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  1. Ghost

    I've listened to alot of Meat Loaf's newer songs in the last few weeks. One really sticks out to me because I could totally imagine Ghost doing it.
  2. Axl probably requested it so that he can rework it again and put another 6 layers of stuff over the songs.
  3. What is Axl up to these days?

    What Axl is up to? Probably this: All day, all night.
  4. What is Axl up to these days?

    The way I see it, this forum's relationship with Axl is like an old marriage. Or something like that. What we actually do is just joking and there's not many people on here that think he's fat and are bothered by it We are, like Axl, 'comedy enthusiasts'. Of course we could be pissed about everything and to a point that would be understandable, but I'm quite glad humor is still a thing here. As you said, there's people like Meat Loaf who despite their weight performed amazing shows and were/are some of the best singers we ever had. Axl is still running around on stage, delivering every night, as long as he does that I couldn't care less what he looks like
  5. I would absolutely kill to see that gig.
  6. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    Could it be that Angus decided to get Brian back after hearing Axl's recent vocal performances? Just asking/guessing.
  7. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    Aw, I kind of feel sorry for Axl But maybe he's really pissed now and wants to bury Angus and AC/DC with the greatest GNR album in history Okay okay, let me dream...
  8. If it, like Blood On The Dance Floor, has a killer new song as the title track, hell yeah. BOTDF is one of my Top 5 MJ songs. Everything else would just be 'meh' IMO.
  9. That was a really enjoyable podcast! It's funny how I share nearly every opinion with @RussTCB I'm also a huge MJ fan, he is actually my No. 1 artist of all time. And Invincible is an amazing album. And didn't we also agree once that Steven Tyler should be a global treasure? And people who don't know their band stuff drive me insane. Axl is the Def Leppard singer? Oh eff off lol Where I live, in a small town, GNR shirts have become a fashion thing. There's only one girl I know who has a NITL tour shirt and she was in Hannover last year, just like me.
  10. It just feels like shit being treated like shit after we bought all of their shit.
  11. Where are you Axl Rose?

    I wouldn't be surprised if Rudd was back. It was just a matter of time anyway.
  12. I think the only thing we as fans can do is officially declare war on GNR and TB. Fuck them, it's enough. They're treating us like shit so we have to do something.
  13. I love how as soon as this tour is finished, Slash goes out and does like a million interviews.
  14. I think the song "Chinese Democracy" would have fitted Velvet Revolver. I could imagine Scotts voice on it. I also think they matured a bit and that Axl is ready to compromise with Slash and the other way around. You can make old fashioned RnR and also newer stuff. Combine it. Doesn't matter if it's 5 songs Axls way and 5 songs Slashs way and 4 songs they did together. I actually don't think they should do a "back to the roots" AFD album. Does anybody remember Aerosmith's "back to the roots" album "Music from another Dimension"? It was okay, but the songs just didn't feel right. Musicians should evolve, that's why I think mixing Axl's 'vision' and Slash's 'old school rock' for all the songs could make one of the best rock albums ever. Modern, yet classic.
  15. Somebody should do one for Axl to release new music. Pah, like that'll help...