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  1. UCR best and worst Gn'R songs

    The worst, or my least favorite, GNR song is "Used to Love Her" I hate this song so much I can't put it into words. It's an incredibly boring, stupid abortion of a song and they should ban it forever and keep OIAM.
  2. I can see it before my inner eye. After getting the call from Slash that he's leaving again, Axl quietly, without saying a word or having an expression on his face, walks to the vault and sets fire to it. After that he's standing in front of it laughing like a maniac until he gets taken to a mental hospital forever.
  3. Who cares if it sounds like AC/DC? Like seriously, what do you expect? November Rain 2.0? It's supposed to be a generic rock song because all that song is supposed to do is show off that Axl is a rock singer. It doesn't have anything to do with AC/DC or GNR, it's just a simple song probably made by someone from that studio that's supposed to fit the theme. No need to overanalyze it and/or bitch about it. It's a fun little thing, just enjoy new Axl vocals.
  4. Holy shit. I don't care if the song is stupid, hearing Axl's voice on a recording again nearly brought a tear to my eye. He's still got it.
  5. I don't think it looks that bad, he looks good wearing a jersey. It's just the rest that's "meh".
  6. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    Never got what's so great about DLR, everybody says he's a great entertainer but seeing him on stage just makes me cringe.
  7. My cousin's brother in law knows a waitress who has an uncle and that uncle has a neighbour who is 8 and guess what, his elementary school janitor who once heard about Axl Rose on the news says new album in 2019! As reliable as all of the other sources.
  8. Live albums/concert DVD's should always be recorded somewhere in South America, remember AC/DC at River Plate? What an amazing crowd.
  9. Let's be honest, Axl's voice just sounds awful and it doesn't get better as the tour goes on. It constantly awful from the first to the last show. We all just keep telling ourselves it's getting better. I've realised that as I started getting more in to Meat Loaf lately. He lost his voice around 2010, even if he hasn't been great the years before either he was still good and the voice was there. When I started listening to his music and live performances and I first watched his "Guilty Pleasure" DVD from 2011, I thought it was awful. And it actually is. It just grew on me to that point now where I think "Oh it's actually quite good!". It just isn't and I know that. But I can watch and listen now without thinking "That's shit" and actually believing that it's good. And before I got into Meat Loaf I thought the same about Axl. I thought "Oh that's actually a great vocal performance!". But when I watched a GNR live performance for the first time in a month I thought "It's honestly awful". I just got so used to his voice before that I actually believed myself when I thought it was good. SOYL is decent. Not great, but decent. The rest (apart from songs like The Seeker, DTJ etc) is just utterly bad and we can keep telling ourselves that he gets better etc, deep inside we all know it's just not good.
  10. Live albums are a great listen when you drive at night, gives you the feeling you are actually involved in something other than just sitting there listening to a song. I'd like it, but nothing beats a new studio record. With AC/DC, Aerosmith, whatever, we have so many albums and we know what to expect, it seems like we've "heard it all" with those bands. GNR have 3 (4) albums, each has a completely different, evolved style. It just feels like there's so much left they could present to us. It doesn't feel right for them to never have a new album. Right now with GNR it feels as if Michael Jackson would have stopped after "Dangerous" or as if AC/DC would have stopped after "Back In Black". There's just so much more I want to hear from them, their story isn't finished yet.
  11. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    Live & Let Die and Mr. Brownstone. They are okaaay, but I never feel like I want to listen to them. EDIT: I still hate Used To Love Her. That song just sucks the life out of me. My least favorite GNR song.
  12. They should do a TV show called "Shoot 'em Voices" featuring Axl, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Elliott and many more. Let's see who can get closest to their long gone singing talent!
  13. I'm going to eat my own shit if Axl sounds any good. And with that I mean next to no Mickey. Also expecting now setlist change at all. I was always optimistic up until the last leg, sure we got 2 new songs but Axl still sounded like Barry Gibb's grandma and the show was basically the same.
  14. Axl/DC Was in Negotiations to Play in ROCK IN RIO 2019

  15. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I'd love to hear 2016 Axl sing "Give In To Me". 2018 Axl...well...how about Bee Gees?