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  1. I found this on another GNR forum that was posted up. This clip is accurate to how Axl described the new intro in the 2008 online forum chats. The heavier bass and guitars on this sound way better than the live version. It seems like we will keep getting 15 second clips of this track until someone pieces them all together.
  2. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    He is talking about the remix album with Silkworms on it, San Juan 2010 proshot, Japan 2009, and The General. MSL is hoarding all of this stuff.
  3. The most interesting piece of info from this interview is that the vocals that we hear on the album except for one song were all recorded in 1999.
  4. The General

    I have been following the fan forums since 2005 and have seen a lot of sites that I used to visit go under such as chinesedemocracy.com and recently newgnr.com. The forums haven't seen a leak since Going Down, Madagascar (2001), and that snippet of the panned remix album that didn't sound that great, besides Silkworms. The last year or so multiple people have been saying their is a cell phone recording of The General in circulation. This one is real unlike that supposed leak of Atlas Shrugged that was being talked about. Since it seems like with the recent Dizzy that new music won't be around any time soon, does anyone know what The General song/clip sounds like besides the quotes from Axl and Sebastian and the concert intro?