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  1. yea - not ALG songs??? i am happy to see beggars and hangers on up there... one of my all time favorites from his solo stuff... REALLY wish he would play that more often.
  2. thanks! i only took out the plastic cover - there was cardboard taped holding the turntable in so i have not pulled everything else out yet. i will - and will look for the counterweight and adapter. thank you for the info!
  3. First time CD tracks were played

    have not been there before - looks like plenty of reading to do there does anyone know, i have an old excel sheet that had each song and how often they were played live. i noticed soulmonster's site has how many times each song was played when you read through the details. any idea if those numbers are correct - and where is he pulling that info from? has anyone else seen that spreadsheet before and is there an updated version of it in existence anywhere?
  4. #6859 arrived this afternoon! special thanks to troccoli for supply things to the band (i'm really looking forward to actually hanging up the banner out in my shop) and russtcb for keeping this thread updated with the sale prices! both of my boxes were opened - i'm assuming customs maybe looked in them both... anyone that got the turntable - did it just have the cord, black pad, and instruction manual sitting on top when you opened the box? that box was not even re-taped when i received it so i want to make sure nothing is missing. the plastic turntable lid is on top and it is not damaged so i'll assume any other fragile parts are ok at this time.
  5. i ordered on the 31st... got two emails on the 2nd (assuming they were closed for the holiday). one was the confirmation and the second was delivery has been dispatched with the tracking numbers. unfortunatly, the fedex driver showed up this morning while i was in the shower. i had no idea it would be here so quickly. now i have to wait until he redelivers tomorrow (there is no local office pickup available in my area). excited for tomorrow's delivery attempt!
  6. sorry! apparently my math skills are lacking today... not sure what i was thinking. ordered! thank you!!! box and turntable for $498
  7. it's listed at 849 CAN today... which is $622 USD.
  8. that's not what he posted... he said "679 Canadian with the turntable. Ends up being $497 USD with the 20% HOLIDAY code" that would have been the deal to get!
  9. showing 849 CAN today it comes with the turn table... i was ready to order just now... guess i should have checked this thread yesterday EDIT - GNR10 coupon still works on the gnrmerch site (but no turntable)
  10. got the email also... son of a bitch... like kurt said above - sometimes i hate that i love this band... $500 was the number i said long before we got the pricing. guess i need to go grab a credit card. i am jealous of russ that got the turntable deal - i almost pulled the trigger on that just to have another collectable piece. but this probably is the lowest price we'll see and it appears i do have a few more days to think about it (sale goes till jan 3). hmmmm...................
  11. Slash travelling exhibition

    yeah... can't see anything.
  12. GN'R Reaction Videos On YouTube

    yeah - now the reaction videos are being taken down? seriously.... WTF? so fucking sad... not sure if it was posted here (not going to), but the video with like 7 little kids listening was always one of my favorites. some of those kids really get into them!
  13. GnR Pinball Machine

    i'll have to look and see if i have them... it was also converted to virtual pinball years ago... not sure if those guys have anything. and welcome to the gnr pinball owner club - i bought mine roughly 20 years ago!
  14. Hollywood Rose, now on vinyl

    what's different about this version compared to the one released years ago?