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  1. Nothing in this entire world is worse than that woman.
  2. Ha, that'd be way too communicative for GN'R!
  3. As I just stated in the show thread, his voice is what it is. But he gave it everything he had and that's what I appreciate. I don't care if a voice is shot or how shit the singer sounds, if he's at least trying to put on a great show then I can get behind it. Can give you many examples.
  4. Such a bummer they didn't play the songs. But the show seemed great. Axl's voice, well it is what it is but for what it is he really gave it his all. I appreciate that. I don't care if a voice is shot if the artist is at least really trying.
  5. From the bottom of my heart... Fuck you, Guns N' Roses.
  6. This band is such a waste of time.
  7. One pissbreak after another. I think I could still die happy if I never hear L&LD and KOHD at a GNR show again. My two least favorites at every show.
  8. At the beginning of You're Crazy I thought "Why the f... are they playing Life is a Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)?" Never heard it live from this tour.
  9. His voice doesn't seem warmed up. But the instrumental sounds fantastic, everything much better than the demo. Let's hope they put it on Spotify.
  10. I'd call it some sort of "Stockholm Syndrome". You get invested in an artist, watch their live videos over and over until you just don't notice anymore how bad they are. Then they will slowly start sounding good to your ears.
  11. They have to release an album to do a stadium tour... They just have to...come on... COME ON!!!
  12. That pro-shot of SCOM is painful. Not even good Mickey like AFDemocracy.
  13. You're Crazy would be nice...but still nothing new and it doesn't make the show more interesting. Losing all hope for new music slowly.
  14. Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    That performance was a trainwreck. Perry seems to be generally confused these days and singing and rapping at the same time sounded horrible. Could have been great, wasn't.
  15. Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    Just finding out about this now. It's a bit heartbreaking. I love Aerosmith and they always seemed like reasonable people. Maybe a bit off sometimes, but still with a good heart. But as somebody already pointed out, I never had the feeling they were "best buddies". Hell, I believe Axl and Slash are better friends in 2020 than all the members of Aerosmith ever were.