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  1. Interesting number to compare... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_concert_tours
  2. Opened that thread earlier while searching - but haven't had time to read it all yet thanks!
  3. For those that got the Pro-Ject turntable in their bundle... does this model have a built-in preamp? I'm assuming no... but just want to confirm. Looking at their website there appears to be many versions of the Essential III... I'm not exactly sure what we got. I'm trying to get around to hooking mine up and want to make sure I get the right parts. Any recommendations for a preamp and/or speakers? A couple people recommended these to me (seem pretty good for the price point) https://www.amazon.com/Edifier-R1280T-Powered-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B016P9HJIA/ Not sure about a preamp (assuming I need one for this turntable). Will a cheap one be ok or do I need something bettter? https://nerveaudio.com/product/ph-1-1/ https://www.amazon.com/GOgroove-Turntable-Preamp-Preamplifier-Adapter/dp/B00WNLIHJA https://www.amazon.com/Pyle-Phono-Turntable-Preamp-Preamplifier/dp/B004HJ1TTQ
  4. I've seen this answered someplace before but can't find it now... who is doing vocals on going down?
  5. Thanks for the updates zombux! ps - I still prefer the antiquiet leak versions compared to the official CD versions
  6. It's been rumored to be in the works for about the past year. Lately it's been popping up on my news feed more often. Story now will be an announcement at the end of the year and going on sale early 2020.
  7. I loved Keri in Snakepit... saw them twice in small venues... so close I couldn't even take pictures. Had Keri and Slash sign one of my guitars. Next time I'm in Vegas I plan to stop in his brewery and see if he's around.
  8. GnR Pinball Machine

    something like this work or do you need one of us to take a more specific pic for you? https://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=1100&picno=33077
  9. GnR Pinball Machine

    Interesting - had not heard the rumor that Slash was possibly working on a new machine. I also have GNR machine in my basement... and would certainly entertain adding a new one. I'm not a pinball fan - but I consider the machine as one of the crown jewels of my GNR collection. And it's great fun for entertainment when we have company over.
  10. Wow... I figured more people on this board would understand what a master recording was and and what even a 1 gen copy means in loss from the original. Along with owning the rights to the recordings and storing the actual masters. This loss is unimaginably huge. There is one 1 master recording - any copy of it would include loss. Early gen copies might be better than nothing - but absolutely nothing compares to the one and only master. And I doubt we will ever know the extent. It said multiple times that there was no good inventory. Even items that were "inventoried" were commonly found to be mis-labeled... and many items not really labeled to begin with.