used the old ones. It's like those recent MJ album where people worked with the stuff he left behind. And Axl isn't dead.
  12. Wow, that would have been a band of many things. You'd have had a flower, a thing from a computer keyboard, a beer from the Simpsons, a cock and a Matt Sorum.
  13. Slash interview Classic Rock magazine

    I just hope if they rework old songs Axl will put new vocals on it. I would feel betrayed if he didn't, because Axl isn't dead. It would feel like those recent Michael Jackson albums, where other people worked on the stuff he left behind.
  14. Aerosmith

    There will be a "special" Aerosmith performance at the MTV VMA's. Exciting