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  1. NITL should have ended in 2018. Mini tours are okay, but just retire the NITL name please.
  2. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I prefer Fortus over Izzy. Coma is my pissbreak song and I hope it will never be played live again. Used to Love Her is my least favorite song, it fucking sucks. Chinese Democracy is the second best album. I really like their SFTD. I think Axl aged really well... ...his voice not so much. They should open with CD again. I like Scraped. Axl is the most important part in Guns N' Roses. The track selection on UYI 2 is more like a leftover album. Last but not least, I think Motley's "The Dirt" is a kickass song and GN'R should learn from that for the next album.
  3. I was there too lol. I remember that the show stopped after Chinese Democracy and I was sitting behind a wall waiting, not looking at the stage. The first thing I heard was Axl screaming the intro to Jungle, don't think I ever got up so quickly lol
  4. Motley Crue's Sixx/Lee and Bob Rock in the studio

    I haven't really listened to Motley Crue, always thought they were just a cheesy hair metal band. That being said, I love "The Dirt". The song just rocks, really catchy and it just wants to make me get in the car with friends and drive into the sunset. The "Like a Virgin" cover on the other hand is horrible.
  5. I love Nice Boys and think they should do Mama Kin again. I'm open for covers, just a bit more variety is needed. I'm sick of BHS and Live & Let Die. Still waiting and begging for Axl to work on his voice and finally do a cover of "Give In To Me". I want that so so bad...I am positive it would be amazing.
  6. ...and I'm curious what the general opinion is. I've read many internet posts stating his music is cheesy and people getting kind of weird looks when they admit that they like his stuff. But I really don't get it? I think his/Jim Steinman's songs are amazing and even albums where Steinman wasn't involved are good. Okay his 80's stuff is a bit cheesy and boring, but the 90's and 00's stuff was good. Even in 2010 he proved everybody he still had it when he released "Hang Cool Teddy Bear", of which I've only read good reviews. One review even stating it was his third best album behind Bat I & II. And I really like it too. Then between "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" (2010) and "Hell In A Handbasket" (2011) something happened, I'm curious what. His live voice was always a bit weak but in the studio he totally delivered. But in 2011 his voice suddenly started to fall apart. And for his last album he couldn't hit any notes at all. Kind of sad, I would consider him one of the greatest voices of the last 100 years. He had a voice like a big old american V8 motor. The american equivalent to Freddie Mercury. (Opera etc.) His live shows were something completely different, the drama he added, the acting, it's like a musical/theatre. I think they were really entertaining even though he wasn't vocally on point. My dad saw him in the early 90's and thought it was amazing. So I'm just curious, why do people think they need to be ashamed of admitting to liking Meat Loaf? What is your opinion on his music? What's your favorite song/album of his?