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  1. So much passive aggressiveness coming from one person. You need someone to love you i reckon.
  2. Steven just cant be taken seriously. He’s like this little (retarded) kid that everyone likes but nobody really wants anything to do with him cause he’s kind of dumb and embarrassing. Now how could they ever want someone like that to be a part of such a multi million dollar tour. Steven should know where his place is. Its playing appetite in front if a cpl hundred fans. If he’s lucky, axl and slash will let him play for a few minutes with them.
  3. These headlines are so ridiculous
  4. There’s no footage of axl falling, right?
  5. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1776500235915125?view=permalink&id=2184472355117909
  6. Huge. And i think its a great venue. But people say the sound can be shitty. I’ve never seen a concert there though
  7. i dont remember the city, but for 1 or 2 shows they had to put the stage into the middle of the stadium cause half the tickets werent sold. That way it looked more packed.
  8. Yes it was a huge success because axl and slash are back. Not because of great promotion or something like that. Some shows on the 2nd leg in the usa were poorly sold. Thats a result of not doing anything. You need gnr in peoples head. They need to see on tv or wherever what they could experience. You need to work hard for that stuff. Some shows in europe are far from being sold out. I know lots of people, who are into rock, who dont even know they’re coming. Why? No promotion whatsoever. No coverage, no nothing.
  9. I doubt its that. Axl more or less always had control. But back in the day he would be doing interviews and making sure the name is out there Take that „that metal show“ interview for example. We’ve learned recently from the appetite for distortion podcast, that the infamous team brazil didnt tell axl that he was supposed to do an interview AFTER the show was over. I mean, thats just amateurish. No respectful and experienced management would do something like that.
  10. Cause its stupid to be as passionate about any other band than Guns.
  11. After watching the Podcast with Goldstein, one thing that stood out was what he said about TB. He said, if he was managing Guns, he would make sure, as he did in the Illusion days, that there wouldn’t be any empty seats left at any show by making sure the Band has news coverage etc. What does it say about Beta and her kids? We have one of the biggest tours ever basically without any kind of promotion. Of course they know that the name GNR itself sells like shit and they wont have to spend extra money for promotion, plus they get they’re money anyway, even if the shows are only 50% sold out. Why not treat this massive, huge and worldwide tour like it should be. With love and passion and dedication. Another thing: look at how poorly their social media is being handled. You get some lame ass boring 30sec promo videos from time to time, same cutting, same style, same everything. The same old boring pics of kat for every other show. Nothing exciting, nothing out of the ordinary, not interviews, no behind the scenes shit. No information whatsoever. If beta and her kids had some respect for this band, they’d make sure they’re name is out there constantly, or at least from time to time. Holding out your hands and taking all the money and sitting on it and waiting until the next tour comes is not what it should be about and how it should be handled. You can say about Doug Goldstein what you want, but he knew how to handle this band.