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  1. 😂😂😂 That GIF! Classic.
  2. Just saw the Matt Sorum interview on the GnR Central channel on YouTube ... And underneath in the comments, someone flags to Sid that there's a new Izzy story in the media... the Niven story... about Izzy showing up to a soundcheck and then leaving. GnR Central reply with this: "yep, already up on my blog... I also have more information that I can't talk about Izzy showing up (to the soundcheck)" The user replies asking if they'll share this extra info soon, and they say "nope". So I guess this confirms the Niven story about him showing up? And now I'm wondering what other information they have?
  3. I do agree. Yes, great interview. And you're right, when he said "well, none of them died"... Yeah. Brings it home a bit I enjoyed hearing about Izzy and how he's doing. I did listen to most of it, but thanks so much for breaking it down with times @zoot.
  4. 😂😂😂 Strong independent farmer 😂 Loving this thread lately.
  5. This GIF and comment! The best!
  6. Exactly. You make a good point!
  7. Wth?!? I have seen this photo so many times... And I've been reading this thread going "noooo. I don't see it" Then bam! I saw it! And now - Well I can see it being both an optical illusion. But also... Not. Probably anything is possible from that era...
  8. It hasn't quite started yet. Very soon though they're coming on stage. Red carpet was done earlier
  9. I don't have iTunes, but Miami, Wave of Heat, Smoke and Concrete are still on the Android equivalent of it. Fire has disappeared though.
  10. Being new here, I did just have to search the forum to see what "Izzycondaday" was... I don't think I'd ever seen that photo... somehow. Or maybe I'd seen a cropped version. Anywaaaaaay.... Back on topic... Steven's happiness/smile is infectious @Zoot And I loved the crowd reaction when he came out and played with them last tour. I hope he's happy these days.
  11. I didn't know he was vegan either. I thought he was just vegetarian... Interesting. I think it's right what they say in the podcast about the Palm Springs photo being a bad camera angle. Maybe really bright camera flashes too. They're all kinda squinting in the photo. I'm just happy to see Izzy out and about regardless! The NAMM show is coming up this week again... I wonder if anyone GnR-related will be there...
  12. I would love to know those details too. I vaguely recall reading about it before... Might just have been that same Wikipedia link though. I've often ended up down "GnR internet rabbit holes" over the years So based on that then, does that mean there are 1000 physical copies of the Like a Dog album out there somewhere? And also, why the 2 year delay with the album?