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  1. GnR Pinball Machine

    i'll have to look and see if i have them... it was also converted to virtual pinball years ago... not sure if those guys have anything. and welcome to the gnr pinball owner club - i bought mine roughly 20 years ago!
  2. Hollywood Rose, now on vinyl

    what's different about this version compared to the one released years ago?
  3. does that include shipping? i'm assuming that was like $25 shipping... I'm down below you in ohio so just wanting to get an idea.
  4. waiting, waiting.... it's dropping...
  5. never heard about the turntable until now...
  6. $600 was my initial thought back when we first heard about it before we saw any pricing. So $700 is a nice discount - but still too much for this thing. When it gets to $500 or $600 I'll be tempted...
  7. I also always wondered the backstory to that quote. thank for the info! As for Axl's source of finding it... who knows where else it may have popped up... we'll need to continue waiting for the Axl autobiography.
  8. GNR Bootlegs On YouTube

    all seem unavailable when i click one posted here...
  9. driving rain continues to grow on me... i've had the cd playing in the car the past week... i honestly miss that - playing an album in order. i grew up with cassettes and then cds. nowadays i have 100's of songs loaded on a card that just plays random. i really have missed playing an album in it's recorded order.
  10. been listening the past few days... it's overall ok but no one song pops out as amazingly great standout yet. honestly, i was not a fan of driving rain when i was released a month ago... but the more i listen to it the better it sounds. still not sure i'd pick it as a favorite yet. i'll have to hold off on voting for now until i get some more listening time.
  11. heading the right direction... as a long time collector i'd like to have locked and loaded... but at what price point will i break down and buy???
  12. press trying to make a story out of nothing. i read the slash interview posted here yesterday and sure did not get that opinion. i wake up this morning to news reports saying slash said new gnr album coming... i was like - wtf did i miss???? nothing... just bullshit news reporters.
  13. At least finally some mention of the reunion... "healthy and harmonious".... plus the other fluff. Nice to at least see the reunion addressed in public...