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  1. Axl and Ozzy Duet at Download?

    I'd love that but sadly not gonna happen. I also had hope that Steven Tyler & Joe Perry would play with them at RIR 2017, that was more likely but also didn't happen.
  2. Which songs should they add/drop?

    I think it's unnecessary for Rocket Queen to be 12 minutes long. It's my favorite GNR song but that's too long, you could fit RNDTH and Perfect Crime into that and still have a 6 minute Rocket Queen (as it was on the album). Chinese songs are okay, love that album but in 2018 songs like This I Love and Sorry seem uninteresting to me live(as I stated in the OP). Add I.R.S., Scraped, SoD, Shacklers, Riad...whatever just make TIL and Sorry go away. And yeah, rotating them would be a good idea, like they did with Don't Cry/Patience. But I love Prostitute, Madagascar and TWAT on the setlist.
  3. Well, Axl is playing stadiums and Vince is playing farmers markets.
  4. Since there is really nothing to talk about GNR wise I started thinking, thinking about a topic that has been discussed multiple times on here but I don't think there was ever a real thread for it. Which songs to you want them to drop from the setlist? And which songs do you want them to add to the setlist? My personal opinion is that they should drop Yesterdays, Sorry, This I Love, Used To Love Her and the covers (Black Hole Sun, The Seeker etc). Now, I'd love if they'd add Think About You, Pretty Tied Up (maybe even as a special opener for Download?), Bad Obsession, Street of Dreams, You're Crazy and some new "stuff for Duff" like Dust N Bones or So Fine. And if they have to do covers, maybe Mama Kin and that kick ass 5 minute We Will Rock You? Or Tie Your Mother Down? Theres other songs that shouldn't be played either because they sound so bad like SCOM, YCBM or Rocket Queen(even though Rocket Queen is my favorite GNR song). But don't think that's a possibility. Some might say this thread is unnecessary, but I just thought I'd do it anyway.
  5. Yep, but IMHO thats really stupid. GNR has the media exposure right now, they are hot and people want to hear new stuff from them. SMKC and AC/DC both had multiple albums out in the last 18 years, GNR only one. If AC/DC and SMKC is done before GNR this could be the death of Guns N Roses. I often read on these forums that people are done with GNR and if Axl/DC is happening before GNR I'm honestly asking myself "Why should I care about that band when not even the lead singer cares about it?" Btw I'm sorry my english is kind of bad right now. Idk why lol
  6. What if...Paul Tobias is actually in charge since 2001? Axl could be his puppet and he's secretly making the decisions from the vault?
  7. So...who to believe? Fortus, who said that they will do something or Dizzy, who said they won't? As far as I remember Dizzy has been the only one telling us "no." Even Axl himself said he showed them new songs in 2016.
  8. I actually like the '99 vocals on Live Era. At least most of them, Pretty Tied Up for example sounds really weird. I enjoy post '93 raspy Axl vocals more than pre to be honest, of course they are not as raspy and kind of high but I think they are more special and thats why I like them more and watch/listen post UYI concerts more.
  9. I listened to the first song "This Don't Look Like Vegas". His voice/vocal style kind of reminds me of Vince Neil. I really like the track, will listen to the rest later.
  10. Questions about the Vault..

    I'd love to hear the re-recorded Appetite tracks they recorded in the late 90s. Pretty sure thats in there somewhere but I guess they will never be released.
  11. Best SCOM of NITL tour?

    SCOM, YCBM and Rocket Queen are all pretty terrible live these days. Although I love SCOM from the "Where do we go?"-part on.
  12. That was probably the first time I ever saw his complete face. I think it was interesting, he seems like a cool guy. But I already knew that when I listened to the GNR Central podcast where you said that a fan met him and he said that he pushed the idea of changing the setlist but Axl doesn't want to.
  13. Questions about the Vault..

    Can't blame him to be honest. Lets say they release 2 new singles, one UYI outtake and one with the current line-up. My guess is that everybody will hate on the new stuff and be like "Oh yeah that's from UYI, awesome! The other song was done with Fortus, ugh! I hate it!"
  14. I always thought of Beta as being like the "mom" or "grandma" of the GNR fans and Axl. She seems to be really nice and helpful and cares about the whole GNR family, talking to fans and being open about many topics to them giving them some insight. Axl had many shitty people in his life but I think she's one of the better ones.