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  1. GNR Interview on June 11

    They should have just recorded their entire reunion process like Motley Crue. Imagine that. Ugh. But to be honest, I'd much rather have them give a full hour interview about how it all happened than them talking about...anything else.
  2. GNR Interview on June 11

    Team Brazil interview, calling it now.
  3. Didn't they rehearse Slither? If I remember correctly it was under "alternate songs" for the Slane concert, along with Perfect Crime. I'd also love if Axl sang that, I think with not covering it but making it his own it would be amazing.
  4. Best Version of KOHD.

    Rock am Ring 2006. IMO even better than Wembley. I prefer it at least.
  5. OH FOR FUCKS SAKE. I hate that song so so so much, please play My World or some new cover but drop UTLH. Seriously, it's my least favorite GNR song ever, they should have kept OIAM on the box set and gotten rid of UTLH.
  6. I think above Don't Cry it says "Lotta Rosie/There Was A Time"
  7. I think Fortus is great and Melissa's backing vocals give the songs something modern. @Fernando Is Axl growing a beard at the moment? And how is he in general?
  8. @Fernando Hey man, thanks for stopping by. Can you give us any info if the rumors of Axl being on the next Alice Cooper album are true? Also, tell Axl greetings from Germany
  9. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Aerosmith had lots of variety in their sets during the last years. Almost every tour leg they reintroduce songs they haven't played in a long time, like Nine Lives or Falling in Love during the last Euro leg. Also the opening song changes very often, from Let The Music Do The Talking to Love in an Elevator, Back in the Saddle and maaany more been done during the last 4 - 5 years. GNR on the other hand have been playing the same set for 17 years, little variety. Long gone are the early UYI days with different songs every night.
  10. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    If they're gonna add other covers PLEASE let it be Jumpin' Jack Flash and Mama Kin. Also I expect nothing. Don't think they'll add more Illusions or Think About You or CD songs like If The World/Street of Dreams. I do hope they'll surprise me with that. Same old story, same old songs and dances EDIT: Get rid of UTLH. I hate that song so much.
  11. Rocket Queen is my No. 1 favorite GNR song but I don't like Axl's voice on it nowadays. I prefer the clean voice to the Mickey voice. Also the recording quality from 2017 was just utter rubbish.
  12. To be honest, I might be in the minority but I would rather have all the demos like Jumpin Jack Flash etc rerecorded with the band they have now than the original stuff. Because that way it would at least be kind of new. But who knows, I could imagine them recording everything again, even if it says "1986 sessions". Remember Live Era? That also said "Tokyo '92" when it was more like "Axl's basement '99" and Axl never spoke about it and acted like it was all original.
  13. Could be that she didn't want to say anything because she knew the fans would shit all over it if it came out that something was re-done.
  14. After reading that I went there, many people claiming "Slash is probably happy to work with a good singer again"...okay lol